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Mood Meters : A New Corporate Health And Wellness Initiative

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Published on 05 December, 2020

A core element of emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and express one's emotions. The first aspect of EI is knowing your emotions. It is important to be aware of what you are feeling at any given time. Knowing your emotions in the present allows you to manage yourself.

A mood meter app can help you keep track of your emotional intelligence at work and know more about your mood every day.

Your daily life is greatly influenced by having a good mood. Corporate worlds can also benefit from this principle. The world of competition and hustle calls for undue workplace stress, and for you to thrive in it, you must maintain a positive attitude. At the end of the day, your mood will help you remain optimistic.

A good mood keeps you happy, optimistic, easy to gel well with others, function well mentally, etc. So, it is imperative to be in touch with your moods and how the things around you affect them. For this very reason, it has become such an important thing to increase the usage of mood meter apps globally.

So, what is this mood meter, and how can it help your corporation/organization?

What is the Mood Meter?


A Mood Meter is a tool that helps you ascertain the mood a person is experiencing at any moment. Generally, these meters obtain this result by a series of questions. In short, it gives an overview of the prevailing emotional state of a person. Vantage Fit's mood meter is a catalyst for understanding your emotions in real-time.

In this regard, the mood meter joints certain emotions into different categories to evaluate your mental state. These categories are mainly colors that define a specific mood you are experiencing. These colors are:

  • RED: Indicates negative emotions implying unpleasantness ( e.g., angry, depressed, anxious, or scared).

  • PINK: Denotes a lack of energy (e.g., sadness, disappointment, and aloofness).

  • PEACH: Okay, implying not great (e.g., recovering from something or dealing with it ).

  • YELLOW: Good, but not too energetic (e.g., calm, relaxed, high in spirit).

  • GREEN: High energy and a positive attitude (e.g., positive emotions).

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Now, you may wonder what the advantages of knowing this about oneself are. In brief, there are many advantages, and here are a few of these.

Aim Of Using A Mood Meter For Employees Overall Well-being

The Vantage Fit App has a mood meter that enables you to develop emotional awareness muscles. This tool is intended to help you improve your employees' emotional intelligence and expand their emotional vocabulary, become competent on your own, and be more in touch with your emotions.

Benefits Of Using A Mood Meter For Employees

Feelings are vital; if left unrecognized, they can become a problem. Negative feelings should not be ignored, while positives must be encouraged. For an employee, it becomes a difficult task to maintain records of their daily emotions.

Sometimes, negligence can escort a series of unwanted events and emotions too. Furthermore, affecting health and wellness at both personal and professional levels.

Here are a few of the advantages of using a mood meter at your office:

1. Builds And Strengthens Emotional Awareness

By using the App, you encourage your employees to examine their current emotions every day. You can get the answer to the most frequent question like, “what is the current mental state of the workforce?

You would be more aware of the mental state of the workforce by keeping a track of the overall mood score. This habit urges you to check in with yourselves and ask, ‘is this where I want to be?’.

2. Helps To Build An Emotional Vocabulary

The vantage fit app’s mood meter feature displays a variety of emotions which will help you to what you are feeling with more depth and accuracy than you might otherwise be not able to accomplish. It helps you identify if your workers suffer from constant bad moods, which can signify workplace depression.

3. Helps To Keep A Record Of Your Employee's Happiness Index

As your employee becomes accustomed to using the feature, they become more aware of their emotional patterns. They can see when and why they may have felt a certain way. This allows them to adjust these trends over time. It also helps them to deal with anger management issues by being more aware of the cause.

Some more benefits of incorporating the usage of mood meters as part of your wellness program -

  • It helps you ascertain if your workers are suffering from constant bad moods, which can signify depression.

  • What is the current mental state of the workforce?

  • How certain events in the workforce or the system brings about a mood change in the office.

  • Helps deal with anger management tevhniques.

  • Cultivate positive thinking and emotions at the workplace.

  • Assess how certain moods affect productivity.

  • Makes workers aware of their emotional resilience and mental health.

  • Promotes a wellness culture in the workplace.

Understanding these things can help you maintain your employee health at excellent levels.

Therefore, the use of a mood meter is highly recommended in the current day and age. Now, the question arises as to how do you use a mood meter?

Use of Mood Meters in Employee Mood Survey

One of the common ways to use this is through an Employee Mood Survey.

1. Morning and Evening Deployment


The first step is to choose a mood meter from the many options available on the market, such as the Vantage Fit app. You can get the free tools or the ones with a paid subscription. Select the one that works best for you and deploy it to the workforce two times a day.

By this, we mean that you should forward the link to your worker's systems every morning and evening. Using this meter two times a day will help you understand how a day progressed for your worker in terms of mood.

2. Entry by Workers


After deployment of the link, ask your workers to enter their details. Mood meters work by asking a few questions to the users about their current state. By analyzing the input of the workers, the tool ascertains the mood an individual is experiencing. It will help workers understand their emotional state better at the workplace.

3. Spot the Trends


After the entry in the mornings and evening, try to spot the trend in your workforce's mood. It may be that the mood at the start of the day can be bleak, but as the day progresses, it may pick up. Understanding this trend will help you know how to handle situations.

For example, say you have news that may hurt the workforce. Here, convey the information when the office's mood is at its best for workers to process it with a clear head.

4. Suggest Measures to Improve


Once you can spot the trend, it is time for you to analyze the reasons behind the cause. Here, you must also search for ways in which you can better the situation for your workers. You can sit down in an informal lunch and learn session and discuss how to improve the situation and implement it with the workforce.

5. Follow Up


After you take the steps above, you should follow up on the newly-devised plan and measure the results. If you can see better moods, then you have a winning strategy at hand. If the results are not satisfactory, you must go back to the drawing board and start over with new plans.

These are how a mood meter can help you understand and maximize your workforce's emotional state. In this regard, we can help you a bit more in the upkeep of your office moods.

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Vantage Fit- An Employee Wellness and Corporate Wellness Platform

The Vantage Fit mood meter helps employees to keep track of their daily moods. It has a great influence on employees' behavioral health. Employees can easily deal with challenging attitudes when they have this system in place. Furthermore, it is one of the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that encourage employee wellness programs to meet mental and behavioral health goals.

Vantage Fit, An Employee Wellness and Corporate Wellness Platform is a full-fledged wellness portal, is also equipped with a mood meter. In Vantage Fit, we call it a mood-o-meter.

Vantage Fit, An Employee Wellness and Corporate Wellness Platform being a full-fledged wellness portal, is also equipped with a mood meter. In Vantage Fit, we call it a mood-o-meter.

Besides this, you also get loads of useful features like

  1. Calorie intake

  2. Step tracker

  3. Rewards, gamification, etc.

Best of all, it comes free for up to 100 users! To get a clear idea of how Vantage Fit works, get a demo today!

To bring this to an end, we would like to recommend you one practice for proper mood maintenance of your workforce- Mood Mapping.

Mood Mapping

Mood Mapping is the process of monitoring your moods for at least one week to check up on one's prevailing mental health. To do this, you should break up the day's 24 hours into four or five time frames and enter the mood in those particular time frames.

You can take the help of mood meters to assess the mood for that particular time frame. Knowing the week's progression will help you understand how a certain period is going or if you are falling prey to depression, etc.


Understanding employee moods is crucial in dissecting mental health.

So, you must pay proper attention to your workforce's mood to better maintain your employee health. We hope with this piece; you are now aware of the benefits of mood meters. And, how Vantage Fit can help you in this case.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Fit with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact

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