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15 Healthy Potluck Ideas Around The World

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Last Updated on 23 March, 2023

What better way to show your love to someone than to share your food with them? Bonding over food is nothing new, right? Well, then, what's stopping you?

Office potlucks are a great way to bring your company and employees together. However, potlucks, birthday parties, and holidays aren't the best occasions to choose healthy food. Most of the table is filled with chips, drinks, cupcakes, and other junk food, which tempts employees to overeat.

But it's not necessary to indulge in all those unhealthy food options. Infact, hosting a healthier version of the office potluck is a great idea to promote healthy eating among employees.

So, let’s discover the art of international cooking with these 15 healthy potluck ideas to encourage healthy eating practices in the workplace. These dishes are delicious and loaded with nutritional components, making them ideal for company parties. Prepare to expand your culinary horizons!

What is an Office Potluck?

A potluck is a gathering where employees bring food to share with their co-workers. It is entirely up to the team members whether there is a theme or not.


The main goal is to bond with your teammates over food and humor in the office. The best thing about a potluck is that you don't need a big reason to host one. It can be a holiday celebration or the first day back at work after a long vacation.

Also, since many small firms have fewer employees, a potluck lunch might give them a reason to discuss random topics. Such conversations frequently reveal hidden skills and business expansion chances.

Perks of a Healthy Potluck


Everyone loves food. Organizing an office potluck can greatly benefit your business and co-workers. Here are three ways in which healthy office potlucks improve productivity and foster camaraderie:

* Healthy can be tasty

You can give various options to the employees to try new healthful snacks. Additionally, people could find that they enjoy healthy foods more than they thought they did. After all, not everyone knows the significant benefits of eating well.

* A way to get creative and show off your culinary skills

The idea behind a potluck is to have everyone bring something unique for lunch. To avoid duplicating meals, everyone joining the potluck tends to bring something different.

Employees can get creative and explore their passion for baking or cooking. Also, it's a matter of pride to make healthy dishes tasty. Hence, they will go to great lengths to make their dishes tasty and healthy.

* A great approach to interact with co-workers you see every day but never speak to

On a normal day, how many employees interact with each other? I am not talking about saying "good morning" or "nodding their heads" while passing the hallway.

However, this won't be the case when they all eat at the same table. Everyone will be eager to taste what the next person brings. This can be a great icebreaker, and some might become good friends over food. Not to mention how they will get to know each other.

Hosting a healthy potluck will help in fostering a healthy workplace atmosphere. One simple action you take will encourage a culture of wellness at your company. Change the usual office potlucks to healthier ones to help your team enjoy nutritious cuisine.

Healthy Potluck Recipes from Around the World

A. American Cuisine

American food has incorporated the cultures of many immigrants who immigrated to the country in the 1800s. The blending of various culinary techniques, cuisines, and ethnic dishes has given rise to a new kind of cuisine.

Although the unrivaled love of fast food that Americans have is well known, many chefs have adapted traditional meals from their native nations to suit their tastes. Infact, they also make the healthier version of them.

American healthy meals are a fantastic choice for office potlucks because they are often wholesome and filling. Additionally, many nutritious American foods are quick and simple to make, making them perfect for sharing at potlucks.

1. Grilled Vegetables

We reach for grilled chicken, fish, or kebabs whenever we hear the grill. However, chopping fresh vegetables and grilling them for a quick side dish à la mezze is even healthier. Grilled veggies are also a nutritious vegetarian main.


Vegetables cook wonderfully on the grill. Don't throw out any vegetables that are sitting in the refrigerator or don't look appetizing enough to eat raw. Grill them instead.

Grilled vegetables bring out natural sugars, making them deliciously smoky and caramelized.

Check out the recipe for my favorite grilled vegetables from Foodie Crush.

2. Cobb Salad

The Cobb salad is a nutritious dish to bring to your next office potluck. It is a healthy option for lunch or dinner because of its blend of greens, protein, good fats, and fiber. Avocado contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which improve cardiovascular health.


