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Looking At The Future Of Wellness At Work

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Published on 22 September, 2020

The concept of health and wellness has been highly prioritized over the course of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO and other organizations have released numerous new health and safety guidelines worldwide to ensure public health.

From wearing masks in public places to maintaining social distancing, health and safety rules have become part of the daily norm. Such regulations and trends are changing how people conceptualize wellness and shape the future of wellness at work.

The Future of Wellness at work post-COVID

Employee health is one of the topmost priorities for employers worldwide, and now in such circumstances, even more so. Healthy employees create a more productive work environment, resulting in increased profits and much more.

As companies worldwide are slowly making the shift back to normalcy after months of lockdown, employers need to ensure that proper health and safety protocols are maintained in their workplaces. They need to regularly incorporate healthy behaviors into their employees' lives to help them thrive physically and mentally.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that the future workplace wellness solutions will significantly differ from those of the past.

For instance, employers will have to make sure that their workplaces are equipped with proper equipment to monitor their employees' health and prevent the spread of disease. They will have to ensure that adequate measures are undertaken to ensure the overall wellness of their employees.

Most importantly, employers will have to integrate wellness into their long-term business strategy and create a culture of wellbeing at their workplaces.

Here is how the future of wellness at work will look like post-COVID -

Wellness will be an essential business goal

Employee wellness will be highly prioritized and be at the forefront of a company’s objectives. Corporate wellness programs will become much more popular with companies of all sizes incorporating wellness programs into their workplace. Also, instead of focusing on only physical fitness, employers will have to take a holistic approach to employee wellness.

Health screening and health risk assessments

To ensure that all employees are healthy, employers will have to conduct frequent health screenings and health risk assessments in their workplace. Health screening methods like temperature checks at entry and exit points will become a norm to prevent deadly diseases among employees.

Employers will also have to assess employee mental health to ensure that employees are not suffering from mental health problems like stress and depression.

Healthier and safer working environment

Post-COVID, employers will have to ensure that their workplaces are well-maintained and clean. Workspaces will have to be sanitized frequently to make sure that no germs or bacteria are present. Social distancing will have to be maintained among employees, and personal protective equipment will become necessary.

Also, employers will have to improve indoor air quality in their workplaces to ensure proper circulation of air.

Technology will be used more and more

Even after workplaces reopen, remote working will still be prevalent among companies worldwide. Virtual meetings will be preferred over physical meetings due to health and safety concerns. Virtual wellness challenges are also becoming popular, with companies opting to introduce virtual walkathons and e-marathons to keep employees healthy.

Even for the purpose of employee meals, everything is becoming digital, with virtual canteens gaining popularity among companies worldwide.

Final Words

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people view health and wellbeing. As things go back to normal, employee health will undoubtedly be one of the top priorities of successful companies worldwide. A healthy workforce is essential to create a positive and productive work environment, and in times like these, it will be the key to sustaining business performance.

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