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Vantage Fit: A Complete Solution to your Employee Wellness Program

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Last Updated on 27 November, 2023

Where are you spending money on for employee wellness programs?

Are you rolling out gym memberships?

Or are you Providing healthcare packages or some on-site health campaigns?

How about an employee wellness app that solves this problem by being cost-effective at the same time? An app that lets you track your employees’ health, promotes engagement and offers incentives simultaneously.

Healthcare and wellness programs have become an important aspect of the present-day corporate industry. Why am I saying so? The corporate world has grown more competitive over the past few years. Employees’ are now dedicating more hours to their work without a thought for their own self. This can look very right from an HR’s point of view, but every good thing comes at a cost. And the price which you are bearing is your employees’ health.

Keeping up with the hectic schedule, your employees often miss out on looking after their health. The heat of this issue is severe and is usually felt when faced with severe physical and mental ailments.

Employees spend most of their waking hours at the office. As a result, illness, weight fluctuations, fatigue are becoming norms of corporate life, meaning more sick leaves and an overall decline in productivity.

With companies trying hard to maintain and retain the best of their workforce, corporate wellness programs are now seen as the most viable solution for it.

And since the entire world has gone mobile, having a well-crafted employee wellness app can help you to create a healthy and productive workforce.

The Solution

“Too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The answer is to make employee wellness program a business objective. Just like setting goals to improve the business like your company’s profit, include employee wellness in the list too.

In the end, an employee's well-being reflects in the face of better productivity and an undoubtful efficiency. Once a target is set, things become more streamlined for an organization to move ahead.

Research shows employees with access to a wellness program spend more on improving their health than workers who don’t have access.
(Source – SHRM 2018 Employee Benefits survey report)

Making sure that the employees are taking of their health is a big issue. In order to solve this, corporations often put in place various employee wellness program. But most programs fail to address the issue of wellness in the long run.

So if you ask me what the most feasible way to achieve a goal, in the long run, is, then the answer would be creating a habit.

Yes, Habit!

Forming habit to achieve long-term goals.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Ensuring lasting results for the long-term is only possible when the emphasis is on habit formation. You might wonder what habit has to do with an employee wellness program.

Every one of us has a habit, good or bad, and we tend to stick to it. In the context of an employee wellness program, adopting a healthy way of life on and off work is a plus factor. When employees create a habit to embrace health activities as a part of their work-life, the risk factor leading to various work-life ailments also decreases marginally.

Getting employees on board and encouraging them to take up a healthy habit may be cumbersome.

However, there are three mantras to achieve it, and we applied the same in our corporate fitness app.

Initiate a Trigger

Triggering your employees to get used to a healthy life involves a lot of effort, but isn’t impossible. With our customized approach and smooth design of the app, things can flow like a hot knife through butter.

First, we try to create health awareness among employees and motivate them with some easily achievable targets.

Maintain the routine

The second element of habit formation is maintaining a routine to keep things running on track. This is effectively done through constant in-app notifications and alerts. Once keeping up with good health becomes a part of the daily routine, there’s no looking back.


Third, every good habit adopted has its own rewards to keep things in the loop. Here also we have adopted the same principle. We have added in-app rewarding features and real-time analytics to quantify their health journey to cheer the employees.

Wait! There remains a bigger picture for getting the employees hooked. Humans are motivation-driven beings, and motivation doesn’t come easy. Varying challenges and experiences coupled with the taste of success is the key here.

Reward of the Tribe

We, humans, have the zeal for moving ahead of one another in every aspect of our lives. Moreover, when a goal is achieved on a social level, one feels more connected and important amongst all the others. The sense of gratification that comes from within after this itself creates a loop. The loop of never-ending motivation releasing dopamine drives one to push further and achieve goals much bigger than the previous.

Working to bring the same ideology for your employees, we devised a community-driven fitness program within our app. Here all the participants can participate in varying health programs and compete for the top spot in our in-app leaderboard. Likewise, when there’s a motive present that gives one recognition in front of all the others, repetition of the task becomes a routine.

Vantage Fit – An all-in-one Health App for your Employee Wellness Program

Keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of an employee wellness program, we designed Vantage Fit. Vantage Fit is a cloud-based mobile application that lets you track, complete challenges, log activities and much more.

It is an integrated employee wellness program bought by one single mobile application exclusively designed to suit today’s corporate health needs.

Why Do We Call it an Integrated Employee Wellness Program?

Vantage Fit not only helps incorporate a healthy lifestyle but also emphasizes employee engagement through various in-app tasks and challenges. It makes a perfect choice for employers to address all their employees’ wellness needs.

Be it a part of your team building activities, or letting them complete health task to get rewards, Vantage Fit is the perfect solution.

What Makes Vantage Fit Unique?

Vantage Fit is much more than a regular fitness or health app. The application has been custom made to fit in well with the modern-day corporate culture.