It’s minimal in carbohydrates and tastes amazing. The ingredients are simple and are available at any grocery store. Also, your non-keto friends and family will adore this as much as you do.

Check out this easy recipe for this delicious salad.

3. Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork

This pulled pork recipe made in the Texas way comes with a simple slow cooker recipe for tangy barbecue sauce. It's nice to have a dish that requires 5 minutes of preparation and cooks entirely on its own.


With this recipe, you won't need to spend hours in the kitchen. It could be the simplest pulled pork recipe ever created. Additionally, it goes by the names pig butt or Boston butt.

Pick a well-marbled, flavor-enhancing pork shoulder that doesn't have excessive fat on the margins. You can also remove any extra fat.

Check out the recipe for this amazing way of cooking pork.

B. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is one of the most adored cuisines in the world. Mexico also has one of the richest gastronomies in the world!

Mexico is well known for its street markets. Every street market includes a separate food section that showcases regional cuisine.

Mexican cuisine has a variety of tasty dishes suitable for office potlucks. Mexican meals include fresh veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains, making it a healthy spread for the table. Mexican food can also be a vibrant and festive addition to any office gathering because it often lends itself to sharing.

We're here to help you out with these nutritious Mexican recipes. Each of these wholesome Mexican recipes will make your day happier, whether you're grilling outside or slow-cooking indoors.

1. Black Bean Salad

This black bean salad is a simple potluck recipe for a family gathering. This dish uses fresh red peppers, jalapenos, avocado, and corn. You can use fresh or canned black beans at your availability.


This quick and simple salad goes well with grilled meats and is ideal for a light meal.

Check out the healthy and tasty recipe and enjoy.

2. Mexican Corn Pasta Salad

The well-known grilled corn street food from Mexico inspires this creamy pasta salad with corn. You may eat it hot, at room temperature, or cold. It's the ideal side dish to enjoy at a barbeque or outdoor meal.


This pasta salad's dressing is made from the same components brushed on grilled Mexican elote cobs. Mexican street corn is often made with grilled corn. It is then covered with cotija cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lime juice, and chili powder.

This pasta salad is incredibly easy to prepare and, if desired, may be readily made in advance. Check out this simple recipe that will spice up your office potluck.

3. Sweet Potato and Spicy Chorizo Tacos

These tacos with sweet potato and chorizo are a terrific choice if you want comfort food but don't want to overindulge.

These chorizo and sweet potato tacos are incredibly tasty, gently spicy, quick to make, and only require three ingredients.


The fast addition of canned black beans makes these sweet potato and chorizo tacos extremely heavy & substantial. Sweet potatoes' natural sweetness plays against the chorizo's robust, spicy flavors.

Look out for this flavourful, colorful, and tasty tacos recipe here.

C. Asian and Indian Cuisine

Asian and Indian cuisine offers various healthy and flavorful options that are perfect for an office potluck. These cuisines often place emphasis on the use of seasonal foods and spices. And these add not only flavor but also have many health advantages.

For instance, foods strong in protein, fiber, and vitamins include stir-fries, sushi, and dal. In addition, many Asian and Indian foods are inherently low in calories. This makes them a fantastic choice for people who care about their health.

Furthermore, these cuisines are versatile and offer something for everyone, irrespective of dietary constraints. Asian and Indian food are ideal for any office potluck because they combine delectable flavors and nutritional components.

1. Stir-Fried Vegetables with Tofu

This vegan tofu stir-fry explodes a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors! The preparation time for this quick and wholesome vegetable stir-fry is under 30 minutes.

We know that vegetables lose some nutritional content as they are cooked. You don't need to cook the vegetables in a stir-fry for very long.


It is vegan, gluten-free, and healthy. Mostly veggies, soy sauce, herbs, and spices make stir-fries. You can use green beans, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, and zucchini in this stir-fry dish.

