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The Need For Corporate Fitness In The Covid-19 World

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Published on 15 June, 2020

COVID-19 seems to be having a significant impact on physical activity behaviors globally. It has forced individuals around the globe to remain at home and self-connect for a while. It has influenced nations, organizations, and has affected the wellbeing of people.

The need for behavioral change for employees is more evident and significant nowadays. The working environment must adjust in the short and long haul. Everything is changing in the corporate world in recent times to cope up with the situation. Similarly, the demands for corporate fitness will also increase in organizations.

Organizations need to focus on the Fitness of employees to cater to the need for working from home and staying fit. The need for workplace wellness programs will expand to guarantee a safe environment. They can often be set up to fit within the work.

Importance of Fitness and Wellness for Organizations

The Human immune system is an intricate design to keep the host free from infection and diseases. Exercise has a profound impact on the normal functioning of the immune system.

According to a survey conducted by SHRM, about 75 percent of employers have programs for general Fitness in place. Employers today are broadening wellness offerings even more. It's high time for fitness platforms to offer their services to large organizations.

Experts estimate that major healthcare spending is because of unhealthy lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices range from improper nutrition, negligible exercise, and unhealthy habits.

Benefits of Corporate Fitness

Buffett National Wellness Survey states that wellness programs increase 11% revenue per employee. There are different types of corporate programs to encourage employees to promote Fitness. Also, showing employees that you care about their fitness levels is a great way to boost morale. It implies that employees' health and wellbeing is vital to the company.

There are many benefits of corporate Fitness that are important to the current situation of a pandemic for the organization.

Here are the benefits of promoting a culture of corporate Fitness in an organization

Increases immunity

The current ongoing crisis has made us realize the importance of boosting immunity. Studies have stated that 20 minutes of fitness activity has anti-inflammatory effects. Exercise has other medical advantages, such as controlling hypertension, diabetes, and blood pressure. Light to direct exercise is as simple as using the staircase rather than the lift.

Promotes better sleep

During this work from home situation, it is very important that employees manage time and take proper rest. Promoting Fitness improves the wellbeing of an employee by helping to get solid rest. The physical movement builds time spent in profound rest. Profound rest helps in boosting immunity, bolster heart wellbeing, and control pressure.

Cut Healthcare Costs

Focusing on Fitness improves employee health and decreases their hazard for chronic diseases. It additionally helps in reducing health expenses and asset use. Survey data found that exercising five times each week had lower health expenses.

Creates Less Stress

Corporate fitness programs offer exercises for workers who are bound to their desks. It is additionally viewed as crucial for keeping up with mental wellness. Even during this lockdown period, employees tend to spend hours at their workstation.

Exercise is impactful at improving alertness, reducing fatigue, and enhancing cognitive function. Staying fit can be particularly useful when workplace stress has exhausted vitality.

Encourages Better Work Performance

Fitness gives employees more vitality. It permits adequate measures of blood to arrive at the cerebrum. Exercise makes employees engaged and alert and also helps in weight loss. It also energizes goal accomplishment.

Amidst this ongoing pandemic, it is very important to be productive even after working from home. Work out schedules request duty and goal setting. Since employees know about these, they'll additionally convey them into the work. Employees who can accomplish objectives are a resource for any organization.

Fosters Teamwork

Empowering Fitness through exercise is a decent method to advance collaboration. Arranging employees with different exercises is a decent method to empower workplace fitness. In any case, these models likewise advance collaboration. Employees will have a simpler time cooperating at work after the situation normalizes from lockdown.

Reduces absenteeism

After COVID-19, it will be very important for employees to maintain their presence during work. Fit workers are less inclined to use days off. At the point when workers use fewer days off, they contribute more to work. They additionally lessen the problem of attempting to discover substitutions in work.

Employees who focus on health and Fitness are less liable to become ill than those who don't work out. They are likewise averse to taking a leave due to wellbeing reasons.

Promoting corporate Fitness during COVID-19 pandemic

Corporate fitness programs improve engagement for employees. Remote resources and virtual programs will be valuable for the organization during the COVID-19 crisis. It's critical for HR leaders to consider employees' expectations from corporate Fitness.

Employers can get creative to keep employees fit and motivated. Engaging employees in a corporate fitness program can be a challenge under normal circumstances. There are options that organizations can put in place to ensure the Fitness of employees.


Here are a few tips to boost your Corporate Fitness Program during this pandemic

Challenges with personalized perks

There's no doubt that employee incentives motivate employees to take part in fitness programs. If COVID-19 social distancing restrictions stretch on for months, certain rewards may need to be re-worked.

Organizations can start challenges by creating customized workplace health challenges. Employers can track real-time progress and other metrics with an advanced dashboard.

There is no better option for employee motivation and reaching their fitness goals. Employees can be rewarded for taking part in fitness programs and sticking to these fitness challenges. Such challenges with personalized perks help employees to improve their levels of Fitness.


Keeping up morale during COVID-19 can be challenging when managing remote teams. Virtual workshops are opportunities to connect outside of the context of formal meetings. Rolling out a series of new benefits can be kicked off with a virtual launch party.

Incorporating workplace fitness workshops boost retention and acquisition of employees. It also provides a transition for the organization to introduce Fitness in workplaces. Promoting exercise concepts and nutrition in a workplace creates a relaxed environment.

Final Words

Eventually, employees will be back to their workplace. Amidst pandemic fitness programs can expand access to quality care and improve wellbeing.

It is the new-age of biometric screenings and fitness applications. The broad sense of Fitness management has digitized. Employee wellness programs merge wellbeing records of the employees to give customized care.

Using a Corporate wellness platform can help us to make daily healthy choices. It also helps to remain educated on well being. Organizations should consider health coaching and fitness centers to improve employee wellness.

One such platform for employee fitness is Vantage Fit. It can help you create and put in place wellness initiatives among your employees with ease. It focuses on preventive health & fitness by promoting healthier lifestyles and habits. The application has a built-in framework for corporate challenges.

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