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8 Ways a Corporate Wellness Platform Can Help Your Organization

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Last Updated on 21 May, 2021

Organizations across the globe have started taking the aspect of employee health more seriously than ever before. The reason for this shift can be highly attributed to the many benefits it brings along. With a healthy workforce, businesses can surely expect to maximize their efficiency, thus helping them thrive in today’s competitive landscape. And having a corporate wellness platform is really proving to be handy in this regard.

Earlier, employees were only entitled to insurance covers or health check-ups as part of the organizations’ health care initiative. However, the focus has now shifted to a mobile-first culture.

Everyone now relies on real-time data for everything, including their health status, and your employees are no different. Having access to this data enables them to take preventive measures against various health ailments. As well, for employers, it facilitates better biometric screenings and strengthens your employee health engagement initiatives.

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The role of a corporate wellness platform like that of Vantage Fit doesn’t just end here. These platforms help employers improve the health of their employees by encouraging healthy behaviors. With this, they have indeed become a vital part of a modern-day corporate wellness program that one can’t ignore.

Before proceeding further, let me quickly share the 5 aspects of a corporate wellness platform that you must look into before getting one.

  • If the platform can operate on a global scale?
  • Will it support your employee rewarding initiatives?
  • Does the platform come with mobile app support for greater engagement?
  • Can you customize your wellness program while it’s still running?
  • If it uses social networks for a better user experience?

Here, in my blog, I’ll discuss some of the points that make these platforms the perfect corporate wellness solution and why you should consider having one.

Let’s dig in!

8 Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Platform for a Healthy Workforce

1. Comprehensive Health Assessment

The first and foremost criteria of a successful employee wellness program is a comprehensive health assessment or biometric screening. These assessments are generally based on workplace health surveys that help employers formulate plans for improving employee health.

A corporate wellness platform helps employers’ collect all the necessary data in a detailed and efficient manner. It also provides employers with an effective way to gauge their employees’ health status. Based on these results, managers can devise out a clear wellness strategy supported by the platform itself. This way, it becomes much easier to create workplace wellness programs that address the health requirements of the workforce.

2. Personalized Health Coaching and Guidance

Imagining a corporate wellness platform without a mobile app would seem like an unexpected move. That’s why most of the existing systems also help organizations access their wellness programs through apps. Corporate wellness apps like Vantage Fit act as your employees’ personal health coach. After taking in all the necessary data about certain health parameters, the app itself suggests the best exercises to the employees.

Furthermore, the employees can also track their various activities like step count, calories burnt and consumed, distance walked, and many more. All of these help your employees maintain a good fitness regime that positively impacts their health. Thus, increasing productivity and boosting their morale by kicking in some extra dopamine.

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3. Creating Customized Employee Wellness Program

The health and wellness requirement of every organization is unique. It mainly depends on factors like the size of the workforce, workplace locations, onsite healthcare facilities, etc. And all of these factors differ from one organization to the other.

This is where the main USP of a corporate wellness platform comes into play, i.e., creating customized wellness programs. These programs mainly comprise various health tasks which you can assign to your workforce. Also, you get the flexibility to modify any aspect of your wellness program while it is still running without any jargon. Doing this helps organizations make sure that every employee is absorbed and equally affected by their wellness initiatives.

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4. Brings Down the Employee Healthcare Costs

Until now, organizations have supported their employees’ healthcare by creating onsite gyms, subsidized medical check-ups, or organizing health fair events. There's no doubt that all these initiatives are equally good, but the issue is its cost.

With a boom in the number of startups and small businesses, these platforms have become an ideal choice. Since everything is cloud-based and driven by mobile applications, organizations do not have to spend much on physical health amenities. At the same time, they can keep a perfect track of which way their initiative is heading.

5. Encouraging Healthy Competition through Gamification

Corporate wellness platforms are also worth investing in as they bring a positive change to your organization’s employee experience. These platforms allow organizations to make their health initiatives more fun and engaging by gamifying the challenges. And this is primarily done by associating the health challenges with meaningful rewards and a leaderboard showing every participant’s progress.

Both these elements act as catalysts for igniting your employees' inner sportsmanship and engaging them in healthy competition.

Another aspect that is hugely impacted here is the work environment. When your employees feel fit and healthy, they will radiate it with their active participation at work and by staying self-motivated.

6. Disbursing Incentives and Employee Rewards

One of the best benefits of a great corporate wellness platform is that it lets you combine your employee rewards scheme with your workplace health initiative.

Employee rewards are essential to keep your workers satisfied and fulfilled. When you combine the same with your workplace wellness challenge it benefits in two ways i.e.

  • First, it gives your employees a reason to give their best for completing the given health challenge and grab the reward as well as the top spot.

  • Secondly, as an employer, you get a meaningful employee reward strategy by delivering the joy of a healthy lifestyle to all your employees at the same time.

Always remember that for an effective wellness program, rewarding employees for their achievements is a must. It helps you set your employees on the right path and encourages them to turn it into a habit that will benefit them in the long run.

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7. Convenience

Another reason why you must implement your employee wellness program using a platform like this is because of the convenience. Corporate wellness platforms are cloud-based systems, and their services are rendered via digital mobile apps. This helps everyone in the organization to stay connected with the wellness programs anytime and anywhere.

8. Measuring the Effectiveness of your Employee Wellness Program

As an employer who is keen on investing in the wellness of your employees, you must be able to measure the effectiveness of your program accurately. And a corporate wellness platform facilitates you to do the same efficiently.

Most of these platforms come with an intuitive dashboard that displays all the necessary data enhancing your user experience. These include the participation rate, detailed insight into the progress made by each employee, rewards disbursed, and more. A combination of all these data puts you in a much comfortable position. It enables you to create a profound employee wellness program that benefits everyone.

Wrapping up

Workplace wellness has become a necessity for every employee, keeping in view the present-day situation. The ever-growing workload might seem to be a sign of progress, but it takes a toll on your employees' health.

It is your employees only who are responsible for producing great results and bring success to the organization. As such, it is important to keep them in good shape. And introducing wellness programs is one such effective way to ensure the same.

There are now a lot of corporate wellness companies like Vantage Circle with various customizable options. But the one thing that you should always look out for is how efficient and robust the platform is. Check if it meets your corporate wellness goals for your workforce. It is only then that you must implement one in your organization and give your employees a healthy work experience.

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