The dish is also low on calories because it contains little oil or flour. Also, it's quick and simple.

Check out the recipe for this tasty and healthy office potluck dish.

2. Baingan Bharta/Smoky Eggplant stir fry mash.

An easy-to-make, smoky Indian stew created with spices and fire-roasted eggplant. It is renowned for its flavorful bites that combine spicy heat with a smoky or charcoal flavor.

Your taste buds are in for a treat with baingan bharta. It is prepared with roasted, peeled, and mashed eggplants. Then it is mixed with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and spices like a chili pepper.


Baingan Bharta is a fantastic choice for health-conscious people because eggplants are naturally minimal in calories and fat.

This meal is extremely adaptable and can be used as a dip with pita chips or served with rice or flatbread. Baingan Bharta is a great option for an office potluck because of its mouthwatering flavor and nutritious ingredients.

Check out this recipe for your next get-together.

3. Miso Soup

Miso Soup is a nutritious Japanese dish ideal for an office potluck. The main components of this classic Japanese dish are miso paste, dashi (broth), various vegetables, seaweed, and tofu.


In addition to being delicious, this dish provides several health advantages. Miso is a wonderful source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that benefit intestinal health.

Add this great recipe to any office potluck because it is simple to make and may be served hot or cold. Miso Soup is likely to be a hit at the potluck because of its delicious flavor and advantageous health properties.

D. Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine is renowned for its tasty, well-balanced, and nutritious dishes. Their cuisine usually consists of fresh ingredients, including olive oil, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, herbs, and spices.

The Mediterranean diet has been demonstrated to include a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and several malignancies. It offers a flavorful and wholesome eating pattern that may support an active lifestyle.

1. Greek Potato Salad

Greek potato salad is a well-known recipe that combines cooked potatoes with several herbs and vegetables. The dish is topped with fresh vegetables, herbs, and a tangy dressing made with olive oil, lemon juice, and wine vinegar.


It has an amazing, vivid flavor and is both fresh and healthy. Making this potato salad is simple. A lot of people even consider this dish as their comfort food. And why wouldn't they? It's a wonderful substitute for classic potato salads, which often contain mayonnaise high in unhealthful fats and calories.

Check out the recipe for this salad that gives you a homely feeling.

2. Grilled Sardines

It will not be complete if we don't include fish on our list. Grilled sardines are one of the most liked and wholesome fish dishes in Mediterranean cooking. Small, fatty fish known as sardines are common in the Mediterranean Sea and are a mainstay of the regional diet.


They are low in calories and a substantial source of protein, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Before being cooked over an open flame, grilled sardines are frequently seasoned with lemon juice, herbs, and spices. A tasty and tender fish dish is the ultimate result, frequently served with whole grain bread or a side salad.

This is a staple dish and a favorite among seafood lovers. Check out the recipe for this healthy finger food option for your next office potluck.

3. Chicken Shish Kabobs/Grilled Chicken Skewers

Making chicken kabobs is simple. You need to marinate the chicken for 5 minutes and keep it for a few hours. This dish is ideal for impromptu gatherings.

These kabobs have a delicious zing thanks to the marinades of different spices. Olive oil keeps the chicken moist and juicy, while the lemon juice and garlic create a bright, fresh flavor.


Get your recommended daily protein intake without all the fat with chicken kabobs. Additionally, they are a great source of vitamins and minerals due to the presence of vegetables in the dish.

Serving chicken kabobs at your next barbecue or potluck is a great idea. Whether served as an appetizer or a full entrée, even the pickiest diners will enjoy them. Enjoy this flavourful chicken kabob recipe, which will surely be a hit at your next potluck session.

E. African Cuisine

African cuisine makes a fantastic choice for an office potluck because of its wide range of flavors, simplicity of preparation, and suitability for big gatherings. Many African foods are slow-cooked to bring out their natural flavors. They are made with easy, healthful ingredients.

