Preventive Healthcare

Employees make the biggest assets of an organization. And when they are not physically and mentally fit, the company suffers along with them. With deadlines to meet and high-profile projects on the plate, employees out for numerous days in a row due to health issues will be frustrating for the employers too.

So, the last thing an employer would want is for their staff to fall sick. However, the solution is right here- Preventive healthcare. Preventive care involves dealing with prevention of diseases and associated risk factors. The measures are applicable at all stages across the entire lifespan.

With employee health comes employee productivity. And one is directly proportional to the other. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the ways of preventing illness. Other ways involve-

  • Adopting Healthy habits
  • Going for regular checkups
  • Periodic health screenings
  • Immunizations

According to CDC, 7 out of 10 people die of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cancer or diabetes. And these diseases have a negative impact on health costs which sees an upward curve. If employees are in and out of office due to health risks, it is wiser for the employers to provide a sponsored health plan to the employees.

Preventive healthcare approach includes both clinical preventive services and screening tests. And employers can introduce these in the workplace. Several health assessments can be done too. Identifying potential problems is a great strategy for preventing them by bringing them under control thereby leading to better health outcomes.


Detects diseases earlier


There exists many diseases with no symptoms. So in the absence of any outward symptoms, preventive healthcare will come to the rescue. Cancers, diabetes, depression,preventive approaches can detect any kind of disease. It has a huge spectrum. Diagnosing dangerous diseases as mentioned at an early stage results in better outcomes. So when employees are provided with a doctor or any health assessment facility in the workplace, they can get their bodies checked to determine risk factors so that it can be prevented.

Reduces healthcare costs


When employees are healthy and fit, there is no occurrence of absenteeism. Also, with employees missing zero days of work, productivity stays intact. So when employees enroll themselves in the preventive care program offered by their employers, their health risks are easily countered and prevented. This results in both employees and employers experiencing low healthcare costs.

Affordable rates


Employers are required to provide free preventive services to their employees. And there is no incurring of heavy costs on the part of employers too for these services come at affordable rates.

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Blood test testing
  • Depression screening
  • Availability of several vaccines
  • Certain cancer screenings

Ways to incorporate preventive healthcare in organization

Offering a a well-trained team of health professionals

Hiring a well-trained team of doctors or health professionals of wellness to assist employees with their health needs. That way, there will be constant reminders for them to get a health checkup frequently.

Providing employees with information about a proper health facility

If not hiring a team, making employees aware of a doctor’s clinic in close proximity to the workplace so that they can visit whenever. Also, giving the staff all details- treatments, reviews about the doctor, visit timing and everything else required along with employers bearing the health costs. When this happens, employees will not care about the expense and directly visit regarding occurrence of any health issue.

Giving wellness screenings

Offering health screenings to the workforce in the workplace sounds like a great idea. This spreads a kind of awareness to increased health risks facing the individual employees and the entire organization. Employers can meet the employee needs by providing flexible screening options and services.

Educating employees

Holding workshops and seminars for employees to get an exact idea how the concept of preventive healthcare works. When employees are aware that this particular field can prevent them from developing life-threatening risks, they would be conscious and look for a solution. Also, inviting a professional who can give a motivational talk regarding the same would be an added advantage.