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6 Ways An Onsite Wellness Committee Boosts Employee Health

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Published on 15 September, 2020

Establishing a wellness committee is an integral step for any successful wellness program.

Employee health is an erratic component that is impacted by various factors.

Truly participating in it is one of them. After all, you might provide people with an incredible wellness program, but their willingness to participate in it varies.

It will differentiate between moving towards a healthy workplace or being left with an expensive plan with no results.

In such cases, establishing a wellness committee works wonders.

Firstly, what is a wellness committee? The committee is appointed to oversee, implement, and promote wellness initiatives to the workforce.

While being part of a wellness program, these wellness initiatives seek to develop and boost physical and mental well-being.

As a human resources manager, consider it your duty to appoint a wellness committee.

It will not only make your job easier but also boost overall employee wellbeing. Here's how:

6 Reasons Why Setting Up A Wellness Committee Is Vital

1. Choose The Right Wellness Program

One of the wellness committee's primary purposes is to decide on which wellness programs will fit the needs of the employees better.

Since wellness committees are the middlemen, they'll gather the necessary information from the employees and the employers. That will make it easier to reach a middle ground and choose a health plan that fulfills significant objectives.

Moreover, as committee members are employees, the other employees will be more forthcoming and honest with their feedback and opinions.

Thus, the chosen wellness program would be truly able to target primary health care concerns.

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2. Choose The Wellness Incentives

Nowadays, most of the wellness activities are tied to getting some sort of incentive or the other.

Without a wellness committee, the given rewards would lack usefulness or thought.

Hence, the incentives' effectiveness would dramatically reduce as employees would not be as invested in participating in the wellness programs.

A suitable reward will motivate, engage, and boost happiness. Thus, the right incentives must get chosen. A wellness committee would ensure that the rewards are:

  • Something that employees actually want.
  • Would result in higher levels of participation.
  • Fits in the budget.
  • It would boost employee wellbeing, as well.

3. Promote The Wellness Initiatives To The Workforce

Unless you get your people excited enough to wholeheartedly participate in the wellness program, it will not see any viable results in overall employee health.

The whole process of promoting, encouraging, and reaching out to employees is time-consuming.

A wellness committee would prove to be a great help in this regard. From designing posters, organizing wellness events, posting reminders, promoting health- wellness committee members would dedicate more effort to indeed encourage others to join.

Moreover, employees will be more open to their peers' suggestions than following a "corporate exercise."

4. Support System

Once employees join the wellness program, there is bound to be lots of confusion regarding the rules, regulations, and policies. Employees might find it hesitant to reach out to any senior officials to inquire about the necessary information.

Having a wellness committee in place makes it more convenient for employees to reach out for any information or support. Committee members would be more available and approachable to a general employee.

Additionally, it's not only about giving information but also about emotional support. Committee members can form a support group and meet monthly to discuss any wellness-related issues that the employees have been facing.

5. Ensures Smooth Implementation

There is a lot of steps involved in the implementation of a successful wellness program.

A wellness committee ensures the smooth implementation, promotion, and running of the program. It will do the necessary tasks that will fast-track the process and address the program's problems.

The wellness committee members will be more enthusiastic about the wellness program's success since it will directly affect their health.

Hence, the efforts would be heartfelt from their sides.

Additionally, a wellness committee would be more attuned to the other employees' changing health care needs and bring them forward to the higher-ups.

6. Higher Participation Rates

Employees will be more empowered and happy to see their own run the helm of the wellness programs.

Since the committee members are primarily employees themselves, other employees are far more inclined to trust and believe something the wellness committee says.

All in all, it provides a sense of ownership to the employees.

It makes them feel like having some form of control over the success of their wellness program. Not only it makes people more eager to participate, but it also motivates them to push others to join.


According to you, is the wellness committee an essential part of a successful wellness program? Do tell us in the comments below.

This article is written by Barasha Medhi who is a content marketer at Vantage Fit. Barasha likes to keep herself updated on the latest health favs and fads. For any related queries, contact

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