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Winter Skincare Tips That Will Make Your Skin Happy (Office Version)

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Published on 06 January, 2023

With the arrival of the winter months, the holiday spirit doubles, thinking about the good food and celebratory moments. Amidst all these, the winter weather settles in, and many of us struggle with skin troubles. The most popular cold weather woe is dry skin. And having bad skin is the last thing you want during this season.

Taking care of your skin becomes more difficult if you go to work. You don't have plenty of time to follow a detailed skin routine. Are you also someone who is struggling with dry winter skin? Is your skin feeling flaky and looking dull? Worry not, as here you will find some handy winter skincare tips. Thank us later!

Before we start with the winter skincare tips, it is wise to understand why skin care is necessary.

Why should you practice skincare?


Skin is said to be the largest organ in the human body. Its functions include retaining natural moisture, regulating body temperature, and minimizing the dangers of UV rays. Are you curious about how your skin preserves its moisture?

The skin comprises three layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer. The epidermis, the topmost layer of the skin, consists of water and lipids (natural fats). These components allow the skin to retain moisture.

Given the current harsh environmental conditions, the skin can only replenish its natural moisture on its own upto a certain extent. This is where the power of following a skincare routine comes into play. Enforcing skincare into your daily routine gives your skin an added benefit to replenish its moisture levels.

In 1967, Desmond Morris, a renowned Zoologist, stated, "Flawless skin is the most universally desired human feature." It is 2023, and we still agree with what he said. And the smartest means to achieve flawless skin is taking care of your skin.

Signs your skin needs rescuing from the harsh winter


  • Dry lips
  • Dry facial skin along with flaky skin in patches
  • The skin throughout your body feels dry exceptionally and looks scaly
  • Cracked heels

7 Winter skincare tips that every corporate employee should follow

Here are some tricks to help you maintain happy skin throughout the harsh winter months. Using the correct skin care products as per your skin type is recommended to get the best results. Doing so will benefit your skin quality further.

1. Use facewash and face cleanser


Washing your face cleans and clears your skin pores thoroughly. It also keeps your skin hydrated. Ideally, you should wash your face two times a day.

Application method: Rinse your face. Take a pea-sized amount of it, and apply it on your face starting from your cheeks and then the rest of your face in circles. Continue this process for at least 30 seconds and wash it off with water. Now, the question is: Should you use a facewash or a face cleanser?

  • For those who have dry skin naturally, face cleansers should be your go-to option. Face cleansers are known to hydrate the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss.

  • For those who have oily skin naturally, face wash should be your go-to option. Face washes provide deep cleansing of the skin pores and help regulate the oil glands.

  • For those who have a combination of skin, the use of both face wash and face cleanser is recommended alternatively.

So, kickstart your working days with a facewash or cleanser of your choice. Get one step closer to great skin this winter.

Opt for a face cream with hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These two ingredients effectively benefit your skin health with their moisturizing and hydrating properties.

2. Body wash

A body wash is a must-have product to achieve moisturized skin. Body washes are curated so that their usage will maintain your skin's pH levels. This particular body care product consists of a component known as a humectant that helps retain skin moisture.

On a different note, hopping into the shower on a working day seems like a chore for many. But a good body wash will keep your skin fresh and supple. Thus, take a quick shower, use a body wash that suits your skin, and feel fresh throughout the day.

3. Moisturizer for your face and body


Moisturizers contribute to the regulation of the skin moisture level. Along with this, using moisturizers minimizes the development of blemishes and reduces the existing ones.

Make sure to get moisturizer built specifically for the face and body. This is because the skin construct of your face and the rest of your body differs. It is seen that your facial skin is more sensitive compared to your body.

The best time to apply face moisturizer is after you wash your face. In the case of body moisturizer, use it right after you dab your body after a bath. This way, the moisturizer can lock in the moisture on the skin.

