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  • Access to only daily target challenge
  • All features with realtime tracking
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  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customisation of Targets & Challenges
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One Time Challenge

  • Maximum duration - 12 weeks
  • No Restriction on Type of challenge
  • Customizable Targets and Prizes
  • Unlimited number of users
  • All features with realtime tracking
  • Teams Supported
  • Leaderboard
  • Admin Dashboard with Reports
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Maximum Users supported 100 Unlimited Unlimited
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Real-time tracking
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Social Leaderboard
Contest Management -
Incentivization -
Badges and Trophies
Custom Weekly Themes -
Analytics Dashboard -
Priority Support -
Customized Plan - -
Launch Material - -
SSO Integration - -
Dedicated Account Manager - -
Included Features
Maximum Users supported Unlimited
Real-time tracking
Social Leaderboard
Badges and Trophies

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Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely, We have a One time subscription plan which allows you to do just that. If you have more than 1000 users, you can also ask for a custom Price Quote. Click here to Talk to Sales.

You can run challenges which revolves around a single type of activity and you can run challenges which have tasks of varying activities.

For single activity challenges, Steps and Distance are the supported metrics since these accurately tracked by the app.

You can also have challenges which do not have a target instead have a race to finish line challenge.

Here are the different supported formats.

  • Race to Finish line
  • Daily Step/Distance Target and Competing Leaderboard
  • Multiple Activities and Targets with Competing Leaderboard

You can run a challenge for any duration between 2 - 52 weeks.

Although we do suggest to not run a challenge for longer than 12 weeks since it may become a bit monotonous for the end users, but we do support any duration longer than 2 weeks

Vantage Fit supports almost all the wearables available in the industry via Integrating with Google Fit / Apple Health and correspondingly Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi Bands, Amazefit bands, Apple Watch and more.
Yes, we support global challenges with multiple timezones and multiple currencies for redemption of prizes.
A single one time subscription can vary between 2-12 weeks, In one fiscal year we allow you to use the subscribe to the one time challenge as many times as you wish. But we strongly recommend moving to a Yearly subscription plan if you have to apply the one time challenge plan. We also provide discounts based on the size of your user base.
Absolutely, We have created the free plan so you can be sure and confident about Vantage Fit’s Capabilities.
If you wish to extend your free plan, and try one more challenge, please reach out to us at If you wish to move to a paid plan (one time or a yearly subscription), click here to contact sales.

Yes, There are three ways to achieve this.

You can either only enable registration for a selected group of people,or you can create a challenge which is applicable only to a selected Business Unit or Location or even Gender or a combination of these, For Example, If you wish to have a challenge for the Australian Girls Cycling Team, you can and finally, you can create a private challenge and send an invite link to only those people who you want to join.

In the Admin Dashboard that you will be provided (Not included in Free Plan), you can view Insights, summaries, analytics and reports on an organisational level and on a challenge level too.

You can also manage challenges, teams and broadcast health tips from the same Admin Dashboard.

Please reach out to us at