Vantage Fit Corporate Implementation Guide

29 October, 2020

Welcome to Vantage Fit!

We're delighted that you’ve decided to embark on a journey of holistic corporate wellness.

At Vantage Fit, we believe that employee wellness is not just a short-term strategy but a long-term process of overall wellbeing. We believe that wellness needs to be rooted deep down into a company's beliefs, objectives, and every member should be involved in the process.

That is why we decided to create this extensive guide to help you make a fun and successful wellness journey in your organization with the right strategies and resources.

Planning Process

As a Wellness Administrator, you will be creating a wellness campaign and track performances from the admin dashboard. You can allocate a budget for incentives and recognize your employees based on their engagement levels.

Why Wellness at Your Organization?

Employee health and wellness is no more a desired requirement but has become imperative in an organization. In order to achieve the same, the organization's leadership must be aligned with this idea and Vantage Fit tries to simplify this whole journey.

Vantage Fit is the perfect corporate wellness application that addresses more than just health.

  • Custom made and user-friendly, designed to apt the modern-day corporate culture.
  • Emphasizes gamified engagement through various in-app campaigns and challenges.
  • Deals with sedentary habits through various forms of healthy habit creation.
  • Saves time and money across various tangible resources.
  • Helps recognize and incentivize employees who complete their wellness goals.

Management Buy-In

At Vantage Fit, we believe participation from the top management will inspire your employees to move and stay active. So once you’re successfully onboard, we help you manage and track your programs effectively with our highly advanced admin dashboard.

Here are some ways how Vantage Fit gains participation from the leadership involved -

  • The admin dashboard enables uninterrupted creation and modification of the wellness program.
  • Clear insights on engagement levels, transparent budget allocation, and incentivization.
  • Customize the in-house health campaigns irrespective of geographical location.
  • Create group-based health challenges with the help of customizable preloaded themes.

Budget Management

Allocating a budget for your wellness program is an integral part of the planning process. You can choose how much you want to spend depending on your company’s budget.

For example, if you choose to spend $1000 monthly* on a contest, you can either design your contest to reward all participants or just the winners.

  • You have to buy the budget beforehand from us and allocate it as Vantage Points.

Expect Quality, Not Quantity

When planning your wellness campaign, aim to increase the number of daily active users instead of the total number of monthly participants. Doing so will help you measure the effectiveness and success of your wellness campaigns.

Wellness Champions

Identify your most active employees and appoint them as wellness champions to inspire the rest of your workforce. Having group leaders to inspire and motivate your employees is a great way to increase engagement and participation in your wellness campaigns.

Year-Long Planning

Wellness shouldn't just be on top of your mind for a month or two. Wellness is a state of being, and you should prioritize it all year round to reap the maximum benefits.

What does the Yearly Program look like?

Wellness shouldn't just be on top of your mind for a month or two. Wellness is a state of being, and you should prioritize it all year round to reap the maximum benefits. However, running the same wellness challenges, time and time again will drain out your employees.

With Vantage Fit, you will be able to run unique wellness challenges all year round, emphasizing different aspects of your employees' health.

Basic Wellness Campaigns

Vantage Fit supports 4 types of campaigns which can be categorised into two categories, Basic and Advanced. The basic campaigns are:

Race Contest

In this campaign, users who have the highest score in the contest's leaderboard are rewarded with points. For ex, In a “walk the most” campaign, whoever has the maximum number of steps is the winner.

Weekly Steps Challenge

A weekly steps challenge can have varying levels of difficulty powering the users through a progressive load strategy. The starting level is the easiest, and the final level is the hardest, just like a training program.

Advanced Wellness Campaigns

The advanced campaigns which can either revolve around single or multiple aspects of health are :

Steps consistency challenge

This challenge can run for a specified number of weeks with a consistent daily steps target. You also get to decide how many days you want users to achieve the target in the said challenge duration.

12-week health Campaign

A 12-week campaign targets various aspects of your employees’ health for overall wellbeing. Every week there will be a new challenge with one or multiple tasks with different targets and rewards.

Types of Contests You can Run

With amazing features like a step-count tracker, calorie tracker, 7-minute workout, activity logging, and more, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of contests to spice things up constantly.


Users will have to walk a set number of steps daily for a specified number of days.


Users will have to eat a specified amount of calories or macronutrients for a set number of days.


Users will have to cover a specified distance by cycling, walking, or running.

Promotions & Communications

Promoting your wellness program among your employees is essential to maximise participation. Communicating important information is also a key component of any successful program.


Email content that makes it easy for users to keep up to date with everything from the beginning and end dates of a contest to important information like how to sign up and so on.

Posters and Handouts

Visually appealing posters and handout templates that you can print out, distribute, or stick on your office walls to motivate people and maximise participation.

Wellness Articles

We have a comprehensive blog on corporate health and wellness to help users learn how to lead a healthy life at work and keep up to date with the latest wellness trends.

Setting Up An Engagement Strategy

Build a cost-effective strategy that is scalable, customizable, and meets your company’s wellness goals.

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Vantage Fit focuses on the three elements of habit formation.


