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5 Ways To Celebrate National Smoothie Day At Work

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Last Updated on 29 November, 2023

Smoothies are the healthiest and the easiest meal substitute, which helps in boosting your energy levels instantly. This day is celebrated every year on June 21, besides, smoothies are the best choice to beat the summer hunger pangs. This brings me to talk about the day dedicated to them- National Smoothie Day.

Smoothies are versatile and act as superfoods for everyone. Whether you're rushing to work or returning from an intense workout, a good smoothie can come to your rescue.

This article will discuss some health benefits of smoothies and how you can celebrate National Smoothie Day at work.

What Is A Smoothie?


A smoothie is a thick and creamy beverage that can be made from a variety of ingredients blended in together. The ingredients are pureed until you have a smooth concoction. The best part of having or making a smoothie is that it can be made with anything, and there are no specific ingredients, unlike most other recipes.

"The term smoothie came into existence in the mid-1930s."

Smoothies are a super healthy and easy way to nourish your body. They are perfect supplements post-workout, as they help regain your lost energy. Smoothies also work as a natural coolant and can warm you up. All that matters is the choice of ingredients.

Here are some of the typical ingredients of a smoothie -

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Yogurt

  • Milk

  • Water

  • Protein powder

  • Spices

  • Icecream

Thus, the purpose of making smoothies was to provide a healthier alternative to milkshakes and Brazilian recipes that used pureed fruits and vegetables. Smoothies, when made with less sugar, can act as a meal replacement owing to their high fiber and protein content, unlike any other beverage.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Smoothies?


The health benefits of smoothies and how easy it is to make them are obvious. It is easy to nourish your body with vitamins, fiber, and protein. often used as a supplement to exercise; smoothies provide essential nutrients to help your body recover.

Here are a few health benefits of drinking a smoothie -

1. Increases The Consumption Of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Smoothies made with seasonal fruits, or vegetables are super healthy. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is crucial to good health, and it can help your blood pressure, prevent cancers, lower the risk of diabetes, and even improve your cardiovascular health.

2. It Is A Great Meal Replacement

Making smoothies with healthy ingredients can replace a meal or provide essential nutrients for those on a weight loss program or rushing to work. When you are too busy to prepare regular meals and want to avoid fast foods, prepare a container of smoothies ahead of time.

Smoothies are a source of protein and energy for breakfast. People who eat more protein feel fuller and have fewer cravings later in the day.

A high-protein diet also helps prevent muscle loss during weight loss, making high-protein smoothies a great weight-loss food.

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3. Increases Fiber Intake And Provides Nutritional Balance

Fibers help the digestive system and even help to reduce the chance of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and colon cancer. Smoothies made with fruits and leafy vegetables, when consumed as your dietary plan, can help you increase your fiber intake.

Again, they also help you achieve a proper nutritional balance in your diet. The key to achieving this is by using fruits and vegetables as the primary ingredients in your smoothie, enhanced with healthy fats through seeds, nuts or nut butter, and protein.

The invention of smoothies coincided with the creation of the electric blender, which is a key component of making these delicious treats. The invention of an electric blender, smoothie, came into America during the 1930s.

How Can You Observe A National Smoothie Day At Work?


Summer break falls next to National Smoothie Day, so what better way to start the summer than with a smoothie? Whether you are working from home or rushing to the office, summer smoothies can be a fun, healthy replacement for coffee during the summer.

Here are a few ways you can level up and celebrate national smoothie day at work -

1. Host A Smoothie Luncheon At Work

Host a different lunch at work, where you have a wide range of smoothies instead of having the usual food items. Blend it up to help your employees blend in more with their own experiences of trying different types of smoothies. It can be both fun and interesting.

2. Be A Smoothie Sommelier

You can ask your employees to engage or participate in a fun interactive session of making unique smoothies. Or you can even invite a professional who knows how to make smoothies through and through. It can be a fun and learning experience for newbies to try their hands on something new.

You can also ask your employees to come forward and participate in tasting and naming the different ingredients in the smoothies. The one who gets to say the most correctly gets a reward.

The trend of Smoothies going green came into the picture during the 2000s. People started experimenting with many green vegetables, including kale, broccoli, celery, spinach, nuts, fruits, ice creams, and whatnot.

3. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate and post on social media. With smoothies being a hot summer trend, you can always encourage your employees to use social media. You can encourage them to post their smoothie recipes and share them using hashtags like national smoothie day at work.

4. Make Smoothie As Your Lunch Alternative

Although smoothies are sometimes enjoyed as a beverage, they are primarily intended to serve as a meal replacement. Smoothies can be very high in calories and quite nutritious, which makes them an ideal alternative to a full meal, especially in the summer when it's hot outside!

Blend a few fruits and vegetables with other ingredients, and you're on your way to a delicious smoothie in honor of National Smoothie Day. The best part about smoothies is that they are easy to make and carry. Instead of your usual brown bag, replace it with a smoothie this year.

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5. Explore A New Smoothie Bar

A great way to celebrate National Smoothie Day is to visit a smoothie bar or juice bar that will offer you your favorite smoothie.

Encourage your employees to look for a nearby restaurant or eatery, which serves yummy smoothies. Go on a smoothie-tasting spree and have a blast on National Smoothie Day. You can also offer them corporate discount coupons by collaborating with a few smoothie bars.

In 1990, Jamba Juice was the leader, and it is now called the famous and largest "Smoothie Stores" chain across the globe. Jamba runs more than 850 stores around the world.

Summing It Up

Thus, healthy smoothies are easy to make. They provide essential nutrition, contribute to weight loss, and help prevent the development of chronic health conditions. They are more than just a beverage, and it takes only a blender and a few ingredients for you to enjoy a healthy smoothie on national smoothie day.

I hope this article helped you learn more about smoothies and how to celebrate them at your workplace.

This article is written by Neha Yasmin who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. A selenophile with a penchant for discovering great meals and drinks. Is a self-proclaimed binge racer with a knack for cooking in her spare time. For queries, reach out to

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