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All about Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting

Last Updated on 21 September, 2023

The "Great Resignation" is a trend where workers leave their jobs voluntarily due to factors like remote work preferences, burnout, and a reassessment of career priorities. "Quiet quitting" refers to employees mentally disengaging from their jobs without formally resigning, often due to dissatisfaction or lack of growth opportunities.

In this podcast, Taylor talks about these topics in detail and how they affect the corporate world.

About the Speaker

Taylor Bradley is a former firefighter-paramedic turned HR leader. With over a decade of HR experience, Taylor specializes in leading lean, results-driven HR teams in late-stage tech companies and is currently the Head of HR Business Partners & Compensation at Turing.

Holding a Master's degree in Management from Seattle Pacific University and currently completing an MBA at the University of Cincinnati, Taylor is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise. He is particularly passionate about the field of Human Capital Economics and People Analytics, leveraging this passion to empower team members and drive business success.

Beyond the professional realm, Taylor finds fulfillment in spending quality time with his family and exploring the world through travel. Feel free to connect with Taylor on LinkedIn or visit

Show Notes

(01:17) Tell us about your journey.

(02:20) What is the "Great Resignation," and "Quiet Quitting"? What factors are contributing to this trend?

(06:25) How has the concept of "Quiet Quitting" emerged, and how does it differ from traditional resignations?

(10:46) What is your take on wellness programs?

(12:53) What are the expectations of the current workforce regarding work-life balance, remote work, and job flexibility during the Great Resignation?

(14:43) How are employers responding to the Great Resignation, and what strategies are they employing to retain their workforce?

(18:06) Are there any mental health reasons behind quiet quitting?

(21:59) What are some signs that employees might be quietly quitting, and how can employers address these issues proactively?

(24:28) Are there any specific regions or countries experiencing a more significant impact of the Great Resignation and why?

(26:48) Would you like to share valuable tips with our listeners?

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