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Managing Work-life Balance and Mental Health

Last Updated on 18 June, 2024

Managing work-life balance and mental health is crucial for overall well-being. Striking a balance between professional responsibilities and personal life while safeguarding mental health requires intentional efforts.

In this podcast, the MD of ANSR, Vikram Ahuja, shares his insights on the topic and discusses how organizations can support their employees by promoting work-life balance.

About the Speaker

Vikram Ahuja is the Managing Director of ANSR, the tech leader enabling companies to set up, manage, and scale global teams via GCC. Vikram is also the co-founder and CEO of ANSR’s proprietary talent platform, Talent-500. This is an end-to-end AI-enabled offering that helps fast-growth businesses acquire, build, and manage global teams.

A serial entrepreneur with over 16 years' experience, Vikram has experience in building and scaling technology ventures across travel and e-commerce. He also co-founded one of India’s earliest startup accelerators, Kyron (acquired by Techstars), and is included in the IESE Business School’s prestigious 40Under40 Entrepreneur list for 2022, from where he completed his MBA.

Defined best as an ‘enthusiastic entrepreneur’, he believes that his interests in pursuing ventures at the intersection of art, technology, and business always help him hunt for new ideas to fuel his passion. With core expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Vikram has been designing solutions for future-proofing businesses across the globe.

Connect with Vikram on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

01:38 Would you introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us about your wellness journey?

03:22 How do you define work-life balance, and why is it important for mental health?

05:53 What are the common signs or indicators that someone may be experiencing an imbalance between their work and personal life?

07:53 What are the potential consequences of neglecting one's mental health in pursuit of career success?

09:51 How can individuals prioritize self-care and mental health while maintaining a demanding job or career?

11:29 What strategies can people use to set boundaries between work and personal life?

14:00 How can organizations support their employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance?

16:05 How does technology impact work-life balance, and what steps can individuals take to use technology more mindfully?

18:19 Would you like to share any more valuable suggestions with our listeners?

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