Virtual Corporate Challenges

Employee Health Challenges

Our corporate wellness platform is fully capable of launching any employee health challenges over the web effectively. The platform comes pre-loaded with various health challenges like walkathons with daily and weekly targets that can be customized. Also, the virtual health challenges in Vantage Fit are designed exclusively to help the users maintain the consistency of their health regime. Further, employers can also create group based health challenges.

Employee Health Competitions

Ignite the sportsmanship within your employees and encourage a healthy competition amongst all by gamifying your health tasks. The built-in leaderboard in the application displays the real-time position of every employee depicting their progress for instilling a sense of competitiveness within your employees. Also, the platform makes it easier for you to incentivize your top performers with redeemable points at the end of the competition.

Employee Health Campaigns

Employers have the flexibility to create multiple health campaigns combining various health challenges and tasks. These health campaigns can be assigned weekly themes to go in sync with your workplace wellness goals. As well as, you can also customize your reward structure by assigning different points against each within a campaign. This further helps you to direct your employees towards the most important aspects of your campaign for ensuring a healthy workforce in the long run.

In-app Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor

The way to a healthy life begins with a healthy heart, and it’s essential to keep track of it no matter what you do. Our in-app heart rate monitor not only allows your employees to maintain excellent cardiovascular health but also records all the data for any future assessment. Moreover, Vantage Fit also supports multiple fitness wearables that make assessing your heart rate even more straightforward and efficient.

Activity Tracker

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, tracking every move we make throughout the day becomes crucial. Vantage Fit allows its users to precisely track and log every activity they do, be it walking, running, cycling, or swimming.

Calorie Tracker

Today’s health-conscious generation is more concerned about how much calories one is taking in each day. However, keeping track of it could be an issue without a calorie counter at the tip of your fingers. And that’s why Vantage Fit packs in an efficient in-app calorie counter to help users maintain a healthy diet every day.

Health Risk Assessment

A health risk assessment or HRA is a unique way of screening the vital health signs of an individual. The HRA in Vantage Fit collects information from the users, such as their height, weight, eating habits, use of tobacco or alcohol consumption, etc. for producing a detailed overall health score and personalized recommendations for better health. Thus, establishing Vantage Fit as the only corporate fitness app that your employees ever need.


The Mood-O-Meter feature in Vantage Fit enables your employees to track their feelings or emotions regularly. It works by asking users to rate how they are feeling at a particular time and what made them feel as such. By tracking their moods, you can determine what makes your employees feel good or bad, helping you to understand each employee better and unlock their full potential.

Tracking for Wearable Devices

Boasting a wide range of supported devices such as Google Wear OS, Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin, and many more, Vantage Fit allows full integration with all the popular smartwatches and wearables available in the market. This feature allows for a highly personalized and engaging user experience, encouraging employees to be active and keep taking steps towards better health.


To help make your corporate wellness program even more engaging and boost sportsmanship within your workforce, we have equipped Vantage Fit with a real-time leaderboard. With our inbuilt leaderboard, your employees can view the daily progress of each other and engage in healthy competition for grabbing the top spot.

Create Contest

A great corporate wellness program gives employers the liberty to make create and modify health challenges for enhancing the employee experience. That’s what makes Vantage Fit the perfect corporate health app where organizations can customize their in-house health campaigns. Organizations can also decide on how and when to run these health campaigns irrespective of their geographical locations.

Personalized Health Dairy

The personalized health diary is where each user of Vantage Fit can view their past and present records of their fitness regime. Our app records details of activities and meals that users complete daily. Based on this information, the users can precisely measure their progress from the time they started their journey towards a fitter and healthy lifestyle.

Customizable Trophies and Badges

Your employees deserve appreciation for all the right decisions they take and for every goal they accomplish. Our in-app trophies and badges, dedicated to various health-related achievements, make rewarding your employees very easy. Thus, delivering instant gratification and boosting your employees’ morale for better overall workplace experience.

Fitness Points

Vantage Fit lets organizations save up on their employee health care costs with its flexible point-based rewarding system. Fitness points are allocated to an employee’s unified wallet only when he or she completes a health task. With this, you can be sure that your employees get on the right track. Employers can decide how to distribute these points amongst their workforce and encourage employees for maximum participation.

Gift Cards

Fitness points can be redeemed globally. Employees can redeem their points as gift cards from our growing list of global brands. Moreover, they can redeem these gift cards directly from the app itself and use them for purchasing across various e-commerce websites and in-store brands.

Admin Dashboard

To help organizations manage and track their corporate wellness program effectively, our platform comes with a highly advance admin dashboard. It enables the managers to create and modify the various aspects of the workplace wellness program without interrupting any ongoing campaigns. The dashboard also provides the managers with clear insights into the engagement levels of employees and facilitates transparent budget allocation for incentivizing the employees after successfully completing their task.