Triggers such as tasks and targets create health awareness and add motivation


An actionable framework enables users to take healthier actions with a rich gamified experience


Winners are rewarded with redeemable Vantage Fitness Points adding further to motivation

Incentivization Strategy

Intrinsic motivation will take your employees far. But in case they need a nudge in the right direction, you can provide them with positive reinforcement with the help of Vantage Fit Rewards. Incentivize your employees with fitness points and redeemable gift cards.

Redeemable Fitness Points

Once an employee completes a task, you can incentivize them with our flexible point-based rewarding system. These redeemable points are collected in each employee’s unified wallet.

Gift Cards

Employees can redeem their fitness points as gift cards. Your workforce can shop for utilities and luxuries from our growing list of e-stores & global brands. Gift cards can be redeemed directly from the Vantage Fit app.

Recognition Strategy

Your employees deserve a pat on their back for all the little goals they achieve towards a habit formation. It can lead to healthier, longer-lasting engagement. Vantage Fit comes with a wide range of customisable features that are much better, scientifically supported ways to motivate employees.


Using Vantage Fit, employees can share their workout progress and activity status along with the workout routes with their colleagues.


Vantage Fit comes with a real-time leaderboard that makes your corporate wellness program engaging, boosting your workforce's sportsmanship levels.


Highlight top steppers, enthusiastic participants, and engaged users with our in-app trophies and badges, dedicated to various health-related achievements

Engagement without Contests

Using Vantage Fit, users can stay active and engaged even when no contests are running. They can do a host of things when not taking part in a contest, such as tracking activities, counting calories, monitoring heart rate, and so on.

Non-challenge Engagement Ideas

  • Recognize and celebrate individual accomplishments when not running a contest.
  • Recognize the most consistent participants during and after a contest.
  • Give out rewards randomly to users who stay active when no contests are running.
  • Reward the employees who have shown the most improvement over time.

Social Engagement

Using Vantage Fit, users can share details of their activities on the social feed to let their colleagues know how active they are. The leaderboard feature allows users to track their colleagues’ progress daily and stay motivated.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

As a company with many employees, it is not unusual to come across a few unfortunate experiences. But you have nothing to fear! Here’s what we suggest you can do:

The High Performers

The select few who are very active in every challenge.

Consistent high performers can sometimes unintentionally demotivate the ones who cannot perform well and have low activity levels. To prevent this, create easy challenges in the beginning. Moreover, you can group employees with similar activity levels into different categories. The ones in the same category will then compete against each other

The Deceits

The ones who lie and cheat about their activity trackers.

An employee might manipulate the data on their activity trackers, for instance, by manually changing the activity records. If you notice unusually high activity levels for an employee, reach out to them and discuss the transparency of their activity records. You can choose to remove them from a particular challenge or the entire Vantage Fit platform.

The Slackers

The ones who are always too lazy to put in any effort.

No matter the incentives and reinforcement, there will always be a few employees who will be too lazy to actively participate in any of the fitness contests and challenges. It is best to direct your focus on the employees who are keen on participation, so that the number of daily active users remains consistent.


How Can We Help You?

Our highly qualified team and program experts are available at your service. We will ensure that your employee wellness program is always running without any interruptions by providing augmented services. You can refer to our resource center and video links for quick guides.

End-User Support

Are you anticipating technical questions from your users? Our end-user support team can be contacted through via web and mobile apps. We are all ears to any doubts you may have about Vantage Fit and its services. Reach out to us anytime, and we will respond as soon as we can.

Full-Service Solution

Feeling stuck or running out of campaign ideas, don’t worry, we got your back!

Ask about our full-service option. Contact our sales experts for a comprehensive solution for your employee wellness. Get in touch with us and keep your employees fit and productive.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Challenge, a Contest, and a Campaign?

In simpler terms, a contest is all about competition without any targets or goals for the end-user. A challenge is a contest with targets, and a campaign is like an event that runs over a long duration and has a different challenge each week. Another difference is that contests support only individual participation whereas the rest of the formats support team & individual participation.

How is Global deployment supported?

We show, store and process every-day’s activities on a timezone basis, which means if you have a challenge starting Monday, any participant in New York will see it start at his/her Monday Midnight and any participant from New Delhi will at his/hers midnight. We have support for 60 Timezones across the globe. These timezones are also kept in mind when the leaderboard is updated.

How are Fitness rewards handled for various countries and respective currencies?

We have built a framework to handle this exactly. We call this framework the Standard of Living Index. As a client, you can define what is the value of a US dollar in any currency, and accordingly, the fitness rewards are converted respecting the conversions defined by you.

What if I want to create a challenge only for a particular department or age group?

We do have support for closed challenges/contests for this specific purpose, which can be joined only via an invite or via ADMIN override. With the HR dashboard, you can add any subset of your user base to a closed (private) challenge or contest.

What kind of reports will I have access to?

Every challenge will have its own reports for you to view. You can view the leaderboard, highest performers, and the percentage of target completion. Apart from this, you can also view reports about activity levels, engagement levels, BMI levels, and mental wellness summary at an organization or demographic level. Supported demographics are Gender, Department & Country.

How much customization can be done on the App?

You can customize the name, logo and even the branding in terms of colors for a challenge or campaign. However, for contests, there is a pre-built template which is displayed on the app. There is also support for configuring the dates of a challenge or contest, prizes, and teams.

"A little progress each day adds up to big results."