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The Benefits Of Outdoor Activities For Work Productivity

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Last Updated on 30 November, 2023

Are you feeling stifled by the four corners of your office cubicle? Are you longing for the warm sunny ray that sips through your window during that board meeting? Well, guess what! It's normal for every human to long for nature's pleasantries since this is made possible through biophilia. Within the core of every human, there exists a connection to nature known as biophilia. Modern companies are now aware of the productivity brought about by nature hence adopting biophilic architecture aimed at introducing the outward environment in the contemporary office setting.

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Companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are adopting such architecture. Despite being productive, the introduction of nature in our workspace isn't a substitution for the real thing. Therefore, the staff needs to engage with nature out of the office setting once in a while. So, what are the benefits of outdoor activities that could boost productivity? Read on.

Improved Mood and Happiness

Research has shown that taking that team building session out in the wild leads to improved moods and happiness among workers. It leads to the reduction of work-related stress, anxiety, and depression. It may also go further to alleviate the symptoms of an already occurring stress or depression. Ultimately, a happy worker is a productive one too.

Enhanced Fitness

Mixing business with fitness comes across as a great idea. It's a common occurrence where workers get engrossed in their work-life without getting concerned with their health. An employer can help their workers ease of the gym membership by adopting simple practices such as team cycling and having a meeting in the wild to get from them from the office pressure. Through cycling, one gets to exercise, thereby reducing tension and thus having a level head to tackle work challenges. It ultimately spikes up one's productive juices.

For some, cycling may be a massive feat for them. There are options such as motorized bicycles. The main aim is to interact with nature, and one can mix or choose from either of the two options.

Facilitates Improved Short Term Memory

According to research conducted on university students in Michigan, a group was split into two and assigned to walk in an arboretum. In contrast, the other group walked down a designated city street. A memory test conducted after the activity found out that the group assigned to walk in the arboretum posted a 20% improved short term memory than their counterparts.


Humans are always known to rely on nature in their search for inspiration. By taking a break from the hectic office routine and embracing a simple nature walk, ones creative juices get sparked to find solutions to current work challenges. It may take a simple act of cycling in the mountains to find that hair-splitting solution that has been bugging management for a long time.


Nature has a soothing way of reducing one's worries by shifting one's mind away from issues that might come across as bothering. Such matters may hamper work productivity leading to other work-related stress. By incorporating nature into one's work life, one can rid themselves of the problems or challenges they are facing through a mind shift- by increasing our awareness of our current environment and reducing our thoughts on what disturbs or occupies our mind.

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Increased Energy Levels

Nature always has a way of making people feel livelier. Nature typically gets referred to as the fuel of the soul. The work environment mostly comes down hard on a majority of us due to its hectic schedule. Instead of running for that hot steaming mug of coffee to re-energize, why don't you take a nature walk and attest to its wonders? For some, caffeine is a source of acidity and may cause irritability hence reduced work productivity. It is better to establish a connection with nature.


With all the plethora of benefits that nature provides, it still comes as shocking why people don't spend their time outdoors. It is a testament by modern blue-chip companies such as Apple and Google that nature works wonders, hence inspiring their workplace theme. For improved work productivity, it's high time that we consider incorporating nature into our work and attest to its immeasurable benefits.

This article is written by Miranda who is an English student graduate. She has a big passion for traveling, and choosing to travel was one of her best decisions. She believes that she can change the world for the better. She works really hard to help people and she is always available for those in need. For any related queries, contact

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