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11 Fun Ways To Destress With these Workplace Comedies

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Last Updated on 10 February, 2023

“Laughter is the best medicine.” However, this is something that we have heard at least once but never preached. Dentists have advised patients to laugh every day to reduce tension and pain. It's also a contagious way to add happiness.

And, there has never been a greater need for more laughter to balance the stress many employees experience in today's workplace. Because we often forget to even smile, let alone laugh, due to these never-ending deadlines.

But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves or laugh during the weekend and relieve all the stress from work.

Many of us prefer to spend less time at our workplaces. Yet we eagerly anticipate spending time seeing offices on the small screen. Since the beginning of television, workplace comedies have been a staple source of comedy.

This article discusses how watching workplace sitcoms or other sitcoms can help boost creativity and lessen stress.

Workplace Humour and Health

Picture a normal day at work, and you are swamped with work. Clients are making constant changes, the meetings are never-ending, and you must submit the report before EOD.

Tired of just listening? Well, that's how a typical day of a nine-to-fiver goes by. In between all these, you obviously get super stressed and restless. And you eagerly wait for the weekend to arrive.


So, watching one or two episodes of a workplace comedy will make you look at your situations differently. You will feel calm inside, and laughing will relax your muscles.

It will benefit not only you but also the people around you. Because the team's mood and morale greatly impact the health of a workplace. You can cheer up your colleagues' moods if you are positive.

Everyone understands the value of letting a deep belly laugh take over. And yet, as we get older, we laugh less and less. But it's time we take humor seriously and understand its value in the workplace.

Humor in the workplace can promote a positive work environment by easing tension, uniting the team, and keeping issues in perspective. And to ensure that all employees feel respected and valued, it is crucial to use humor respectfully and professionally. If used correctly, comedy may be an excellent method to increase productivity and enjoyment and reduce stress at work.

Now, of course, you can hold comedy shows at work during the weekend and go for a fun ride, but that won’t be the case every weekend. So, for the lowkey weekends, you can binge-watch all these workplace sitcoms at your convenience and relieve stress.

Benefits of Having a Humor-Filled Weekend

Having a fun-filled and humorous weekend with family or friends or even solo is what we all crave. Though there are many ways to relieve stress and have a fun weekend, let's try this with all those shows mentioned below.


But before proceeding further, let's look at why you should have a humor-filled weekend and how it helps you.

  1. Reduce stress: Despite facing the same challenges at work, people with a good sense of humor report less stress and anxiety than those with a poor sense of humor.

  2. Reduces burnout: Humor has also been found to be a communication tool that can help people stay energized and resilient under pressure.

  3. Boosts the ability to cope: People's ability to cope with difficult or possibly dangerous events is boosted when they can turn a negative emotion into a positive one by finding comedy in the situation.

  4. Humor boosts immunological function: Laughter boosts the immune system by preventing the production of stress hormones like cortisol and enhancing the release of immune enhancers like beta-endorphin.

  5. Helps muscles relax: Muscles are relaxed by humor, blood pressure is lowered, and our immune systems are strengthened.

  6. Helps you lose weight: The amount of calories burned by 100 laughs equals 10 minutes on a stationary bike.

  7. Makes people happier: One of the healthiest adjustments to happiness in life was humor. Laughing makes you release dopamine which helps in improving motivation, focus, and learning.

  8. Laughter Enhances Memory: You might be surprised to learn that comedy also has significant advantages for the brain. Laughter enhances memory retention. You'll remember a truth better if it's presented with appropriate comedy.

Listed below are our favorite workplace comedies of all time from television. So let’s check them out.

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11 Workplace Comedies For You

While working with difficult coworkers can be terrible, seeing other people struggle to get along at work is frequently comic gold.


Not just The Office but also Scrubs, Parks and Recreation, and Mythic Quest are among the most favored programs among viewers. This list includes my all-time favorite shows, which can now be yours too.

1. The Office

Where else would we begin? The American adaptation of "The Office" has become a cultural phenomenon of epic proportions, while we will still praise the original British version.


"The Office" is a fictional paper company named "Dunder Mifflin Paper Company" in Scranton. The show focuses on the entire primary cast and unique personalities.

There hasn't been another parody of the workplace setting that has been as well received as this one. The show follows the same mockumentary format as the original show, "The Office." Unsurprisingly, one of the most discussed office comedies is still The Office.

2. Scrubs

In many ways, Scrubs was a significant sitcom. It emphasizes the staff of sacred heart hospital and their occasional complex interaction, which significantly impacted later comedies. But in addition to being influential, it's among the funniest and, at times, most heartwarming sitcoms ever produced.


A workplace with such unique problems and tensions seems a risky option initially. But, Scrubs uses it to great effect. The quick-witted jokes and J.D.'s famous daydreams add lightness, making it enjoyable. Even though the show's finale was almost ten years ago, many fans still connect with its heart.

3. 30 Rock

Tina Fey gave her all when she created "30 Rock". Although in terms of quality, "The Girlie Show" isn't exactly "Saturday Night Live," it is a show about creating a sketch comedy program.


