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Excellent Health Initiatives To Make 2024 The Year Of Wellness

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Published on 09 January, 2020

Every New Year begins with people setting resolutions and goals that they aim to achieve throughout the year. Becoming healthier is undoubtedly one such resolution that stays at the top of the list. And with this same goal in mind, companies around the world focus on creating wellness initiatives to improve their employee health and wellbeing.

Are you thinking of creating some engaging wellness programs and initiatives for your company as well? Studies have shown that employee wellness programs increase employee productivity and reduce health care costs significantly. Moreover, creating a wellness initiative for your employees will show them the concern you have for them.

Here are some fantastic wellness initiatives to help you improve employee health in your company -

Step Challenge

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Step challenges are one of the most popular wellness programs at the moment. They are great for engaging employees to work toward a common goal, i.e., improved health and wellness.

In a step challenge, people have to walk a certain amount of steps every day or reach a pre-established target in a given amount of time. The step count tracking is done with the help of fitness applications or wearable devices. Also, there are attractive prizes for the winners at the end of the challenge to help increase participation and motivation.

The reason that makes walking challenges so popular, even with older people, is that it is something almost everyone can do, irrespective of their fitness levels.

Weight-Loss Challenge

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Many people set weight loss goals at the beginning of every year and flock to gyms and fitness centers as a result. Why not make use of this time and opportunity to create a weight-loss challenge in your workplace? By doing so, you can help your employees achieve their weight loss goals and also improve their health.

Weight loss challenges are all about who can lose the most amount of weight in a specific time in a healthy manner. They make people adopt healthy habits like exercising regularly or eating healthily to lose weight. Using unhealthy methods like starving or using diet pills, etc. should be strictly prohibited and discouraged.

A weight-loss challenge can be a great way to make your employees lead healthy lifestyles and keep them at bay from diseases.

Cycle-to-work Scheme

As an employer, there are few better health initiatives you can implement for your company than a cycle to work scheme. The benefits of such a program are manifold, such as improved health, increased employee retention, decreased absenteeism, etc.

The objective of a cycle-to-work scheme is, as the name suggests, to encourage employees to cycle to and from work. People who cycle regularly are often much better at managing stress and are more resilient to health problems like heart disease, compared to people who don’t.

Employers around the world have started implementing cycle-to-work schemes in their workplaces due to their significant benefits. And with the ever-increasing number of motor vehicles and subsequent rise in pollution, it’s only a matter of time until cycling is taken more seriously.

Workplace Yoga Program

Photo by Avrielle Suleiman / Unsplash

Yoga has been practiced since ancient times because of its ability to improve mental and physical health. From relieving stress and pains to increasing flexibility and immunity, yoga is known far and wide for its amazing benefits. And realizing these benefits, companies are now incorporating yoga in their workplaces.

Encouraging your employees to do yoga at work can act as a great stress-buster, making them more focused and productive. Before doing so, you need to promote awareness of yoga and its benefits among your workforce. Also, it’s a good idea to invite a yoga trainer to provide some lessons in the beginning.

Health Fair

Conducting a health fair can provide you with the perfect opportunity to promote your wellness programs and launch your products and services. It can be a great way to showcase how concerned you are about your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Health fairs can be fun, exciting, and informative at the same time. You can conduct health quizzes and other games to make sure your employees have fun. Also, you can include facilities like biometric screenings, mental health seminars, health demos, etc. to make sure they learn as well.

A successful health fair can make sure that your employees adopt healthy lifestyles and consciously make efforts to maintain them.

Make use of these remarkable wellness initiatives to create a culture of health among your employees and make 2024 the year of corporate wellness.

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