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10 Employee Wellness Apps For Your Corporate Health and Well-Being

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Last Updated on 21 February, 2024

A healthy mind is a productive mind- a well-said and effective saying, reminding us of the old adage-“Health is Wealth.” Yet the saying is often forgotten with time and becomes ancient knowledge by the time we step inside the corporate realm.

The fast-moving and intense corporate sector is driven by people who focus on the work and shoulder responsibilities. More often than not, this comes at the expense of the employee’s health. In the long run, this is disadvantageous for both the employee and the employer.

In recent years, workplace health and well-being has taken precedence for employers. Many studies on employee engagement and corporate well-being have borne conclusive results. These results suggest how the fast-paced corporate culture chips away at the employee's health and well-being. Leading to quitting, moonlighting, lower productivity, and other less favorable outcomes.

It has paved the way for employers to devise employee wellness plans. The easiest and most feasible way is using an employee wellness app.

With employee wellness apps, the idea of office fitness challenges has gained significant popularity. Integrating fitness challenges within employee wellness apps encourages employees to adopt healthier habits and lifestyles through healthy competition.

"Employee wellness apps have brought in the n number of problems behind the deteriorating wellbeing of employees and posed it into one solution.” In a world struggling with accessibility and motivation, these apps have revolutionized health for corporations.

Let's take a look at some of the best corporate wellness and fitness apps that can help transform your company's wellness program.

Listed in this article are 10 employee wellness apps for your corporate well-being.

Why Choose Employee Wellness Apps?

Employers recognize the idea of employee wellness. They're now increasingly looking for platforms to enhance employee engagement and health. It is well-understood that healthy employees lead to a healthier workplace. Companies want to emphasize the humane aspect of life by adding a holistic approach to their employees' health and well-being.

Keeping aside the obvious reason that healthy employees result in a place that yields higher productivity. Let's have a look at other reasons for employee wellness programs.

In a study produced by the Harvard Business Review, it was seen that many big-tier corporations that opted for employee wellness programs saw cumulative gains in their company fortunes. The wellness programs helped reduce the number of at-risk employees by engaging them in exercise routines. This reduction in at-risk employees helped the companies save on medical expenses and taxes.



A study conducted by the National Business Group has also concluded that corporations with effective employee wellness programs have a significantly lower rate of attrition in comparison to a workplace with a less effective or absent wellness program.


These apps have brought together the mental and physical aspects of employee well-being. They are compatible and accessible for different requirements. They make the well-being of the employees relevant without compromising on quality. These apps produce greater productivity and higher morale in the workplace.

Employee wellness apps present different interactive games to keep the mind sharp and calm. For such reasons, these wellness apps are essential for proper office health. A study by Shortlister shows that 60% of employers prefer a mobile app for employee wellness programs.

Let's look at some of the more obvious benefits.

Benefits of Employee Wellness Apps

A 2016 American Psychological Association (APA) study found that workplace wellness programs significantly improved employee performance. Here are a few benefits of employee wellness apps.

1. Better Employee Health

A wellness app's primary objective is to enhance fitness; therefore, it works well for your workplace wellness plans. As a result, absenteeism is minimized, and productivity and efficiency is maximized.

2. Tracks the health of the Workforce

Since health is such a vital matter nowadays, it is important to keep an accurate tab of it. Having apps in this regard will make life a lot easier for you. You can actively track your employees' health levels with wellness apps.

3. Reduced Healthcare Cost

Wellness apps encourage an active lifestyle, and an active workforce means a fitter workforce. It means you will have much lower healthcare costs . Employers can spend their money more wisely on other aspects of the business with fewer expenses.

4. Convenience

Employers benefit greatly from apps as they are never off duty. These apps are also very accurate because they're digital tools. All of this makes it much easier for corporations to control the health of their workforce.

Features To Look For While Choosing A Corporate Wellness App

Certain features that make a wellness program helpful should be considered before selecting one.

Here is a list of some must-have features in your employee wellness app.

Availability Of Mobile Application

A software that can be downloaded on your mobile device and helps you get to your fitness goals is a mobile fitness app. It is convenient, offers portable usage, and provides real-time data. A mobile application is a ‘must’ for a fitness platform to yield better results.

