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Building Emotional Resilience Is The Key To Optimal Well-Being

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

Resilience is a quality that you either do or do not possess. An emotionally resilient individual can respond to stressful or unexpected crises more skilfully. As age, identity, and experiences in life highly determine your emotional resilience.

A good half of the art of living is resilience.
– Alain de Botton

Emotional Resilience In Employees'

Employees with a higher emotional resilience can handle the stresses more effectively and calmly. They are also able to manage uneasy circumstances at work more easily.

It is a trait that can be developed or cultivated by oneself over time. It's a trait that is worth developing in today's time. It is because less resilient people experience a harder time dealing with stress and life changes in their personal and professional lives.

Employees with emotional awareness understand what they're feeling and why. They can better undermine their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. And therefore, developing an emotionally resilient workplace has become more crucial than ever.

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About The Speaker

Megha Mathur is a Stress & Anxiety and Corporate Wellness Coach.

Resilience Coach Professionals come to her to change their narrative and life stories to start living a more resilient and promising life. She is an experienced life coach who helps build RESILIENCE within you. Meghna also helps one realize the full potential that lies within oneself.

You can also find and connect with her on LinkedIn

Show Notes

(01:01) How do you define emotional resilience? What are the traits of an emotionally resilient individual?

(06:06) How important is it to build resilience in the current world?

(10:01) What are the struggles people face when they are not resilient, at work and outside?

(12:45) Can exercises help develop resilience? So is exercising a solution.

(19:53) What can employers do to make their employees resilient?

(23:40) Are you saying a resilient workplace is a happy and productive workplace?

(28:16) Are there any suggestions you would like to give to our listeners?

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