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8 Best Migraine Quotes That Will Help In Coping with Headaches at Work

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Last Updated on 10 August, 2022

If you search the hashtag #migraineatwork on Twitter, it will give you an idea of the severity of the problem called migraine. The reality is that Migraines seriously interfere with millions of peoples' ability to function at work. In addition to work fatigue, cognitive challenges and sensitivity to bright light are some of the other symptoms of headaches at work.

Today a big chunk of an employer’s budget is caught up in managing the impact of migraines on workplace productivity and employees' health. Employees troubled with constant headaches also struggle with absenteeism, tiredness, and lack of focus.

Read on, if you're an employer who is skeptical and curious about knowing more about migraine and their impact on your workplace wellness.

What is a Migraine?

Migraines are common neurological conditions that cause a variety of symptoms, mostly a sharp headache on one side of your head. There is a possibility that migraines are made worse by physical activity, light, sounds, or smells. The unfavourable workplace ergonomic conditions, such as the lack of thick curtains or the location of their desks, make it difficult for employees to avoid headaches at work.


It may last from a couple of hours to a few days. This genetic disorder affects about 12% of Americans. In fact, it is the sixth most disabling disease in the world.

Symptoms of Migraine


The most common symptom of migraine is a headache. There is a sharp pain in one side of the head which makes the person restless and disgruntled. Apart from it, the other common symptoms of migraine are-

  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Upset stomach and abdominal pain.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fluctuations between sweating and cold chills.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Dizziness and blurred vision.
  • Neck pain, stiffness.
  • Depression
  • Insomnia.

How Does Migraine Affect Employee Wellness?

People in their working years are most likely to suffer from migraines. Migraine can impact working life, but they can be significantly reduced with proper support at work.


To work effectively with migraine, employees often need very little help from their employers. But, even this small assistance can make all the difference.
Migraine sufferers, if not supported by their employer, go through a lot of difficulties. Some of the ways in which migraines affect workplace wellness are-

  1. It is estimated that the UK population loses 43 million days from work or school each year because of migraine.

  2. Migraine/chronic headache was found to be the second most frequently identified cause of short-term absence (47%) for employees.

  3. Absenteeism from migraine alone costs £2.25 billion per year in the UK itself. In the United States, migraine costs the economy about $14 billion in direct and indirect costs annually.

Preventing Migraines In The Workplace

The first step in curtailing migraine attacks in the workplace is identifying the triggers. The hallmarks of the modern workplace – bright or flickering fluorescent lights, computer screens, poor sleep, noise and loud sounds, frequent traveling, and work-related stress – are major migraine triggers.

Some of the ways in which Employers can prevent the Migraine Epidemic in the workplace are-

1. Change The Work Environment


Create a healthy work environment for your employees. Make sure that the migraine triggers do not create undue problems for employees. Some of the steps which employers can take are-

  • Changing office fluorescent lights,
  • Providing glare protectors for computer screens, and
  • Ensuring co-workers are aware of how they can be triggers of another worker’s migraine headaches.

2. Monitor Employee Stress Levels


As a proactive approach, employers can redesign work schedules to reduce workloads for employees with migraines. One proactive way of reducing stress levels for workers with migraine is creating work flexibility – Workers with the disease should be allowed to take time off work and work from home. This not only reduces stress but also gives these workers a sense of relief and belonging, knowing that their employers are willing to make them feel comfortable

3. Arrange Basic First Medical Facilities


Arrange for basic first aid medications like balms, dispirins, antidepressants like dispirins, anti-allergic tablets, vitamin tablets, etc. Keep an onsite ambulance to make sure that sick employees can be given immediate medical attention This will help your management to take emergency measures if and when required.

8 Best Migraine Quotes That Bring Attention To Headaches In Workplace

  1. "The return of the voices would end in a migraine that made my whole body throb. I could do nothing except lie in a blacked-out room waiting for the voices to get infected by the pains in my head and clear off. - Alice Jamieson, Today I'm Alice: Nine Personalities
  1. "And then a throb hits you on the left side of the head so hard that your head bobs to the right...There's no way that came from inside your head, you think. That's no metaphysical crisis. God just punched you in the face." - Andrew Levy, A Brain Wider Than the Sky: A Migraine Diary
  1. "Depression affects almost 80% of migraine sufferers at one time or another. People with migraine, especially chronic migraine, also are more likely to experience intense anxiety and to have suicidal tendencies. If we want to live happy and joyful lives with migraine, it is vital that we acknowledge and deal with the emotional realities of the disease." - Sarah Hackley, Finding Happiness with Migraines
  1. "Normally when I get a migraine, the first thing that goes is my vision. Nothing is clear, everything is in pieces. I just remember in my mind saying 'no, no, no, not right now." - Terrell Davies, Former NFL Player
  1. "The hardest part about migraines is how unexpected it is. It comes at inopportune times mostly for me. A lot of the time migraines come as a result of stress, so when I have a lot going on and then you couple that with the migraines, it is a little bit tough to deal with." - Ryan Murphy, Olympic Swimmer
  1. "Getting a migraine was like there was a monster that would show up in your house whenever it felt like it and there was nothing you could do about it." - Whoopi Goldberg, Comedian
  1. "And I have learned now to live with it, learned when to expect it, how to outwit it, even how to regard it, when it does come, as more friend than lodger. We have reached a certain understanding, my migraine and I." - Joan Didion, Author
  1. "What triggered a migraine for me may have no effect on someone else. For many people, coffee can relieve symptoms somewhat, but for me it was a trigger. You really have to find out what affects you individually." - Morgan Fairchild, Actress

Final Words

Migraine primarily strikes at the most productive times in one’s life and can impact career choice, work productivity, and can have a negative impact on family and loved ones. By making minor workplace policy adjustments, employers can effectively manage migraine in the workplace.

This article is written by Nizamul Bhuyan, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. With a professional exprience of writing on various subject domains like Corporate Wellness and Sports, he prefers to watch football and explore new places to unwind. To get in touch, reach out to

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