Also, working out at the office for 8 to 9 hours daily in medium to tight-fitting workwear takes a toll on the skin. The least you can do is apply a good amount of moisturizing lotion before getting ready for work.

4. Sunscreen lotion


Did you know sunscreen usage is also important during winter? The UV index remains low during the cold season, but its impact cannot be underestimated. But, this is not the case for those who reside in high-altitude regions. In such locations, the UV index is high and can lead to sunburn.

To avert the damaging effects of UV rays, sunscreen should be applied without fail. The good rule of thumb here is to apply sunscreen lotion on your face and body after using moisturizer. The sunscreen lotion should be the last step in your skincare routine, whether winter or summer.

Nowadays, moisturizers come with built-in SPF. But irrespective of that, include regular sunscreen lotion to safeguard your skin health.

5. Try a hand cream

Hand cream is a product that is gaining immense popularity by the day. If you haven't tried one yet, you have got to try it ASAP. Regular application of hand creams provides hydration and moisturization of your hands.

Moreover, having perfectly moisturized hands or skin as a whole is known to boost one’s self-confidence. And we all know the importance of self-confidence when you have a business meeting or a presentation at work. Hence, say yes to hand creams and moisturizers.

How frequently should you use hand cream? The answer is there is no fixed rule. We suggest you apply hand cream the moment your hands feel dry.

6. Practice some lip care


As winter hits, many of us struggle with dry and chapped lips. This is where lip care products come to the rescue. Get a lip balm containing shea butter, which is popular for its skin smoothing and inflammatory properties.

7. Get a humidifier

A humidifier is an appliance that helps increase the air's moisture level. It works by spraying water or releasing steam into the air. Proper appliance maintenance is required; otherwise, you may fall sick due to too high or low moisture levels.

When should you reap the benefits of a humidifier on your working day? For most 9 to 5 job employees, the after-office dream is to get fresh and relax while watching Netflix or any other OTT content. In addition to that, switch on the humidifier.

And voila, the moisture levels of your room will increase, eventually moisturizing your skin externally. For those with any form of allergy or asthma, consult your doctor about using a humidifier.

Winter skincare tips, while at the office


Pampering your skin as an office goer is tricky but possible. Here are some skincare tips you should preach while working at your desk:

  • Use hand cream for soft and moisturized hands.
  • Use hand sanitizer to kill germs on your palms because dirty hands are one of the leading causes of skin breakouts.
  • Apply lip balm as needed.
  • Carry and consume vitamin-rich snacks such as almonds and sunflower seeds.
  • Remember to drink sufficient water while at work.
  • Cut your consumption of coffee while working. Too much caffeine intake may cause dryness of the skin.

Dont's of winter skincare


To get the most out of winter skincare, one should also be aware of the donts. Here are some of the mistakes that many make that should be avoided.

Don't spend too much time with your room heater

With the arrival of the cold months, the temptation to spend most of the time near the room heater increases. Although you feel cozy, staying indoors with the heater on for long periods will dry your skin out. This is because the heater dries the moisture in the air, which in turn will make your skin dry.

Don't bathe in hot water for longer duration

Hot water baths during the winter season go hand in hand. And to be honest, almost everyone dreads thinking about taking a bath if it is too cold. However, once you hop into the hot shower, there is no turning back.

Taking long-duration baths in hot water may strip your skin of its natural oils.

Stay away from certain products

The beauty and cosmetic industry has surely garnered many consumers. It is the power of correct marketing strategies. However, some of their marketing may be misleading. You may end up using skin care products which can lead to severe side effects. You cannot take a risk, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Here is a list of commonly found ingredients in skincare products that you must avoid:

  • Sulfates, for instance, Sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS
  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial colors
  • PEGs
  • Phthalates
  • Diethalomine
  • Mineral oil such as petroleum jelly
  • Coconut oil extracts

Everyone loves skincare products that are fragrant. But, one cannot simply ignore the side effects of artificial fragrances. Always go for fragrance-free products.

