About the company
Carter Myers Automotive
Petersburg, Virginia
Key Objective
Our goal was to promote wellness among automotive employees by offering an excellent virtual walkathon for healthy lifestyles.
Problem Statements
  • To spread health awareness, Carter Myers Automotive wanted to run a virtual walkathon for their employees.
  • They were looking for a cost effective employee wellness solution that caters the health needs of the remote workforce.
  • The admin wanted a Hr-tech solution that allows them to monitor employees real-time wellness participation.
  • Vantage Fit hosted a virtual walkathon under the campaign name; CMA's Move Your Feet Forward from 4 January 2021 to 31 January 2021.
  • The walkathon included different challenges that were designed focusing on all the aspects of health and wellness.
  • A single tap integration helped each employee to onboard the health campaign hassle-free.
  • We created a wellness challenge with a target of walking 3000 or more steps in 10 days.
  • Our app recorded the exact steps and provided a list of top participants with the highest step counts.
  • We gamified the entire wellness experience with our real-time leaderboard available in our Vantage Fit mobile application.
  • The wellness admin could track employee's engagement levels through the real-time Vantage Fit HR dashboard.
  • Post-walkathon, the admin receives a detailed insight that includes activity levels, engagement ratio, health, and wellness.
  • More than 732 employees completed the 4 weeks CMA's "Move Your Feet Forward" virtual walkathon.
  • Each participant covered 42 kilometers of average distance during the entire marathon.
  • Our customized wellness platform helped the employees boost 80% of engagement.
  • Each participant burned an average calories of 1891 kilo-calorie during the entire walkathon.
  • More than 30767007 total steps were taken by all participants during the 4 week virtual walkathon.
Total Participants
Total Steps Covered
Average Distance Covered
1384515 (KCal)
Total Calories Burned