About the company
Vantage Fit
Human Resources
New Delhi
Key Objective
This campaign was a new year initiative to cheer up the corporate after a year of lockdown and motivate them to focus on their health and wellness.
Problem Statements
  • Employee health is a crucial factor for work-life balance.
  • Due to a year-long pandemic many employees have taken a toll on their mental and physical well being.
  • Lack of health and fitness awareness can impact productivity and performance.
  • Our purpose is to spread preventive health awareness and inspire employees to make fitness as a part of their lifestyle.
  • Since many companies were working virtually they didn't have a way to connect informally. Virtual Walkathon was a way to connect and increase their engagement with their peers.
  • Vantage Fit hosted a 30 days virtual walkathon from 30th January 2021 to 1st March 2021.
  • We designed the onboarding process in such a way that allowed each user to participate hassle free.
  • The winner title was awarded to the team that covered the highest steps in the entire duration.
  • To increase a competitive edge among the participants we assigned prizes for the top winners.
  • Our real time leaderboard helped the teams to boost fitness motivation during the entire walkathon.
  • At the end of the walkathon, the detai insights from the HR admin dashboard helped us to analyze the engagement, activity levels, health, and wellness of employees.
  • More than 3700 employees completed the global corporate virtual walkathon for 30 days.
  • Total 74 teams across 24 countries competed during this virtual walkathon event.
  • Since this campaign was a team effort, it motivated them to find the sense of belonging while they compete with other organisations globally.
  • Around 200 kilometers of average distance was covered by each participant.
  • We witnessed around 84% boost in employee engagement in the entire walkathon duration.
  • Average calories burned by each team during the virtual walkathon was more than 257400(KCal).
  • More than 5730000 steps were covered on average by each team.
  • Over 8900 KCal calories burned on average by each participant during the entire walkathon.
Total Participants
Total Steps Covered
200 Km
Average Distance Covered
Average Calorie Burned