It doesn't matter if Liz Lemon is sparring with Jack Donaghy or attempting to control Tracy and Jenna—"30 Rock" was a funny machine that made us laugh more than anyone ever did from "TGS."

4. Abbott Elementary

Abbot Elementary is a critically acclaimed new sitcom that has become one of the most intriguing new shows in recent years. The show uses a mockumentary format to examine the lives of the teachers and students at the namesake elementary school.


In just 13 episodes, the fictional school was able to leave a lasting impression. Despite its limited resources and with a rich cast of characters, the show surely made some noise.

It is focused on endearingly idealistic second-grade teacher Janine Teagues, played by the show's creator Quinta Brunson. Her idealism ultimately causes her to clash with the school's administrator from the first episode.

Instead of going down the cynical path, the sitcom concentrates on a core group of instructors who care about teaching. It's because of their hearts that it's difficult not to adore the program.

5. Mythic Quest

It is a fictional video game studio that makes the titular MMORPG. It is run by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney. There are some parallels between the show and its other comedies. Mythic Quest stands out thanks to its positive outlook and sympathetic characters.


Although it might not be the kind of workplace, many people might relate. The odd employees and arrogant bosses contribute to the show's realism. That doesn't mean the program doesn't explore much of the strangeness that might accompany such a peculiar setting. Video game enthusiasts will also find enough to giggle at, making the Apple TV+ series entertaining.

6. Cheers

The classic old Cheers has a special place in our hearts. Cheers is undoubtedly a unique sitcom since it is rare to still be hilarious and relevant 40 years after its original airing. The iconic comedy stars Ted Danson as Sam Malone, a known womanizer, and bartender. It is set at the titular real-life Boston pub, depicting the workplace as authentic.


Because of the popularity of Cheers, it lasted for 11 seasons and became one of America's all-time favorite series. It's plausible that the sitcom landscape, let alone the workplace sitcoms that followed it, would be considerably different.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Workplace comedies include cop comedies. There have been many sitcoms set in the realm of the police, including "Barney Miller" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."


This award-winning sitcom's Brooklyn police station is the ideal location for comedy. The show uses a police procedural aesthetic, adopts all the clichés associated with this genre, and finds humor in each one. The best parts are found in the precinct's office setting, even if there is considerable action.

One example of the show's highlight is the connections between Andy Samberg and Mellisa Fumero. While the former is a smart but sluggish detective protagonist, the other is the no-nonsense captain of the precinct. Both of these characters serve as the strongest point of the show.

8. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation, created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, astonished everyone by becoming a cherished show all on its own.


The Indiana parks department's inspiration offers the perfect backdrop for biting humor and an assortment of flawed yet fascinating people. Leslie Knope, the show's lively core character, frequently runs across bureaucratic barriers but never gives up because Parks and Recreation have an authenticity that appeals to both reviewers and viewers.

9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is a show about "The Gang" (Mac Rob Mcelhenney, Dennis Glenn Howerton, Charlie, Dee, and Frank Danny Devito), who manages Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia.


The gang of miscreants who like nothing more than to plan, coordinate, and, most of all, take pleasure in each other's suffering. The gang can stoop too low to make money. They range from playing the welfare system, pretending to be disabled, posing as police officials, or faking funerals. Given the little work, the five of them accomplish and the numerous unsuccessful money-making schemes they attempt.

10. Better off, Ted

Better Off Ted goes even further and satirizes life working in the R&D department of an evil megacorporation. The show shows blatant contempt for even the lives of its employees. All of the humor is dead on, from the sharp suits to how everyone speaks as though they're in a commercial.


The show's main character Ted Crisp, played by Jay Harrington, frequently breaches the fourth wall, but this doesn't add a realistic "mockumentary" element; instead, it emphasizes how everything the corporation does is unsettling. Even though Better Off Ted's second season was canceled, streaming sites have maintained the show's popularity.

11. Superstore

America Ferrera and Ben Feldman play employees at a fictitious chain store called Cloud 9 in the sitcom. Throughout its run, it generated a lot of laughter with its simple premise. Although the show's first season received mixed reviews, it eventually found its footing as the characters grew.


There are several recurring side characters in the shape of the business's more temporary employees and its intermediate managers. They bring out some of the funniest moments, in addition to the main cast, which includes some important individuals at the store.

It's a show that's difficult to detect, which greatly contributed to its appeal even though many people wouldn't have anticipated it to be that popular.


Laughter can improve your physical, psychological, and social well-being and make you feel good. You can add more humor to your life by seeking out occasions to laugh. Find the things that make you happy and laugh, whether it's your favorite comedy show or a funny TikTok.

Comedy shows about the workplace have existed for ages. While some of these shows are shockingly true, others are impossible to occur in real life. But watching them is a total treat.

An enjoyable weekend serves as a motivator for mental health. You may then bring your best self to the workplace environment.

Having a comic break on the weekends gets you ready to go back to work and improves your output in terms of interactions too. Because of this rejuvenation, you can finish your tasks more accurately and with fewer errors. Employee productivity boosts benefits everyone, from employers to customers.

This article is written by Daina Barman who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. Besides being an epicure trying to cook every dish possible, she likes to dance her way around everything. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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