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Virtual Canteen: The Future Of Workplace Food Solutions

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Last Updated on 05 January, 2024

The rising concerns for health and safety due to the current pandemic has transformed the way people go about their daily lives. People are now much more aware and concerned about their surroundings, food habits, hygiene, etc.

Now, as workplaces are being allowed to open after months of lockdown, employers face a tall task in ensuring their employees' health as they return to work. From maintaining social distancing norms to ensuring proper hygiene in their workplace, employers have to check all the right boxes to keep their employees healthy and safe.

One crucial aspect that employers also need to ensure and revise is workplace nutrition. Proper employee nutrition is essential for increased immunity in such critical times and the lack of many adverse effects for employees and employers alike.

However, as with all the changes brought about by COVID-19, the way employees eat in a workplace is also likely to change.

For instance, earlier workplace canteens were places where employees would gather and wait for their meal in queues. Now, due to social distancing norms, gatherings will not be possible, and employees might have to take turns and wait longer to eat. Such circumstances can cause employees to lose valuable time at work.

Also, in the case of employees who go out for lunch, safety and cleanliness may become a concern, and eating in unhygienic places can cause serious health problems.

Therefore, employers must take steps to ensure that their employees are fed well and healthily.

Online Virtual Canteens - The Smart Food Solution

Companies and vendors worldwide have been forced to operate online since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Such companies have offered their services virtually to minimize physical contact and maintain distancing norms.

For instance, online food vendors have come up with innovative ways to ensure that their customers are served fresh, healthy, safe, and hygienic food.

Some have also started offering enterprise plans wherein food can get delivered directly to their client's workplaces. Such offerings include smartphone app-based ordering and slot booking facilities to reduce queues and save time.

Employers can make use of such cloud canteens to ensure proper workplace nutrition and maintain hygiene and social distancing at the same time.

Let's look at some of the benefits employers can enjoy by using virtual canteens -

Reduced costs

Compared to the expenses of running a traditional workplace canteen, online food delivery platforms can be much cheaper. Employers would only have to pay for the food that their employees' order and nothing else. Moreover, there are also many deals and discounts that employers can make use of.

Also, virtual canteens can be affordable for small and big companies alike, unlike traditional workplace canteens.

Reduced waste

One of the disadvantages of having an on-site cafeteria is food wastage. For example, employees may not eat food if they do not like what is on the menu.

With virtual canteens, employers can minimize wastage as employees can order what they like and eat. This way, employers can also reduce extra food costs.

Saving up on space

An in-house office canteen can take up a lot of space which could have otherwise been used for other purposes. A virtual canteen can eliminate such a requirement and help employers save up on expenses as well. Employers can then utilize the unused space to expand their workplace.

Central Management

Virtual food delivery platforms can allow employers to easily manage their employees' orders, meal slots and timings, and online portals and apps. This way, employers can save time and have a hassle-free experience.

Convenient ordering and payments

With virtual canteens, employees can easily book their meals and order their preferred food items at the click of a button without the hassle of standing in queues. This way, employees can make the best use of their time, refuel, and relax and get back to work full productivity.

Final Words

In a time when social distancing and food hygiene has become the norm, physical workplace canteens are becoming less viable. Gone are the days when employees used to stand in the long queues and wait for their food. The future of workplace nutrition is digital and virtual canteens are allowing employers to make the change healthily and safely.

Besides working as a content marketer at Vantage Circle, Shah Alif Ahmed is also an internationally certified nutrition specialist, competitive bodybuilder and a musician. For any queries reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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