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Work From Anywhere: The Next Step In Corporate Wellness

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Published on 30 July, 2021

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the work culture worldwide. Industry analysts are predicting some critical trends for the future of work. There is a mutual agreement that work From anywhere and hybrid workplaces will emerge further to redefine where and how people work.

According to Mckinsey, Nearly one-third of employers plan to shift employees to working remotely on a permanent basis. While financially and logistically, this does make sense for many organizations, it is fair to say that it is also in line with most employees. Many employers have started to believe that work from anywhere can benefit employee wellness and health.

The covid provided an extended time to all employees to introspect about a different possibility of the work station. From now onwards, Companies have to consider the factor of remote work seriously. They must restructure their organizations to help employees adapt to this new reality.

Let us look at how working from any location convenient can bring some groundbreaking wellness incentives for employees.

Is Work From Anywhere The Future Of Corporate World?

In a 2021 survey by FlexJobs, 65% of employees said they want to continue working remotely. 33% prefer a hybrid workplace environment, and only 2% wanted to return to the office. Interestingly, 35% of the respondents said they would switch jobs if they were forced back into the office.

The statistics highlight that employees want more flexibility in their work. The pandemic has opened new doors of work opportunities, and it is no surprise that workforces' desires redefine work.

Companies will find creative ways to transition jobs either with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) or by automating tasks.

The majority of job growth will take place in industries where there is a need for advanced skill levels. McKinsey predicts that healthcare and STEM-related jobs will increase the most in the coming years.
Companies must focus on reskilling employees, rethink their careers and enhance adaptivity. Employers will have to find concrete solutions to deal with their employees’ stress and mental health issues that accompany this shift.

How Can Work From Anywhere Boost Corporate Wellness

Remote work has its own set of positives which an employer cannot ignore. Let us look at few of these brownie points.

Increased productivity and staff motivation due to fewer interruptions.


Workplace flexibility provides employees with the chance to work in any place of their comfort. It means they will be free from undue distractions and stress from the toxic work environment. The employees will be motivated to work to the best of their abilities to have a comparatively sober environment.

Improved staff health and wellbeing


Working from home eliminates the need to commute to work that can be stressful to some employees, especially those who travel hours to get to their workplace. It can save them that extra expenditure on traveling. Also, they will be less tired and be energetic for other commitments. It is a perfect opportunity for employees to maintain a sound work-life balance.

Lesser burnouts

Traveling to the workplace, especially during summer days, can be tiresome. Also, office setup can exhaust the best of the employees. Several employees report back pain and nerve issues due to constantly sitting for long hours in the office.


WFA eliminates such concerns as employees can work from anywhere, and perform to the best of their abilities.

Reduced Carbon Footprint


Remote work is good for the environment and, in turn, good for business. It reduces the carbon emissions from vehicles used to commute to work. It contributes to the global step towards managing carbon footprints and environmental concerns.

Cost savings on office ergonomics investment


Employers invest a significant chunk of their budget in improving office ergonomics. A part of the workforce shifting to remote work saves the extra dollars to invest in improving the office environment.

Ways to provide Wellness programs to Remote Workers

Every employee should matter for an employer. Providing the best possible wellness incentives can be challenging for the employer, specially when it comes to remote workers. Following are a few of the suggestions on how employers can provide wellness programs for remote workers

Put together a Weekly virtual wellness class in zoom.

Prepare a well-planned schedule and divide timings for virtual wellness classes. Cover different subjects to make the program interesting. Make sure that the program is inclusive and interactive.


Classes can include morning stretching exercises. Afternoon cardio classes to invigorate energy. An evening guided meditation session and a weekend boot camp or yoga can be ideal.

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual coffee/tea/beer sessions can work as bonding activities between the employees. It can go a long way in breaking that ice between employees who have never met in person.

Habit building Challenges

Through the dedicated wellness platform of your organization, you can incorporate several challenges. 30 days challenge, water challenge, etc will push wellness among remote employees. It will also help them earn some extra incentives.

Vantage Fit is a one-stop solution for Employee Wellness. It provides weekly challenges and exciting incentives for fulfilling every task. The user can redeem the points at their convenience.

Virtual Yoga and Meditation sessions


Yoga and meditation are very important to maintain balance and regulating work-related stress. With virtual yoga and meditation, remote employees can avail the benefits. It can help them to manage their work-life balance better.

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Organize a Virtual Marathon

A Virtual marathon is an outstanding initiative for engaging remote employees in wellness activities. It is an economical way of organizing a fitness event and provides a wide range of employee benefitsbenefits for the employees.


Vantage Fit organizes Virtual marathons successfully and has been industrially accepted for delivering the service in a very streamlined way.

Providing resources to remote employees to ensure home workspaces are safe and comfortable.

The risk of injury is typically lower in home offices. Still it is important to offer employees the right guidance and resources to help make their spaces safe and comfortable.

If your budget permits, provide the proper furniture or table lamp. You can also provide laptop coolers and chair cushions. These do not involve a big budget but go a long way to impress the employees. It shows that the management cares, irrespective of where the employee is.

Hurdles in implementing WFA in your Workforce

Home distractions


There are possibilities of some undue distractions from the family members or the noise from outside. This can be distracting during an important business meeting or any work.

Difficulty monitoring performance

As an employer, it is important to check your employees’ performance so that the result is not compromised. But remote work can be difficult in work assessments. It can sometimes lead to very embarrassing situations for the organization.

Employees can feel isolated

Although employees appreciate the ‘me’ time they get while working remotely, but prolonged working can lead to mental fatigue and exhaustion. They may feel a bit isolated and it can be suffocating and lead to depression and stress-related concerns.

Connectivity issues can affect emergency tasks

Internet connectivity issues are annoying. They can ruin the entire experience of an important business meeting. If an employee is working from a mountainous region, or a distant place he may encounter such issues. That can hamper the deadline based tasks and can impact the business of the organization.

Final Words

Remote work is here to stay. In Buffer’s State of Remote Work for 2020, 98% of the respondents showed a willingness to work remotely for the rest of their careers. The positive reporting around remote work has been consistent every year. However, employers must seriously ponder on two significant concerns - reskilling and wellness opportunities for remote workers.

Though remote work can bring its set of challenges but remote workers are more productive and better engaged. And the more connected and supported remote employees feel thanks to wellness initiatives designed with them in mind, the better it is for the business.

This article is written by Nizamul Bhuyan, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. With a professional exprience of writing on various subject domains like Corporate Wellness and Sports, he prefers to watch football and explore new places to unwind. To get in touch, reach out to

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