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5 Ways Your Company Can Celebrate World Braille Day 2024

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Last Updated on 23 January, 2024

Every year January 4th is celebrated as World Braille Day to bring attention and care to the visually impaired. January 4th is the birthday of Louis Braille, who is the inventor of braille.

The history of the invention of braille has been quite staggering. At the age of 3, Louis became blind due to an unfortunate incident. When he reached the age of 15, he invented braille for the blind and partially visually impaired. It is also based on a writing system developed by Charles Barbier.

Over the years, braille was enhanced to make it easier and better. And it changed the lives of many and became more pertinent worldwide.

About World Braille Day


Louis Braille quotes that access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge, which is vitally important if we are not despised or patronized by condescending sighted people. We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded that we are vulnerable and must be treated as equals - and communication is how we can bring this about.

According to the World Health Organization, around 40 million people worldwide are blind, and approximately 250 million are partially impaired. It has been aiming to lessen the problems blind people face and cluster solutions for them.

The blind or low vision is rising as the global population ages. Although the World Health Organization points out that up to 80% of vision impairment worldwide is avoidable with better access to treatment.

In November 2018, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) officially approved World Braille Day. And since then, World Braille Day has been celebrated every year on this date. The date was formally designated to raise and spread awareness on braille and why communication is vital for a blind person or visually impaired person.

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Five Fun Facts That You Need To Know About Braille


  1. Braille code for almost every language is used in nearly every country globally.

  2. The invention of braille has an interesting history. Louis Braille pierced his eye with an awl, which led to a severe infection that eventually caused him blindness. Ironically, a drill is similar to the stylus, a tool used today to emboss braille by hand.

  3. Castle Sant'Elmo, which is a popular tourist attraction, offers a view of the Italian city of Napoli. The art installation was by Paolo Puddu titled "Follow the Shape," a handrail embossed in braille that includes a poetic version.

  4. Nowadays, toys are also available in braille, including a Rubik's Cube, UNO, and LEGOs.

  5. The braille typewriter is different from standard typewriters. Braillers have six keys correlating to each braille cell's six dots, including the space key, enter button, and backspace.

Ways That Your workplace Can Celebrate This Coming World Braille Day

Here are 5 rightful actions you can take for the upcoming 2024 World Braille Day,

1. Organize free eye check-up campaigns


Eye health must be prioritized by conducting a yearly eye health screening. World Braille Day provides an opportunity for organizations to show concern and raise awareness about the issues being faced by blind people.

It is important to find eye diseases early and preserve eyesight vision. Employers can ensure technological safety measures to reduce eye injuries and protect against infection or direct exposure to excess screen timing by providing protective eyewear, etc.

2. Celebrate a day in a school for the blind


What can be better to celebrate this day among the people who need us around? Sometimes, we need to spread love, compassion, and hope to lead a good life to ourselves and others no matter how busy our schedules are.

This World Braille day, you can organize a visit to a school for the blind to show your support and concern and help them with all possible help. It will help raise awareness and goodwill among the entire community.

Along with this, your organization will experience a greater vision of shared interest, teamwork, and productivity towards a common goal.

3. Start new policies to hire people and provide them opportunities


The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) states that it is unlawful to discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability, such as blindness or low vision (B/LV).

People with visual impairment are also highly motivated individuals. And, providing them with the right platform and the opportunity will break the workplace stereotype. They bear the infinite potential to overcome personal and professional challenges and succeed. And, recruiting someone enthusiastic as it can always be a good choice.

Also, spread and highlight general information on social media platforms about the importance of continuing to produce work opportunities in braille as well.

4. Health and wellness literacy


The definition of Health and Wellness Literacy proceeds as "the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions."

The concept of wellness is not confined to physical well-being but mental awareness as well. The 21st-century folks today are more concerned with lifestyle choices than anything else. And, living a good life doesn't mean just performing regular exercises but also eating well, being hygienic, etc.

Arrange a counseling session on eye health for your employees to make them aware of things related to their eye conditions.

To maintain good eye health, it is also essential to take up measures like,

  • Eating a balanced diet and organic foods
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear
  • Avoiding first hand and second-hand tobacco smoke
  • Knowing the history of family medical health
  • Being aware of visual health risk factors

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5. Volunteering Events


Volunteering is fun! And, what can be a better opportunity than volunteering on this World Braille Day?

So, if you are planning to organize or volunteer an event this World Braille Day, allow your employees to volunteer and initiate. You can also collaborate with non-profit organizations to do so. With the help of a non-profit organization, you can conduct a successful event along with your team.

Conduct events like games, talent hunt shows, etc., and spread the word across. You can also provide gifts to people you know from your family or professional life. Here are a few gift suggestions;

  • Item Trackers
  • Board Games
  • Smart Watches
  • Beep Balls – For Baseball and Other Sports
  • Color identification
  • Kitchen scale
  • Braille children books
  • Audio streaming subscriptions


Spread love and joy among the community and make them feel worthy with your generosity and volunteering initiatives.

Tips For Employers


According to the CDC, 2000 U.S. workers sustain eye-related conditions that require immediate medical attention. When it comes to taking care of employees' health and wellness, organizations must not ignore the well-being of their eyes.

Employees go through severe headaches, computer vision syndrome, and intense fatigue due to prolonged exposure to digital screens. But, this can be avoided with the right measures and awareness.

Here are a few suggestions;

  1. Promote and allow employees to take a regular break between work.
  2. Implement biophilic design concepts for the workplace.
  3. Keep a recreational center for employees to read, play, and relax during breaks.
  4. Avail of free eye screening facilities.
  5. Prioritize overall well-being using a comprehensive employee wellness platform.
  6. Carry out a vision wellness screening at the workplace.

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Bottom Line

This holiday season gives unlimited effort to those who mean the most to you and those who need it. Spend time with different people and take your company to a superior level through collective endeavors. Enjoy an enlightening new year by celebrating World Braille Day on January 4th.

This article is written by Parismita Goswami who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. A feverish poet and cinephile with an intense taste for music, specifically rock, she has the heart of an explorer, learner, and is a lover of the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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