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Ayurvedic Wellness - The Clear Formula To Complete Your Employees' Health

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Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond.

Employee health and wellness impact every company’s bottom line. Employers usually break their heads on how to enhance their corporate wellness programs. Ayurvedic wellness is an excellent solution to achieve the goal. With conventional wellness activities like fitness challenges, can it complete employee health? Let us see.


In Ayurveda, good health is a multi-layered concept. It is a branch of science that is quite ancient and philosophical. Ayurveda says the health and wellness of an individual is the sum of their physical and mental activities. It focuses on how an individual's physical and mental perception reacts to their body. For the good health of Employees, an integrated approach is the best approach.

It could sound a little philosophical, but Ayurveda links 'greatness' to 'routine.’ It will make sense to leaders who are willing to dig deeper into the unknown. Our ancestors used Ayurveda successfully when there was no modern science in the vicinity. Ayurveda believes in purifying the body and soul from the toxicity of the contemporary world. It promises to bring that balance factor into the life of an individual. So it does hold relevance in the corporate field.

What is Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge). Thus, Ayurveda translates to knowledge of life. It has a rich history of around 3000 years. Famous Indian Physician Charaka composed Charak Samhita, the ‘Bible of Ayurveda.’ It says, “The cause of a disease is a person's imbalance of consciousness.” To achieve that balance between the body, mind, soul, and the environment, Ayurveda encourages specific lifestyle changes and natural therapies.

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Ayurvedic treatments are one of the world's oldest comprehensive healing systems. It developed from the Indian subcontinent. The west has explored its relevance and potential. It believes that health and wellbeing need a balance between the mind, body, and soul. Every person is made of five essential elements found in the universe: air, space, fire, water, and earth. They say that everything in the universe – dead or alive – is connected. If the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe, a person will have good health. When something disrupts this balance, they get sick.

Its main goal is to promote good health. It focuses on the ‘prevention’ part than the ‘cure.’ And hence the saying- Prevention is better than the cure. In the United States, it’s considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

How Effective is Ayurveda?

An Ayurvedic practitioner will create a specific treatment plan for every individual. They will consider the unique physical and emotional makeup to prepare the individual report.

They will prescribe some herbal medicines, exercises, and dietary suggestions. According to the ayurvedic philosophy, you can use yoga, meditation, or counseling to treat diseases. So yoga is a vital part of Ayurveda.

The goal of treatment is to cleanse your body and mind and avoid illness. Can sound a bit over the top, but these minute details make the difference in the bigger picture. They call the cleansing process of the soul “panchakarma,” which restores harmony and balance in the individual.


Ayurveda stresses practicing a proper diet for maintaining good health and treating diseases. Herbal medicines based on the person's health profile have shown promising results.

Ayurvedic practices have shown promise in maintaining health, reducing stress, and improving the flexibility required. Exercises like yoga and meditation are helpful for people to keep diseases like asthma, high BP, and arthritis at bay.

What happens in Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic practices such as yoga and meditation are safe ways to promote good health. To cure long-term illness, Ayurveda can be combined with conventional medical treatment.

Herbal medicines are the main elements of Ayurveda. Some of the common herbs used are-

  • Tulsi
  • Neem
  • Ashwagandha
  • Triphala
  • Licorice Roots
  • Turmeric

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Consult your doctor about the Ayurvedic herbal medicines to avoid allergic reactions or side effects. Your doctor will help you to manage your health better if they know about your health practices.

Many Ayurvedic materials are still in the research phase, both in the Western and Indian subcontinent. So we will get to know a lot more about its efficacy in the coming years. But one thing is sure that it has got a lot of potentials.

Currently, Ayurvedic medicines are "dietary supplements" rather than drugs in the United States. They are not required to meet conventional medicines’ safety and efficacy standards. So a lot can more is out there as potential.

How Ayurveda can boost Corporate Wellness

Incorporating Ayurveda in the workplace can bring a wholesome shift in the workplace culture. It can lead to enormous health benefits for employees and save the organization some extra dollars.