Diet & winter skincare


A skincare routine is incomplete without a healthy and balanced diet. Below are foods you should include in your diet to achieve "flawless skin" during winter.

Vitamin A-rich foods


Vitamin A plays a big role in maintaining your skin's natural moisturization. Not only this, proper intake of Vitamin A-rich foods boosts collagen production in your skin. Optimum collagen levels keep your skin firm and youthful.

Moreover, Vitamin A also strengthens the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin. Popular foods rich in Vitamin A are carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, eggs, spinach, salmon, whole milk and other dairy products, mango, watermelon, guava, passion fruit, and broccoli.

Vitamin C-rich foods

Vitamin C is like the holy grail for your skin. It provides the required nourishment for your skin. You should incorporate it into your diet and skincare routine throughout the year. Like Vitamin A, Vitamin C also helps with collagen production and regeneration.

You can keep a small box filled with seasonal fruits rich in vitamins on your desk. Munch on the fruits and nuts as you work hard.

Common food items rich in this vitamin are oranges, broccoli, strawberries, brussels sprouts, kiwi, and papaya.

Vitamin D-rich foods

It is well-known that the sun is the best source of Vitamin D. And surviving during the winter means spending ample time indoors, cooped up under the blanket. At the same time, the weather remains gloomy, with minimal sunshine. It leads to reduced absorption of Vitamin D.

To compensate for the low Vitamin D absorption during the winter season, it is wise to increase your intake of foods rich in this vitamin. How does it contribute towards winter skincare? Lack of Vitamin D is one of the reasons behind skin dryness.

Furthermore, this element is responsible for maintaining an even skin tone and glowing complexion.

The best food item rich in Vitamin D is said to be seafood. Although extensive research is still required to evaluate this claim, the fact cannot be ignored. Incorporate common seafood such as Tuna, mackerel, and sardines into your diet. Other common foods that are good sources of this vitamin include mushrooms, egg yolk, and oranges.

Vitamin E-rich foods

Vitamin E is a component often mentioned in skincare routine videos. You may have seen influencers and skin experts recommending Vitamin E in capsules.

This particular vitamin carries antioxidant benefits, shielding your skin from harsh external elements like UV rays and pollutants. Its added benefits include retaining skin moisture, which leads to natural moisturization effects.

Foods that contain Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, spinach, trout fish, and butternut squash.

Vitamin K-rich foods

Vitamin K is a lesser-mentioned component when it comes to skincare. This vitamin deserves an honorable mention due to its amazing skin benefits. It improves the quality of the epidermis, the top layer of skin. As mentioned before, this layer is responsible for maintaining the skin's hydration and moisturization.

Vitamin K is also known to safeguard the collagens in the skin. In addition, this vitamin holds antioxidant and skin-healing properties. The highlight of this essential skincare component is that it has no side effects. People with any skin type, even the ones with sensitive skin, can incorporate Vitamin K in their skincare routine with no regrets.

Easily available foods rich in Vitamin K are spinach, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, kiwi, and pomegranate. Animal products with smaller amounts of this vitamin that you can consume are eggs, fish, chicken, bacon, and cheese.

Include the food mentioned above items in your office lunches, and enjoy the flavor and their skin benefits.


Lastly, another food group that is worth mentioning here is water. Drinking water during the cold season is truly a task. Unlike during summer, you will seldom feel thirsty. This eventually leads to the development of dry skin. Health experts recommend drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated. So, do drink water from time to time throughout the day.

Bottom line

Maintaining healthy skin during winter is about balancing a healthy diet and using the right skincare products. Follow the above skincare tips in winter and safeguard your skin against the downside of winter. The outcome is healthy and supple skin that you can proudly flaunt during the holiday season.

This article is written by Supriya Singh who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Writing is how she keeps her creative side ignited. An avid dog lover. Loves to cook and binge watch TV shows. To get in touch, reach out to

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