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4 Ways to Revive Employee Spiritual Realm Through Walking Meditation

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Last Updated on 29 August, 2022

Walking meditation is an excellent experience as individuals become aware when they walk. It gives a lot of happiness when one pays full attention to the body and leg movements. Mindfulness walking has many health benefits as you feel grounded, calm, and balanced.

When there is a high amount of pressure and a lot of work responsibilities, stress and anxiety becomes inevitable. Moreover, when employees face stress in the workplace, it affects their physical and mental well being.

Let us look at the symptoms one can develop when an employee is stressed out at the workplace.

  • Depression
  • Poor Job performance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure

What is walking meditation?

When the walk is mindful, individuals know their bodies and physical sensations. Walking meditation helps you focus on the soul, body, and mind connection as you walk around a room.

During walking meditation, individuals are aware of their walking pace and the length of their sessions.

Here are the types of Walking Meditation practice -

  • Kinhin
  • Theravada
  • Vipassana

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This article will show the methods and techniques behind mindful walking and how to release stress at the workplace.

Benefits of Walking Meditation


Exercise helps in combating diseases and health conditions. According to Better Health walking is one of the daily recommended physical exercises.

walking lowers the risk of:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Type Two diabetes
  • Bone fracture

walking helps in:

  • Weight control
  • Boosting energy
  • Improving immune system
  • Improving a healthy heart
  • Improving mental health
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving cognitive fucntion

Let us take a look at the benefits when mindfulness is added to walking

1. Improves mood

Offices have a hectic schedule, and employees feel stressed out due to work pressure. Taking out at least 10 minutes for mindful walking will help remove the jumbled thoughts from their minds.

2. Enhancing the quality of life and awareness

When walking, employees can keep track of their body and leg movements. When employees pay attention to their movements during mindfulness sessions, they become aware of their surroundings and improve concentration levels.
It not only improves concentration and awareness but also enhances the quality of life by

  • Increasing patience and tolerance
  • Reducing negative thoughts
  • Helps in managing stress and emotions
  • Increasing creativity

3. Improves sleep pattern

Due to work pressure, specific thoughts arise like: Will I finish this work by tomorrow?

What If I don’t? Will I be able to complete the task before the deadline? Employees feel stressed out; this may affect their sleep patterns and cause insomnia.

When walking, meditation is regularly practiced; it increases the production of melatonin, sleep hormone and promotes emotional health.

4. Boosts well being

Walking is overall a terrific exercise when mindfulness is added; it helps you feel more balanced.

According to a study, people who walked for 15 minutes showed improvements in their moods, blood pressure, and anxiety levels.

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Ways to practice walking meditation at the workplace


There are many ways where employees at the workplace can engage themselves in walking meditation. Specific questions arise like: How will I feel my feet? How will I feel my body movements while walking?
Mindful walking allows employees to open up their senses and engage in the present moment.

It is advisable to practice walking meditation in an open and tranquil environment.

i. Picking a comfortable and spacious room.

Employees should look for a room where there is enough space to walk.
The location needs to be quiet, peaceful, and not bumpy, making it easier for employees to walk without stumbling. Walking meditation won’t be helpful if there is a lot of noise.

Employees can focus on mindfulness in a peaceful surrounding as it eradicates distractions.

ii. Kick start your morning with mindful walking.

When you start your day with morning walks, it can put your body in good shape. Morning walks also provide tremendous health benefits. Some of them are -

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Boosts your energy
  • It helps in losing weight

Once employees have the perfect place for walking meditation, they can begin their sessions. Here are the steps -

  • Take a deep breath, live the moment, and pay attention to your body.
    When you walk, take note of the movement of your feet and legs.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and feelings within your body.
  • Once you have started strolling, focus on your breath.
  • Start strolling, back and forth. Be mindful of the sensations.

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Do not walk at a stretch; take breaks in between.

iii. Maintain good posture and speed.

While walking, employees should maintain a good posture and speed. Walking shouldn’t be too fast or slow. They should be conscious of the walking speed and feel the rhythm of the mindful walk within them.

Employees can indulge themselves in hand and arm movements while walking. It is essential to keep a balance and walk gracefully. Body movements should be natural.

Do not slouch and make yourself uncomfortable.

iv. Be conscious and pay attention.

While you walk, be conscious of mindful walking. As you lift one of your legs and step on the ground, feel the moment. Shift your attention by sensing the movement of your legs and breathing.

Mindful walking Apps, Mindfulness meditations and Audios


There are many Apps, Audio, and Podcasts on mindful walking

1. Podcasts

15-minute podcast and walking sessions on Walking Meditation
In between work, employees can tune into excellent podcasts that lasts for 15 minutes.

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There are options available when it comes to the length of the podcasts. Employees can choose whichever suits them. They can also listen to motivational podcasts by spiritual leaders.

2. Walking meditation music

Employees are aware as they walk and feel the natural movement of their legs.

3. Apps

These apps have guided meditations that help employees to realize the presence of the surroundings and foot placements.

Why don’t you try our app that provides corporate wellness solutions to enhance productivity and employee well-being.

Final Words

Many workers experience stress at their job that affects employee health and even their performance. When clouded thoughts crop up, it is easy to lose focus and concentration.

By spending a few minutes on mindful walking, employees can experience genuine joy and well-being.

So, are you ready to perform mindful walking and restore your calm and inner peace?

Tell us about your experience of walking meditation!

This article is written by Anangsha Alomyan who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from writing, Anangsha plays the piano, acts, raps and does photography. Since childhood, she has been into sports and brought laurels across the country. An adventurer by heart, she loves to explore new routes across the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to

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