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Top 10 Workplace Wellness Trends For 2022

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Published on 18 June, 2020

Employers keep themselves updated with wellness trends is imperative in choosing a reliable employee wellbeing program. It is witnessed that employees are relying greatly on a wide range of advanced tools. Chatbots, apps, and digital support groups encounter modern-day issues such as burnout, loneliness, and anxiety. With the help of the traditional medical system, tech can provide a holistic approach to mental wellbeing.

A study by the World Health Organization estimates 25% of all people will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives, where 450 million individuals are struggling with such conditions. The worst-hit is the working professionals who lead a poor work-life balance.

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Here I have listed viral Ten Wellness Trends to help you set targets for your next Workplace Programs.

Ten Workplace Wellness Trends For 2022

1. Wearable Fitness Devices

The quest for better lifestyle experiences has led the technology market overflowing with various innovations. In 2022 we can see the hype of using wearable fitness trackers like bands and headsets. Smart bands track daily fitness and sleep activities and have become an accessible and useful device to track activity levels.


It can be the best corporate gift for employees and clients; hence employers are investing in the latest trends to boost their coveted wellness programs. Unlike mobile apps trackers, fitness bands give the convenience of portability and flexibility. The built and design provides a smart look to fit the current trends. Employees can now concentrate more on activities like walking, jogging and cycling.

2. Incentivizing Wellness

Incentives have become an essential part of a wellness program. Investment in incentives is trending among employers in 2022. Employers can offer their employees fitness points or wellness coupons to celebrate the completion of a goal.

It is that sweet point to attract and motivate your employees to be more active. It has increased participation in wellness activities and has also created healthy competition among employees.

3. Psychographic Profiling

Companies use psychographic profiling for targeting and segmenting clients. It benefits in tailoring the products according to consumer needs, saving a significant experimental budget. HR managers can use the same technique to customize their employee programs and L&D initiatives.

Indeed, one size does not fit all, and customizations will add value to wellness programs and help in employee engagements. Employees are segmented according to their interests, preferences, age, tenure, and hobbies. It will help identify the training gaps and provide measures to fulfill the requirements.

4. Health and Wellness Apps and Campaigns

Mobile applications are gaining traction among the tech-savvy millennials. It is one tap away from choosing health, right in the comfort of your home. Millennials being the largest section in a workforce, are accustomed to the internet. The trend of using social media applications for promoting wellness information has become a convenient option for many.

Employers are upgrading tech knowledge to get familiar with their young workforce. Employees who can't afford any fitness devices or subscriptions can find convenient premium offers to health apps or meditation apps. These apps have an inbuilt steps tracker and daily food log, which help in tracking your employees' health.

Vantage Fit App is a stop solution which provides real-time fitness tracking facilities. It is a corporate wellness app that allows employers to run personalized wellness campaigns and has an option awarding fitness points.

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5. Employee Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is the financial health of a person, having sound expense management, and the absence of money-related stress. It creates a massive impact on personal and professional lives by increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism at work, and leading a healthy and happy life. Employee Financial wellness programs educate your employees by financial counseling sessions, digital solutions, financial wellness tools.


It's not hard to see why Financial Wellness is one of the critical issues for employers while planning an organizational plan. A data report from financial firm John Hancock shows that 69% of employees are stressing over their finances, and 72% worry about their finances at work. This news is a sort of evidence for the growth of financial wellness programs in the workplace.

6. Virtual Therapy

The latest technology is redesigning traditional care, improvising, and customizing the user experience. Users can now approach professional counselors via call text or video conference. It helps in saving huge budgets of a company and serves the purpose of time constraints workers.

Virtual therapy apps are equipped with various futuristic technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It uses ML to analyze mood states and other mental health disorders.


With the rise of mental health among employees, managers may rethink upgrading the wellness programs with trending initiatives for hi-tech workplace wellbeing. It will educate your employees to adapt to technology, which will help them to diagnose health risks early.

7. Corporate Health Initiatives

Better health is the epitome of human happiness and productive life. The corporate world has seen a steep growth in workplace health promotion at present times. Increasing workloads and deadlines crippled the work culture into a never-ending rat race.
It is when 53% of employers realized the glitch in employee productivity levels and agreed to be responsible for their welfare. Workplace wellness has become a buzz in the B-Town as employers search for a cost-effective yet suitable program for their workforce.

Wellness initiatives like health coaching and corporate health check-up have been trending in 2020. A health coach uses motivational interviewing to bridge the communication gap of your disengaged workforce. It helps in knowing the workforce better and taking proper measures for upliftment. Corporate Health Checkup policy provides affordable health packages that help in elevating the corporate wellness programs.

8. Preventive Healthcare

Preventive healthcare has penetrated deep into the corporate wellness scene.
Preventive healthcare can help in the early dignosis of a number of diseases like, cancers, diabetes, depression, etc.

Early diagnosis leads to early treatments, which saves a lot of trouble and costs later. Moreover, preventive healthcare is affordable.


Educate your employees on preventive healthcare for best possible results. You can also offer biometric screenings in the office, as a part of your healthcare program. Last, but certainly not the least, don't forget to incentivize your employees for every preventive healthcare measure they take for their wellbeing.

9. Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is based on the Buddhist concept of Mindfulness.

In simple words, mindful eating refers to the practice of eating with awareness and attention to one’s experiences while eating. It refers to experiencing the food with all our senses, avoiding every possible distraction, and appreciating the food we eat.


The concept of mindful eating is gaining more and more popularity, as a sustainable way to manage faulty eating behaviors, depression, anxiety, body weight issues, food cravings, and so much more.

10. Holistic Wellbeing

Health and wellness is no longer limited to just physical wellbeing. It has now transformed into something that encompasses every aspect of health, i.e, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial.


A major number of workplace wellness programs are now looking at ways in which they can facilitate the holistic wellbeing of the employees.

Providing access to counselling, diet and nutrition programs, financial wellness programs, virtual fitness classes, etc., are but a few ways employers and managers can work towards achieving holistic wellbeing for their employees.


As we already mentioned, health is holistic wellbeing comprising nine dimensions of wellness. As employers spent the most time at the workplace, managers must provide necessary wellness alternatives for smooth work culture.

Tech is filling in the gaps left by traditional models. Keeping up to date with wellness trends are not replacements for medical professionals but offering supplemental or preventative care. You may incentivize the process with rewards and recognition and provide your employees with the latest gadgets and wellness schemes.

Now I would like to know from you Which wellness trends are you following in the workplace?

Let me know in the comment section below!

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact

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