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What is Mushroom Coffee & Should You Opt it Over Your Regular Coffee?

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Last Updated on 05 June, 2023

Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks. Statistics suggest that at least 3 out of 4 Americans consume coffee daily. And about 68 percent of Americans brew coffee at home daily.

The caffeine kick you get on sipping your first cup of joe for the day is exhilarating. If you are a coffee lover, you should be able to relate to what I am talking about! Moreover, working people are also known to depend on caffeine.

In fact, coffee is said to be a staple beverage in any American workplace. The obvious answer is that drinking coffee boosts productivity at work and is a mood booster. Coffee is no less than an emotion for employees. Without it, starting the first task of the day at work seems daunting.

A bunch of us are so inclined to drink coffee at work that we are often ready to look the other way when someone starts to talk about the negative side effects of caffeine.

Anyway, I am not here to talk to you about the regular cup of coffee today. Rather, I will be shedding light on a different type of coffee - Mushroom Coffee. Yes! As the title mentions, you will learn about mushroom coffee and whether you should ditch your regular coffee for this one.

The concept of consuming mushroom coffee is booming all over the internet. Some are cringing over the fact that there is a coffee containing mushroom extracts, while others are intrigued. I, for instance, was flabbergasted when I first came across the term.

So, if you are raising eyebrows and saying, “What an abomination,” you are not alone.

Irrespective of what we feel, since mushroom coffee is causing a wave, it is essential to learn all about this drink.

So, with that thought in mind, I have curated this blog, where you will find out what exactly mushroom coffee is, whether it is a newly discovered beverage or is it a thing of the past, its pros and cons, popular mushroom coffee brands, and lots more.

This blog only provides a gist of what is mushroom coffee. Any individual who intends to try out this drink is requested to consult a deitician.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

At this point, if you vividly imagine a cup of brown-colored drink with cut-up mushrooms in it, I don’t blame you. But mushroom coffee is not exactly what you are imagining.

This odd-sounding beverage actually comprises two ingredients - ground mushroom powder and coffee beans. As far as the taste of mushroom coffee is concerned, it is said to have a somewhat similar taste to your regular or instant coffee.

Also, some say this beverage carries the earthy texture of mushrooms in small amounts, along with the goodness of coffee beans. Essentially, the flavor and texture, infact, varies based on the content of the mushroom coffee.

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What Type Of Mushrooms Are Used In This Drink?

Mushroom coffee doesn’t consist of the mushroom we eat with our meals. On the other hand, this beverage comprises medicinal mushrooms such as Lion’s mane, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey’s tail, Cordyceps, and such.

If you are wondering, “what coffee beans do the manufacturers use,” it varies. For instance, a popular Finnish coffee brand, “Four Sigmatic,” uses arabica coffee beans for their very own Sigmatic mushroom coffee product.

Origins Of Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee has been making rounds on the internet, turning out to be a viral or trending drink. Nevertheless, its origin can be traced back to the time of World War II in Finland. It was in the 1940s when the second world war was declared, wreaking havoc on over 70 countries.

In between all the chaos, people witnessed a shortage of several food items, including coffee beans. The Finnish people then improvised and came up with the idea of using mushrooms as a substitute for coffee beans.

Additionally, Tero Isokauppila, the founder of Four Sigmatic, disclosed in an interview that his grandparents formulated the idea of substituting Chaga mushrooms for coffee beans during World War II in Finland. Apart from Chaga, people experimented with other additives like roasted rye to replace coffee.

It is worth noting that Four Sigmatic mostly uses Chaga mushrooms as an additive instead of a base.

When the Civil War occurred, Americans witnessed the rise of okra seed coffee due to the shortage of coffee beans.

The Caffeine Affair Of Corporate Employees

Since medicinal mushrooms are used in mushroom coffee, this drink is said to have certain health benefits. Now, this could be a piece of good news for corporate employees who are heavy coffee drinkers at work. A section of working individuals have a love-hate relationship with coffee. It is something that even I can relate to.

Here is why. You have got to drink the first cup of coffee to kick start the day in the office. This is a much needed booster, especially when experiencing the winter blues or Monday blues.

After this, you get the craving for some caffeine content sometime around the afternoon, like after lunch. The craving may again arise sometime in the evening before leaving work.

This is just a culmination of what a regular working day looks like for a coffee lover. In between all the work and coffee drinking, many people, including me, often forget how caffeine affects the body.

Consuming too much coffee is seen to develop a number of health issues. I’m sure you are aware of some of them, such as insomnia, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, and reduced ability to concentrate.

It is pretty ironic if you think about it. We drink coffee to boost our work performance and feel lively. But too much caffeine content only does the opposite of what we desire - it makes us feel groggy and cranky.

So, mushroom coffee may be a good choice if you want to enjoy the magic of coffee beans but stay away from the extreme side effects of caffeine. Here are some health benefits that you should consider before trying this drink.

Some mushroom coffee brands don’t use coffee beans at all, while some keep the caffeine content minimum or the same as regular coffee.

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Potential Health Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms that we consume in the form of food are touted to have miraculous health benefits. And since mushrooms with medicinal properties are used in mushroom coffee, this particular drink may hold the key to a healthier body. Here are some insights about this coffee that may intrigue you:

1. It May Promote a Better Immune System

The medicinal mushroom in this specially concocted coffee is said to have immunity-boosting effects. As we all know, a better immune system means lesser chances of falling sick, which in turn means less absenteeism at the workplace.

2. You May Have A Better Sleep

Mushroom coffee may help reduce stress levels. And when your body is relaxed, your sleep cycle remains unaffected, and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. As a result, you will attain great work productivity levels.

