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How A Corporate Health Coach Help In Employee Engagement

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Last Updated on 21 May, 2021

A corporate wellness program aims to encourage the general well-being of employees for stable work culture. Often the targeted plans fall short due to a lack of guidance and motivation. Hence, knowing what a health coach plays a vital role in increasing the effectiveness employee engagement program.

Across all sectors, implementing employee wellness programs has become a mandatory affair.

A survey by Harvard Business Review says that 79% of employees who enrolled were satisfied with programs. An ultimate wellness program fosters a healthy workforce also helps in lowering healthcare costs for the business.

It seems like a win-win strategy, right?

Indeed this plan would work if only the employers successfully engaged their employees to be part of the program.

Only implementing a wellness program won't work!

Health Coaching gives an edge to the purpose of wellness programs in recent times. In the quest for a perfect solution for better employee engagement, companies are now shifting their focus to regularly hiring certified Health Coaches.

It doesn't matter whether you're unfamiliar with Health Coaching or its demand in business. I will help you understand the significance of this process.

Let's dive right in.

What is a Health Coach in the Business Sector?

Coaching is the overall development of a learner supported by an expert person called a Coach. Health Coaching deals with evidence-based practices to help gain zeal and activity among their clients.

A Health and Wellness Coach is a certified professional trained to perform health coaching in various sectors.

In the business sector, corporate health coaches play a vital role in bridging the gap between employers and their employees. They become the wellness authority who supports throughout an employee journey.

They focus on employees one by one, study them, and prepare personalized training. Psychological therapy, motivational interviews, wellness vision, clinical study, and goal orientation are among their well-known aspects.

How Health Coaches Increases Employee Engagement?

Investment in the health of the employees creates a positive outlook for your company. Offering Health and Wellness Coaching boosts the morale of employees for your organization.

Establishing solid relationships with the employees plays a vital role in their health outcomes too. It, in turn, builds a rapport of trust and reliability among the employees and coach.

Health Coaches use a motivational interviewing process to boost the communication gap of dis-engaged employees. It characterizes conducting internal motivational factors and core principles. It helps in the self-identification of the employees' values and interests. Finally, allowing them to tailor their self-paced plans.

Besides inspiring employees, health coaches guide high-performing goals. They also help the employees meet different agendas of the entire wellness programs provided by their company.

Why Should Employers Hire Them?

Hectic schedules and work burnouts left the employees needing special attention towards health and well-being. It's becoming a tough call for employers to engage their employees. Thus health coaches come as a great help, easing the entire wellness process.

The perfect balance of customization and holistic approach makes the health coaches well sought after in recent times. They conduct one-on-one sessions that help employees to achieve specific health outcomes.

Be it weight loss regime, stress management, diabetes management, or any other common health goals; health coaches are competent to meet the needs of your employees.

According to data insights by Business Group on Health, MNC's predict that their healthcare cost would rise to $15,375 per employee in 2020.

This rise in healthcare costs alarms every other employer to seek better and efficient alternatives. Hence hiring a health coach proves beneficial by bringing down the price.

Even though few other questions gained notice like: How do health coaches ace the progress of companies?

To know, we have to consider their contribution in various sectors as there are several benefits of providing health coaches to your corporate wellness programs.
Here I have listed the top five benefits to gain your attention.

5 Benefits for Providing Health Coach within Your Organisation

1. Employees are less prone to high-risk diseases

Obesity, lack of nutrition, poor sleep habits, etc., can cause significant severity to many chronic diseases. It advocates the importance of individual attention to solving the lifestyle issues of employees at an early stage.

Offering health coaching proved beneficial in many organizations.

A report by WebMD depicts that

  • 72.6% of high risk and 61.6% of moderate-risk health issues improved after health coaching sessions.

  • Coaching completers save healthcare costs by $507/person per year.

Hence it has reported a significant loss of high-risk diseases among the employees. It also gives a clear sign of high company values showing support to the employees' health.

2. Encourages Participation Ratio

Often employees are unfamiliar with the benefits of their wellness plan.

Spreading the word of various rewards and recognition can encourage participation ratio.

Health coaches can become the mediator on behalf of the employers'. It helps to convey the proper use of the programs in a more personal manner.

3. Enhance Employee Productivity

Decreasing employee productivity affects the company on a large scale. Productivity determines both mental and physical aspects. A crucial role of communication can help in understanding the hidden issues.

Personalized engagement sessions may encourage better communication with employees. Proper consultation of health coaches helps to solve issues of stress and office burnouts. Taking care of your employees can let them connect well with their job. employee productivity.

4. Becomes a Catalyst for Your Employees

The commitment to a better workforce remains a challenge for modern companies. Often employees lack motivation for the assigned job. Several cases of commitment issues may degrade the outcomes of the entire organization.

On this front, the health and wellness coaches become the voices of the employees. It helps in gathering feedback that creates concern regardless of personal or professional.

5. Well versed with the latest trends

Health and Wellness coaches are well versed with the latest trend and technology in the industry.

The application of advanced technology helps health coaches to connect with employees at significant levels. They may use Nutrition and Fitness trackers to track employee activeness in real-time.

Vantage Fit is a dedicated employee health and wellness platform. It includes an advanced and easy-to-use dashboard. Creating health contests, Health Insights, and Metrics are among its top features.


Health coaching has remarkable benefits in employee health and well-being; furthermore, it helps curate extra-economic burdens. Evidence of a positive impact of self-efficacy, skill enhancement proves that it gives elevated employee engagement.

Now I'd like to hear from you:

Which point convinced you of the idea of hiring a health coach?
Let me know by leaving a comment below right now!

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact

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