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The Positive Aspects Of Taking A Winter Walk

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Last Updated on 19 July, 2022

As the temperatures fall and the fog sets in, many avid walkers are faced with the dilemma of whether to head outside for a brisk walk or remain warm inside on the treadmill or track. It only makes sense that you would want to curl up in your warm, cozy home.

Nevertheless, winter is a time of loads of festivities and calories to burn from Thanksgiving to Christmas dinners and cookies.

And what is more motivating than to get rid of those extra belly fats and slip into trainers or boots instead of your fuzzy slippers?

Let's learn more in this article about not letting cold weather stop you from walking.

Steps To Prepare Before Taking A Walk During Winters


Walking offers the advantage of getting to know your neighborhood by visiting parks, trails, paths, and footbridges that you would not normally notice if you stayed inside.

Winter walks, like any other exercise or activity, are more enjoyable when you are adequately prepared. You must also keep an eye on the potential hazards and problems you may encounter. It is therefore wise to prepare before setting out on your walk.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow To Enjoy Your Winter Walks Without Any Bumps-

  • Wear a waterproof and windproof coat to keep yourself dry and warm.

  • Wear the right kind of shoes that has a better grip and is insulated.

  • Wear thick and well-insulated thermals underneath to keep those frost bites at bay.

  • When heading out, wear a scarf/muffler or cap or even gloves to keep your body temperature at a level.

U.S Department of Health and Human Service suggest that adults should get 150minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week for a better lifestyle.

A Better Way To Commute To Work


Walking is the most simple and inexpensive way to commute. It is also a great way to get a little extra exercise during your day.

Winters are already lazy but taking a walk can really help you burn those extra holiday calories and jumpstart your metabolism for the day. You can even justify those guilt treats and Christmas cookies.

It also improves your mental health and reduces workplace stress, so gives you an edge to hustle with more endorphins. Further, it also prepares you for a day of sitting at your desk.

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Introducing The Concept Of Walkathon At Your Workplace

Whether you're an employee or an employer, staying fit is the same. It's all about corporate wellness right now, and what could be better than a walkathon at work?

  • It can be so beneficial to take part in a walkathon.

  • You can switch your winter walks into a more fun one by participating in a walkathon.

  • It’s an easy physical activity that comes with many health benefits.

  • By participating in it, you also get an extra boost of a sense of community. You are more motivated to take the walk as there’s a common goal.

  • You will be motivated to bond with your colleagues again by the expectation and reward.

  • Once you start doing it for 30 minutes every day, it'll become a habit, which is again a win-win for you.

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Benefits Of Winter Walks


You can reap a lot of benefits by walking alone, whether they are physical, mental, or social. Additionally, it is the most efficient and economical way to commute and exercise.

But you don’t need to wait for the ice to defrost to get on those trails or wait for the summer for a hike.

Winters surprisingly can turn out to be the best time to take those strolls or walks seriously. With all the Thanksgiving dinner and festive cookies, it’s kind of a necessity to get back in shape or stay fit. Burning calories can be a much easier option with walking than hopping on a treadmill.

According to a study in the American Journal of Human Biology, found that 34% more calories are burnt in winter than in summer.

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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Taking A Winter Walk

  • Winter walks are the best calories burners. It is also good for your overall health.

  • A winter walk offers a refreshing change of pace

  • The invigorating cold air helps to clear your mind and reduce stress.

  • It is a great mood booster and you can benefit a lot of mental well being from a walk during winter as cold air releases endorphins

  • It is also good for the heart as with more calories burning up, your heart also has to pump faster to get the blood flowing. it also keeps the body temperature in check.

  • It is also a great way to soak in all the vitamin D that the body needs for strong and healthy bones.

  • It freshens up the sense and helps to get the body chemicals boosting to your brain.

  • Again walking itself offers cognitive benefits. It improves to retain memory in old age.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that walking for 30 minutes a day is more effective than antidepressants.

How To Choose The Right Shoes For Winter Walks


Choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial to your daily winter walks. Winter is all about harsh weather conditions, so being extra careful never hurts.

It's easy to break a hip or break a leg with a single slip. Hence, shoes that are well insulated and have an appropriate grid are the best.

Here Are Some Of The Winter Shoes That You Can Pick For Your Next Walk-

  • Wellies

  • Winter gumboots

  • Snow boots

  • Non-Slip rubber boots

  • Waterproof boots

  • Leather boots

Summing It Up

“This winter don’t let your brain fog up.”

If you've enjoyed this article, I hope you're inspired to get out of your comfort zone this winter and do something healthy. Feel the icy cold wind gently kiss your face as you walk through the icy tree branches.

This article is written by Neha Yasmin who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. A selenophile with a penchant for discovering great meals and drinks. Is a self-proclaimed binge racer with a knack for cooking in her spare time. For queries, reach out to

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