Many dishes, such as peanut soup, stewed chicken, and jollof rice, can be prepared in huge quantities. This makes them perfect for serving a crowd.

A potluck spread can be given a distinctive and intriguing twist using African cuisine's robust, spicy tastes.

Many African recipes are inherently gluten-free and vegetarian, which helps people with dietary constraints at work, enjoy the dish. This is another fantastic feature of African food.

1. Jollof Rice

In Western/Sub-Saharan Africa, jollof rice is a common staple meal adored by many diverse tribes. This African dish contains rice, tomatoes, onions, and spices. Due to the rich tomato sauce in which it is cooked, it is a healthier alternative to typical fried rice.


The rice is typically cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, and occasionally tomato paste. Several kinds of meat are also included. This high-carb dish provides energy, while vegetables like tomatoes and onions increase their nutritional value.

Jollof Rice is a culturally diverse rice alternative that may add a touch of diversity to any potluck. It is an all-around delicious, wholesome, and welcoming dish ideal for any gathering. So, Jollof rice is a great dish for a healthy potluck idea. Check out the recipe here.

2. Ghanaian Peanut Butter Stew

Ghanaian Peanut Butter Stew is a substantial and nourishing dish for potluck occasions. The stew's base is peanut butter, which adds a rich, nutty flavor and a considerable amount of protein and healthful fats. It can also be cooked with chicken or tofu, making it a complete protein-rich meal.


Ghanaian stew is a complete and fulfilling dinner that is healthy and savory because it includes peanut butter, vegetables, and protein. So, serve your colleagues this nice and healthy recipe at your next potluck.

3. Ugali

Ugali, which is made from white maize meal or maize flour, is similar to porridge but much denser. The indigenous people of East Africa eat it as a staple food. It is typically enjoyed with vegetable and meat stew, also known as Nsima.


Ugali is a multicultural cuisine that can add a hint of African flavor to your office potluck. It will allow you and your co-workers to experience something novel and interesting.

Try out this easy-to-prepare recipe to lessen the stress and workload. It is also quite economical, making it a brilliant choice for large gatherings.

Ugali is a great option for anyone wishing to serve their co-workers a healthy and filling meal.

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A delicious and multicultural potluck can be a get-together with a healthy theme. A spread that is both healthy and filling can be made by mixing cuisines from around the world.

Use employee gatherings, like potlucks, to demonstrate that eating a balanced diet need not be monotonous or unpleasant. One of the best things you can do for the health and happiness of your employees is to support them in eating healthily.

At your next office potluck, consider including some of these healthy potluck ideas. Use the following recipes to develop a healthy theme for all luncheons, office celebrations, and outings.



Q. 1 What are some easy and healthy potluck dishes?

A: There are many healthy and tasty dishes that you can make for a potluck. Some options include grilled vegetables, pasta salad, baingan bharta, and ugali. You can also try making jollof rice, grilled sardines, or miso soup.

Q. 2 Can I find potluck recipes suitable for specific dietary needs, such as vegan or gluten-free?

A: Yes, many potluck recipes cater to specific dietary needs. For example, you can make a vegan quinoa salad with roasted vegetables and avocado dressing, gluten-free fruit crumbles, or a dairy-free tzatziki dip made with cashews. Many international dishes are naturally gluten-free or vegan, such as Vietnamese summer rolls or Indian chickpea curry.

Q. 3 How can I ensure that the dishes I bring to a potluck are safe to eat and transport?

A: Choosing dishes that can be safely transported and kept at the appropriate temperature is important. Ensure that hot dishes are kept in a heated container, such as a slow cooker or insulated carrier, and cold dishes are kept in a cooler with ice packs. It's also a good idea to label your dish with any allergens and to bring utensils for serving. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly before preparing and serving food, and use clean and sanitized kitchen tools and surfaces.

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