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The Global Corporate Walkathon 2021 Has Begun

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Last Updated on 27 November, 2023

The wait is finally over! The Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon 2021 powered by Vantage Fit is live and underway.

A total of 74 teams and 3600+ individuals from 24 different countries such as the UK, USA, and Spain are participating in the walkathon contest. Companies like Accenture, HP, FedEx, Toyota Connected, and more have all geared up for what is going to be a competition-driven walkathon.

There are attractive prizes for both the top team and the top 100 participants in the contest.

The participants of the team with the highest steps will win $20 each. Similarly, the top 100 individuals with the highest steps will win $10 each.

The contest is aimed towards organizations that prioritize health and wellness among their employees. It is a platform for such organizations to encourage their employees to adopt healthy lifestyles and make the world a healthier place.

When is the contest going to end?

The walkathon contest will be live from 23:59 Hrs, 30th January to 23:59 Hrs, 1st March 2021 (All-time zones).

How many teams are taking part?

74 teams in total will take part in the contest with more than 3600 individuals.

Where can I check my progress in the contest?

You can check your progress in two ways -

  1. Open the Vantage Fit app and click on your rank to see your progress on the leaderboard.

  2. Go to the leaderboard page on the Vantage Fit website.

Few Words from the Vantage Fit Team

Due to the overwhelming response to the Global Walkathon, we learned that organizations from every nook and corner of the world are highly concerned about their employees’ health. We are extremely delighted to have such a high level of participation in the contest and hope that all participants have a great time.

Alongside participating in the walkathon, participants can check out exciting features like heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and more in the Vantage Fit app. Check out our contest participation guide to have a seamless experience.

Through the walkathon contest, we hope to inspire organizations worldwide to take care of their employees’ health and make the world a healthier place.

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