Three Points Which Make our Employee Wellness Application the Right Choice for Employers-

Prime Focus On Tackling Sedentary Lifestyle

Employees hardly leave their places while at work. They are the ones who are hit hard by physical ailments like backaches, joint pains, and more. Staying in the same place without any physical movement over long intervals freezes various body functions.

Traditional wellness initiatives like healthcare benefits, on-site health check-ups, etc., often end up with no effects on an employees' health.

Vantage Fit solves this issue by emphasizing habit creation through various in-app activities. These activities include aspects like drinking water, a healthy diet, nutrition management, etc.

Learn more: 9 Effective Ways To Combat A Sedentary Lifestyle


What if the employee isn’t using his/her gym membership? Or they're skipping the health campaigns?

From HR's perspective, it could be challenging to keep track of all these. At the same time, a waste of money too.

Companies taking care of their employees often end up spending a lot on various employee wellness programs. Gym memberships, healthcare perks, insurance covers are very common giveaways across multiple sectors of today’s economy. However, present-day technology has opened new avenues for cost-cutting across various tangible resources. We believed in the exact and combined wellbeing with cloud technology making it accessible from anywhere at any time.

Employee Wellness Program Weekly challenge

With in-app health activities, Vantage Fit enables employers to track their employees’ health. The wellness app has a unique 12-week health campaign. These campaigns constitute various health aspects like walking, running, yoga, nutritious intake, etc., which are necessary for the human body.

Since Vantage Fit is a cloud-based corporate health application, it helps organizations save big while executing employee wellness programs. And at the same time, it also helps improve employee health to a great extent.


Every champion deserves a reward. Here it’s your employees who have made it through the twelve weeks of rigorous office health challenges. They are the real champions.

Employee Wellness Program Incentivization

Keeping this fact in mind, we introduced Vantage Points, an in-app incentivization feature that lets employers reward their employees. These points are given out at the end of each week only if the employee completes the tasks ensuring the most cost-effective way to bring health to your employees.

Employee Wellness Program Point Redeem

Employees can then easily redeem these points as gift cards from a long list of popular brands and sites.

Can you sense the benefit here?

Instead of giving away gym benefits or any similar perks, you can engage them in a health task and incentivize only if they achieve their goal. A win-win for the employer who is saving on employee wellness expenses and the employees indulged in health activities to earn rewards.

Salient features of Vantage Fit:

Step Counter:


The app keeps track of every step you take throughout the day accurately. It is capable of showing you details brought down to hours every day of your best walk. Also, for better physical sync and tracking, the app can integrate with external devices like the Mi Band, Apple Watch, and other such devices with constant updates from time to time.

Calorie Tracker:

Employee Wellness Program Calorie Tracker

Ensuring a healthy diet is a must for achieving good health.

Vantage Fit lets you keep your diet on track with the inbuilt calorie tracker. The app takes in all the vital stats of your body before you get started and recommends the best calorie intake every day with the Log Meal feature.

Activity Tracker:

Employee Wellness Program Activity Tracker

Another added feature of the app is the activity tracker to track all your physical activities in real-time. You can start activities like walking, running, cycling and keep a better watch on your health. The app also has an added list of a wide range of cardiovascular, workout, sports activities. You can also log in the amount of time spend on various activities and improve your fitness.

Create Contest:

Employee Wellness Program contest

The app lets you create various health contests for your employees to inspire sportsmanship leading to a healthy work environment. The in-app leaderboard shows the details and the ranks of the leading competitors. This motivates all the other participants to up their game and grab the top spot.

Also, you can reward the employees with badges and trophies within the app to cheer up their achievements.

Health Risk Assessment:


Vantage Fit provides the feature for Health Risk Assessment. The app compiles a comprehensive health report for the employee by taking vital body stats like height, weight, age, blood pressure levels, etc. Based on that, an employee can easily assess his/her health and take measures to improve it. Also, an employee can set his/her own health goals like Be fitter/Lose Weight/Gain Muscles, and the app suggests the best way to achieve it.

Other Features Include:

7 Minute Workout, Green Score, HeartRate Monitor, MyDiary, Mood Tracker, Meal and Water intake reminders.


Vantage Fit is a mobile-first employee wellness app which gives an employer full flexibility over their employee wellness program. The employers can promote health in the workplace in the most cost-effective way possible. The app fits in perfectly for all sorts of workplaces and the size of the workforce. This indeed makes Vantage Fit the best alternative to conventional ways of ensuring employee wellness.

The app will be soon loaded with more features to ensure mental wellness for employees. Because we believe staying healthy is a lot more than just growing muscles.

Vantage Fit is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to bring health to your workplace and rise high with enhanced productivity.

Working as a SEO Analyst and Content Marketer at Vantage Circle, Angshuman always stays curious and is passionate about learning new things. Got any question? Drop a mail at editor@vantagecircle.com

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