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3. It May Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer has become a commonly occurring disease. With still no proper cure for this fatal disease, the best you can do is prevent it. While there are numerous preventive measures, Lion’s mane, Chaga, and Reishi mushrooms used in mushroom coffee are known to possess anti-cancer-causing components.

4. It Contains Low Caffeine Content

Many of you might ask, what is the point of drinking coffee if it has less caffeine? But as I mentioned earlier, too much caffeine negatively affects your body and mind. Hence, mushroom coffee is good to go if you want to reduce your caffeine intake.

One cup of mushroom coffee usually contains 45 to 90 milligrams of caffeine. One cup of regular coffee contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine.

5. It May Reduce Inflammation

The mushrooms used in this specific type of coffee are believed to carry adaptogenic properties. It means these mushrooms may boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, safeguarding you from the probability of any chronic disorders.

Moreover, experts have done limited yet bona fide studies on these mushrooms. The results confirm these shrooms may be key to inhibiting cancer cells.

6. It May Be Good For Your Cardiac Health

Studies confirm the Reishi extracts which are used here may have the ability to lower bad cholesterol in your blood. Regulating cholesterol levels is directly proportional to having a healthy heart.

Now, this is a point that every working individual should consider, given the rise in sedentary lifestyles. Health experts point out that sitting excessively for a job or any other reason increases the possibility of developing heart disease. They urge employees with a sitting job to stand up after 30 minutes and increase their intake of heart-healthy foods, etc.

While at this topic, it is worth noting that we must calculate our calorie intake daily to maintain a healthy heart. The question here is, how do you calculate your calories? This is where health-tracking apps come in handy for you.

Such apps allow you to feed the details of your daily meal. Once you enter your food details, the apps are designed to calculate the calories and related nutrients. One such health tracking that may interest you is the Vantage Fit.

Here is a snippet of Vantage Fit, displaying how many calories you consume in a meal.

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7. It May Boost Your Memory

There was a time when only very elderly people faced the trouble of poor memory. Nowadays, even young adults experience memory loss. One common instance almost every young person will relate to is - While conversing with someone, if another person interrupts in between, you may momentarily forget what you were talking about.

If you have nodded your head, then you are not alone. However, to avoid such situations from recurring, experts often suggest consuming foods to boost your memory. Medicinal mushrooms used in Mushroom Coffee are believed to be one such memory-boosting food.

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Mushroom Coffee?

Researchers have indeed claimed this strange coffee drink has certain health benefits upto a certain extent. However, this one-of-a-kind beverage needs further detailed studies to understand its pros and cons healthwise.

Also, experts discourage its consumption if you are under any type of medication or have a certain health problem. In such cases, it is wise to consult with a health professional.

Mushroom coffee may be an alternative drink in case you have an intolerance for caffeine but love to drink coffee from time to time. But proceed with caution.

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Best Mushroom Coffee Brands in 2023

Here are some of the most preferred mushroom brands that you may try:

  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee
  • MUD\WTR Mushroom Based Coffee
  • Ryze Mushroom Coffee
  • Califia Mushroom Coffee
  • Rheal Shrrom Coffee
  • Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee
  • Rasa Original Mushroom Coffee

How To Make Mushroom Coffee?

You can prepare mushroom coffee just like a regular cup of coffee. You can even add creamers and sugar as per your requirement and taste.

Some of the mushroom extracts used to create mushroom powder have a bitter taste naturally, like that of coffee beans. Others have an earthy or nutty texture.

Other than the commercial mushroom coffee blends, people are also making their own mushroom coffee from scratch. Because the concept of Do-It-Yourself is always the best to regulate the taste of your drink. More than the taste, DIY mushroom coffee is much more cost-effective.

DIY Mushroom Coffee Blend

First of all, collect the medicinal mushrooms of your choice. Dehydrate the shrooms, grind them, and store them in an airtight container.

Coming to the coffee part, you can purchase the regular coffee powder that you prefer. To brew the drink, take half a teaspoon of coffee powder and half a teaspoon of coffee powder. Add sugar and milk as required, and viola, your mushroom coffee is ready to go.

Final Word

To be honest, on hearing the term “Mushroom Coffee” for the very first time, any person will say, “What on earth is this?”. Coming to the part about whether you should try this drink, I say yes, unless until you are taking a certain medication or have a chronic disorder.

Anyway, it is better to consult with your dietician or physician about your interest in trying mushroom coffee. If you get a green signal, then you are good to go.

Mushroom coffee has the potential to become a better coffee alternative for those who want to avoid caffeine. But till the researchers do further studies about this drink, let’s try to consume it with care.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does mushroom coffee taste like?

According to consumers, mushroom coffee almost tastes like your daily coffee. Due to the presence of mushroom powder, you may get a different earthy, nutty, or bitter taste.

2. Does mushroom coffee have caffeine?

Yes, most mushroom coffee contains caffeine. Some mushroom coffee brands, however, don’t add coffee beans at all. The answer simply varies from brand to brand.

3. Is mushroom coffee good for you?

Generally speaking, based on limited research, mushroom coffee may be good for you. As a well-wisher, I recommend you to consult with a health professional first before consuming.

4. What is the best mushroom coffee?

Some of the best mushroom coffee brands you can try are Ryze Mushroom Coffee, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, MUD\WTR Mushroom Coffee, and Rasa Original Mushroom Coffee.

This article is written by Supriya Singh who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Writing is how she keeps her creative side ignited. An avid dog lover. Loves to cook and binge watch TV shows. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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