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The Vital Role of HR In Empowering Employee Well-being

Last Updated on 24 November, 2023

The well-being of employees has become an essential focus for organizations in the modern workplace, with demands and pressures ever-present. Creating a harmonious and productive workplace has become a fundamental focus for organizations today, and HR has a key role to play in enabling it. Leaders and HR professionals are important in supporting employee well-being, acknowledging its importance, and taking proactive measures to foster a supportive environment.

About The Speaker

Deepshika Bhowmick is an HR Consultant. A seasoned people person with a strong experience of 10+ years in the areas of Performance Management, Talent Management, Digitalising HR, Talent Transformation and taking various OD interventions, also instrumental in creating Performance and Learning strategy to organizations and translate them to action to enable decision-making across organizations.

Connect with her on LinkedIN.

Show Notes

(01:26) What is the importance of employee health and well-being, and how can employers measure it?

(02:29) How can HR departments effectively promote and prioritize employee well-being within organizations?

(06:47) What key strategies and initiatives can HR professionals implement to support employee mental health and well-being?

(10:08) How can HR departments foster a culture of work-life balance and prevent employee burnout?

(12:52) What role does leadership play in championing employee well-being, and how can HR collaborate with leaders to create a supportive work environment?

(17:08) In the era of remote work and virtual teams, what unique challenges HR faces in ensuring employee well-being, and what innovative solutions can be adopted to address these challenges?

(22:45) Would you like to suggest some valuable tips to our listeners and tell us where they can find you?

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