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13 Best Stress Relief Products for use in the Office

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Last Updated on 15 July, 2021

Nowadays, stress is one of those elements that are virtually inseparable from a working environment. No matter the precautions, workers tend to suffer from workplace stress. Since it is unavoidable, there must be something to control its effect on the worker’s minds.

In this regard, employees can practice many stress relief activities at the Office. Some of these can be yoga in the workplace, office meditation techniques, corporate massage therapy, etc. In addition to these, there are also many stress relief products that workers can use in the workplace.

Today, we are listing down a few of these essential stress relief products for office use. Most of these are inexpensive products so you can provide these free for better employee health. Now, without further ado, let’s start the list.

13 Best Stress Relief Products for use in the Office

1. Essential oils

Oils are a great way to elevate workplace stress at times. The aromatherapy helps calm the mind and recuperate for the day’s work ahead. In this regard, workers can choose from plenty of options.

A few of these are lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, neroli, lemon, yuzu, etc. Here, if your workers have a private office, they can also have a personal essential oil diffuser in their room.

2. Exercise Foot Mat

While working throughout the day, workers often just lay there sitting on their chairs. Hence, it is a perfect opportunity for them to practice some foot massage by themselves. In this aspect, an exercising foot mat comes in very handy.

These acupressure mats can give great relief to the foot and mind. Plus, these being a cost-effective option for portable massagers, they are worth every penny.

3. Adult coloring book

Adult coloring books can relieve work anxiety and stress levels at the workplace as well. One of the reasons for its positive effects is being a creative outlet. Many workers feel stress doing the same task over and over again.

A coloring book for creative workers is an excellent opportunity to break free from their regular office work. It provides a healthy distraction and can divert the mind from the event, causing stress.

4. Dammit Doll

Work can be very frustrating at times. At times, workers often lose their cool and submit to rage. It not only affects the workers themselves but also disrupts a working environment. Here, workers need a medium to exert their anger.

A dammit doll is an excellent alternative in these situations. Employees can grab the doll by its legs and slam it against their desk to release tension. This proves as a healthy release of tension without doing any harm to others, thereby relieving stress.

5. Fidget Spinners

Of the many desk toys in the market, fidget spinners are the working class’s favorite. Though, there isn’t an exact science to connect these toys to stress relief, but they do work for some people. Here the catch is it helps some individuals with rumination.

Rumination means the process of continually thinking of one thing. In this case, fidget spinners provide a healthy distraction for some people from events, causing them continuous stress.

6. Chamomile tea

Sometimes, workers may go for a cup of coffee while feeling stress. This is a massive mistake as caffeine can give rise to more stress than reduce it. Instead, workers should get a cup of tea to reduce Stress. Here, a cup of chamomile tea will be a great alternative.

Plus, being a part of healthy snacks at the workplace, chamomile tea is also a sure hit among tea-lovers. It will even make for better employee moods at the workplace.

7. Candles

Scented candles are also great stress relief products you can provide for free to combat workplace stress. The aromatherapy that these candles provide can telepath a stressful mind to a calming place. Plus, these candles also help reduce anxiety in the workplace.

You can choose from many candle options at your disposal. Some of these are clary sage, cinnamon, orange, apple, peppermint, frankincense, sandalwood, etc.

8. Portable Massager

One of the best alternatives in the stress relief products section has to be the portable massagers. Working all day at the office accumulates a lot of tension in an employee’s body. A portable massager can help fend off the tension and muscle pain to calm one down.

Nowadays, these massagers come with many specifications to cater to individual needs. You can have a neck massage, shoulder massager, foot massager, back massager, etc. These massagers are great since they concentrate effort on the body parts that suffer the most in an office.

9. Stress Balls

Stress balls are a great addition to office stress relief. They not only help fight stress but are also an excellent measure for carpal tunnel syndrome prevention. These squishy gel balls not only help release frustration and restore calmness but also helps one exercise the hands and fingers.

It is because the continuous squishing of a stress ball is a great office exercise for the hands.

10. Massage Chair

One of the additions to your corporate wellness program that will be a sure hit is massage therapy. Nowadays, corporate massage therapy is an excellent way for workers to rub off the stress from their bodies.

The healing massage by the professionals concentrates efforts on certain parts of the body that gives rise to stress. This process helps fight the war at its roots. To have this particular provision in your office, you will need a professional therapist and a chair.

This process can be costly at times. Instead, you can resort to a one-time payment and get an automated massage chair for your workers. These chairs do the same thing without any human supervision, hence saving you the cost for a therapist.

11. Meditation Balls

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm oneself down. What’s even best is that your workers can practice meditation in their work desk itself. However, in some scenarios, workers may find it tough to hold themself down for a meditation session.

In such a case, the use of certain products can help one settle nicely into a meditative state. Meditation balls, in this scenario, are an excellent product for workers to hold their mind still. The use of these Chinese meditation balls activates the different therapeutic pressure points in the hands.

Because of this reason, the use of zen balls can highly improve your employee’s meditation at work.

12. Magnetic Desk Sculpture

These are small magnets that workers can use to make up different fun sculptures. They are a creative desk toy that workers can use as a healthy distraction and brain break activity. While battling stress, one must always look for a healthy and fun distraction.

When it comes to opting for a fun activity, these magnetic ball sculptures are an excellent alternative. Workers can let their creativity flow and build different sculptures out of these magnetic pieces.

13. Wellness App

Different wellness apps like meditation or yoga apps are a great addition to your stress relief product lineup as well. They help workers engage in healthy office activity, and most of them come free too. These make them an incredibly fantastic product for stress relief.

These were our recommendations for a few stress relief products to use in the Office.


Stress is one of the main hurdles standing against productivity and employee health today. It cripples one’s mind to function well and can also give rise to many mental health problems. Thus, it would help if you tried everything you can to reduce stress and its impact on your workforce.

In doing so, we reckon these products would be a perfect start to your cause.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Fit with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact

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