Following are some of the ways how Ayurvedic wellness can boost Corporate Wellness-

Formulating an Integrative Wellness Program


Ayurveda helps to enhance the wellness program of an organization. It can integrate with all the wellness activities to provide a holistic wellness opportunity to every employee. Ayurvedic experts plan checkups, detoxification, lifestyle correction, diet modification, yoga, and rejuvenation tonics.

This preventive approach is beneficial for employees and organizations alike.

Enabling Spiritual Wellness

A big part of Ayurveda focuses on spiritual energy. Ayurveda believes in the connection of body and mind. Maintaining good mental health is imperative to wellness alongside exercise and diet.


It encourages meditation as a regular practice among all employees. Studies have shown meditation relieves anxiety, pain, and depression. It can have a powerful effect on managing workplace stress.

Ayurvedic experts provide instructions on meditation methods in a very dedicated manner. It has shown positive results in reducing stress and improving brain function. Employees are more calm and productive in the workplace. They don't need to compromise on internal happiness and well-being.

Ayurveda encourages Healthy Eating Practices.

Lifestyle diseases are the root cause of deteriorating employee health in the workplace. Employees suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, and BP, because of the indiscipline in eating patterns.


Ayurveda encourages healthy eating practices. The ayurvedic expert assigns employees to incorporate fruits and veggies into their diet. They must keep a check on their calorie intake.

Some of the popular healthy Ayurveda diets include-

  • Turmeric milk

  • Ginger Tea

  • Fresh fruit salad

  • Tulsi smoothie

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Ayurveda promotes a Healthy Work Environment

Ayurveda recognizes the role of our environment in the way we feel. It says that the surrounding atmosphere must be relaxing and comfortable for an employee to function best of their abilities.


At work, this can be anything from light to air quality, workplace design, office ergonomics, and more. When choosing or upgrading a workplace, organizations should think about how much natural light is available.

They must also ensure good ventilation and design workspaces that are inviting and vibrant. They must provide opportunities for cooperation among employees.

Workplace Yoga

Ayurveda has a significant influence on yoga. It is the soul of yoga. Ayurveda mentions that individuals can achieve complete harmony in their lives through yoga.

Employers can incorporate weekly yoga exercises and challenges in their workplace. An ayurvedic expert or a yoga trainer can help ensure that yoga is done correctly.


Some of the ways to integrate yoga into your workplace are-

  • Anulom Vilom ( Breathing Exercises)

  • Folded legs full-body stretch.

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Lower Expenditure on Employee Health

According to the CDC, the top four out of the ten most costly health conditions for US companies are chest pain, higher blood pressure, and diabetes. Every one of them has a link to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Moreover, work stress is the major workplace health issue, ranking above obesity and physical inactivity.


Ayurveda can push the wellness of the employees and reduce the healthcare costs of the organization. Eating the right way, exercising regularly, and meditation doesn’t cost much, and Ayurveda firmly advocates these principles.

How Vantagefit helps in Ayurvedic Wellness

Vantagefit is the one-stop solution to all the health concerns of your employees. You can keep a track of the calorie intake through the app. It suggests healthy eating alternatives to its users. There are also options to meditate, practice Yoga and physical exercises. To know more, download the Vantagefit app.

Final Thoughts

Ayurvedic wisdom can help bring balance and health to employees’ lives.

Following even a few Ayurvedic suggestions can balance the body and the mind, so crucial for productivity at work. Ayurveda will help in everything from maintaining health, balancing a diet to understanding disease trends. It will provide a safe and effective remedy, and employees will have more knowledge of their bodies.

It emphasizes prevention and encourages employees to take responsibility for their well-being. In reality, it is cheap and underrated, but research are showing positive results. There are several ways of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. This Lifestyle focuses on creating peace, tranquility, and clarity of mind. It involves a healthy diet filled with organic vegetables and fruits. To sum it up, Ayurveda will help in internal and external cleanliness, and it is a domain well worth the investment.

This article is written by Nizamul Bhuyan, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. With a professional exprience of writing on various subject domains like Corporate Wellness and Sports, he prefers to watch football and explore new places to unwind. To get in touch, reach out to

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