About the company
Orion Township
Charter Township
Key Objective
Our goal was to offer an excellent wellness initiative inclusive of every aspect of health and wellness essential for participant’s sound lifestyle.
Problem Statements
  • To spread health awareness; Orion Township wanted to run a virtual walkathon for their employees.
  • They were looking for a cost effective employee wellness solution that caters the health needs of the remote workforce.
  • The admin wanted a hr-tech solution that allows them to monitor employees real-time wellness participation.
  • Vantage Fit hosted a virtual walkathon under the campaign name; “#VfitWeFit from 1st February 2021 to 25th April 2021.
  • While designing the 12 week classic walkathon we tried to include every aspect of fitness, mental, physical etc.
  • The entire food entry was customized as per the regional cuisines of the participating employees.
  • Created a hassle free onboarding process that allowed every user to login with just a single click.
  • We gamified the entire experience with our step tracker that provided a real time leaderboard of the participants.
  • Participants with the highest steps achieved the top of the leaderboard.
  • The wellness admin was able to monitor participant's engagement through the real-time Vantage Fit HR dashboard.
  • Admin can create multiple wellness challenges involving nutrition, sleep, food, and exercises.
  • Post-walkathon the admin receives a detailed insight about the employee’s engagement, activity levels, health, and wellness.
  • More than 20 township employees completed the classic 12 weeks virtual walkathon.
  • Around 500 kilometers of average distance was covered by each participant during the entire marathon.
  • We witnessed a 95% boost in engagement ratio among the participants.
  • Each participant burned more than 22600 kilo-calorie on average during the entire walkathon.
  • More than 9550000 steps were covered by all participants during the entire challenge.
Total Participants
Total Steps Covered
500+ Km
Average Distance Covered
22600+ (KCal)
Average Calorie Burned