About the company
Centre for Youth Development and Activities
Pune, Maharashtra
Key Objective
Our goal was to offer a holistic wellness experience by providing a gamified fitness platform and establish our global brand recall value.
Problem Statements
  • CYDA aimed to spread awareness about the global sanitation crisis with a collaborative action like organizing a walkathon.
  • But in the wake of COVID 19, abiding by safety rules, hosting a physical walkathon was a difficult task for them.
  • They wanted to host a virtual e-marathon that engages a large number of participants.
  • They needed a wellness platform that specializes in organizing virtual campaigns.
  • They wanted tools and resources to track the activity levels of their participants.
  • Vantage Fit, being a global leader in the wellness space hosted a five days virtual walkathon from 15th- 19th of November, 2020.
  • The entire virtual marathon was organized under the global campaign #MyplanetMyrights.
  • Participants were given a choice to run both the marathons, i.e; Full Marathon for 42 Kms and Half Marathon for 21 kms.
  • We offered a budget friendly wellness solution keeping the authenticity of the campaign in mind.
  • Provided multi-device fitness integration for an easy onboarding process.
  • We gamified the e-walkathon with a real-time leaderboard, boosting the user experience.
  • A state-of-art HR dashboard allowed the admin to check the real time participant’s engagement levels during the walkathon.
  • More than 500 people participated in the e-marathon.
  • 63,00,000+ total steps were covered in both marathons.
  • 56% steps increased from Half Marathon to Full Marathon.
  • Around 2,80,000+ total calories (Kcal) were burned in both marathons.
  • The average amount of calorie burned in Half Marathon is 1300 (Kcal ).
  • The average amount of calories burned in the Full Marathon is 3500 (Kcal ).
Total Participants
Total steps covered
Increase in Steps
Total Calorie burned