About the company
Provider Partners Health Plan
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Key Objective
Our goal was to offer a holistic virtual wellness experience with our wellness platform and induce a lifelong fitness motivation among employees.
Problem Statements
  • To spread health and fitness awareness; Provider Partners Health Plan wanted to host wellness event for their employees.
  • But in the wake of COVID 19, abiding by safety rules, hosting a physical walkathon was a difficult task for them.
  • They were looking for a corporate wellness solutions that helps them run a virtual walkathon catering the health needs of the remote workforce.
  • The admin wanted a wellness platform that allows them to monitor employees wellness participation in real-time.
  • Vantage Fit hosted a 28 days virtual walkathon from 1st February 2021 to 1st March 2021.
  • We set a daily target of more than 3000 steps; under the campaign name; “Keep walking! Keep Fit”.
  • We created an easy and fast onboarding process that allowed every user to login hassle free.
  • The entire experience was gamified to boost the user engagement during the walkathon.
  • Our real time leaderboard helped the participants to level up for a friendly wellness competition.
  • The wellness admin could monitor each participant's engagement through our realtime Vantage Fit HR dashboard.
  • Once the walkathon is over; admin receives a detailed insight about the engagement, activity levels, health, and wellness of employees.
  • More than 57 employees completed the virtual walkathon for 28 days.
  • Around 7200 kilometers distance was covered by all the participants.
  • We witnessed a 79% boost in user engagement during the entire walkathon duration.
  • Average calories burned by each participant during the entire walkathon was more than 5800(KCal).
  • More than 720400 steps were covered during the entire duration.
  • Total calories burned during the walkathon was more than 330000 KCal.
Total Participants
Total steps covered
Total Calorie burned