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5 Terrific Ways to Observe Men's Health Month in the Workplace

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Published on 23 June, 2021

June is widely celebrated as Men's Health Month, and communities worldwide observe this month as a period of raising awareness of men's health issues.

Men's health is a serious issue that is often overlooked in our busy daily lives.

There is also a significant mortality gap between men and women. According to a report by the CDC, in 2016, men lived an average of 5 years less than their female counterparts.

Men tend to neglect their health due to various factors such as lifestyle, societal pressure, stress, etc.

In our societies, men are pressured to be self-reliant, strong, and thriving from an early age. Those who express their emotions are generally perceived as weak or not fitting the bill of a typical man.

This is why many men suffer from physical and mental health problems in their lives.

Men's Health: What puts men at more risk?

Men's health

Before we go any further, let us learn why men are more likely to suffer from health problems and unnatural deaths than women.

There are many factors for men being at more risk of health issues than women.

One of the main factors is the pressure on men and boys to be successful in the eyes of society and their peers.

Men are taught from a young age that success is important, and this is why many men neglect their health in the pursuit of success.

Another reason is that men are less likely to seek medical and professional help than women.

Since ancient times, society has created an image of men being strong and tough. Men have long been expected to face their problems head-on. As a result, today's men may consider it shameful or weak to address their issues to others.

Here are some health facts about men -

  • Men are more likely to die by suicide than women. (CDC)
  • About 248,530 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the United States. (
  • Out of 500 men, 60% do not go to a doctor if they fear they are suffering from a severe health problem. (The Cleveland Clinic)
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men in the United States. (CDC)
  • In the US, about 9470 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year. (
  • More than 60 percent of adult American men are overweight. (National Institutes of Health)

Celebrating Men's Health Month in the workplace

Male employees usually make up for most of the workforce in organizations worldwide. Addressing men's health issues should be a priority for employers looking to improve their employee health.

Employers can grab the opportunity that Men's Health Month provides to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage male employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Encouraging early detection and treatment of disease is vital, and it can only be achieved by increasing awareness.

Here are five great ideas that employers can use to celebrate Men's Health Month at work or just men's health in their workplace -

1. Create an Awareness Campaign

Awareness and education are critical when it comes to health. Your male workers may not be aware of any underlying physical or mental health issues, which may ruin their health. If you promote the awareness of men's health issues, your employees will be better equipped to identify health problems.

Create an awareness campaign in your workplace where you prioritize the importance of men's health. Encourage your employees to go for regular checkups or provide biometric tests in your workplace. Give out flyers and emails regarding common health issues men face and tips to combat them.

2. Organize a Health Fair

A health fair can be a great way to put men's health center stage during June's Men's Health Month. Organizing a health fair can provide a fun yet educational experience for your employees.

For a men's health-themed fair, you can invite vendors that provide wellness services specifically for men. Ensure that the decorations are also aligned with the theme. Also, as smoking is quite prevalent in men, do not forget to invite vendors that provide products aimed at smoking cessation.

3. Plan a Sports Day

Taking your male workforce out for a sports event is sure to get everyone excited. Outdoor sports are great ways of improving health and fitness, and a sports day would be a great way to celebrate Men's Health Month.

You can organize sports events throughout the month or have one dedicated day where everyone can participate in various sports and games. Amp up participation by rewarding winning teams with lucrative prizes and also provide everyone with healthy snacks and drinks.

4. Host A Wear Blue Day

Wear Blue Day is all about creating awareness and spread knowledge on men's health issues. As the name suggests, everyone wears blue clothing on this day. You can choose any date of your liking in June to be celebrated as Wear Blue Day.

Select a date, choose a goal amount to raise, wear blue, and go out with your employees to the community and spread awareness. After raising funds, donate them to a charitable cause for men's health, such as cancer trust.

5. Organize a Walkathon

A walkathon for a cause like cancer or AIDS can be a fantastic fundraising event. These events are fun and are great at educating people on disease prevention.

Many associations conduct host walkathon events for charitable causes. You can participate in one such event with your employees or easily host a walkathon in your organization with a wellness platform like Vantage Fit.


In today's world, most men do not give enough time to their health and wellbeing. The hustle and bustle of everyday life cause a lot of health problems among men. Due to a lack of awareness and education, many men do not come out with their problems and seek professional help.

However, men's health issues should not go unnoticed, and employers should ensure that their male employees are healthy and fit. This Men's Health Month, encourage all the men in your life to take care of their health and live their lives to the fullest.

Besides working as a content marketer at Vantage Circle, Shah Alif Ahmed is also an internationally certified nutrition specialist, competitive bodybuilder and a musician. For any queries reach out to

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