Well-Navigated User Interface And User Experience

UI/UX is generally referred to as the point of human-computer interaction and communication in a device. UI/UX is the design and layout of software/applications that navigates and engages the users.

Additionally, employing a graphic design virtual assistant can help you discover imaginative designs and establish a fresh identity in the ever-evolving world of design. A good UI/UX makes the users love the experience and motivates users to use the application better.

Gamification For Better Engagement

Gamification is the implementation of gaming elements to a nongaming platform. Examples of gamification in fitness apps are achievements, rewards, and badges. A gamified app helps users stay engaged for a longer period.

Health Data And Health Assessments

Information about an individual's physical or mental health is called health data. A fitness application automatically counts your runs, walks, steps, and activities and provides diet, nutrition, mental, and emotional health data. These Health Risk Assessment help users stay informed of their activities and accomplish personal development.

Integration With Smart Bands

A fitness band can be connected to exclusive apps on a smartphone. These fitness bands enable users to track their daily steps, fitness activities, sleep cycle, pulse rate, and other physical activities like cycling and exercise.

Privacy Components

Privacy components are really important in today’s day and age. More and more data invasion is putting users’ privacy at risk. Privacy components include privacy policies that consist of clear and consented legal statements. Apps should be secure and should not exploit users’ data.

Rewards And Challenges

Challenges are tasks a mobile fitness app gives out to its users. These challenges motivate employees to take part and complete them in order to achieve their fitness goals. The rewards are badges or incentives given to users once they complete their tasks, keeping them engaged for future activities.

Team Challenges

The idea is to bring health and well-being as a whole to the workforce and not just to one individual Team challenges invoke a sporty competition amongst peers and motivate employees/teams to perform tasks.

Team challenges allow employees to bond, which in return not just results in a fitter team but a more cooperative workforce.

The rewards push the teams to perform better in the upcoming tasks, which greatly results in overall workforce well-being.

Support And Assistance

A good support and assistance system is required for any service. Users buy a service/ product with a certain purpose, and the provider must answer related queries. A good support and assistance service benefits the buyer in accomplishing the purpose and the seller in building a relationship.


Personalization refers to the adjustments users may make to suit their preferences. Examples of personalization include changes in color theme at will or attention to a certain content they want to focus on. For a fitness app, some personalizations could be the ability to focus on a certain goal or keep track of one specific activity.

10 Best Employee Wellness Apps

There are many employee wellness apps in the market. While the basis of their interface is similar, there are differences in their services that should be considered. Choosing the app that caters to your needs is important. Put together here are 10 employee wellness apps that are the best at their services.

1. Vantage Fit

00 vantagefit logo 1

4.4/5 stars in Google Play Store
5/5 in stars Apple App Store
4.5/5 stars in Capterra

Vantage Fit is an employee wellness app provided by Vantage Circle. It is designed for enterprises. Vantage Fit focuses on promoting healthier lifestyles and habits for preventive health & fitness. It has a built-in framework for fitness challenges.

The inclusion of fitness challenges makes Vantage Fit an ideal choice for companies looking to introduce a fun, engaging corporate fitness challenge app as their wellness program.

The app tracks physical activities such as walking, running, squats, and other workouts. Using a gyroscope sensor and GPS data, the mobile app also maps outdoor activities such as runs, jogs, and even evening walks.

With concise yet impactful features such as a Mood Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Seven Minute Workouts, Meal, and Gym Diaries, Vantage Fit aims to raise awareness towards health & wellness.

You can also keep track of your health profile and fitness score in the My Health section. Gain insights on weight management and track your nutrition intake. Leverage the assistive calorie tracker to check your calorie expenditure via activities.

The app also provides challenges and contests for users to participate in and engage with real-time leaderboards. Employees receive reward points for the completion of such challenges.

With timely reminders for meals and water intake, Vantage Fit assists you in taking control of your nutrition. The reminders for mood tracking take care of your mental health.

Keeping track of nutrition can be a pickle. Vantage Fit has a catalog of 4000+ food items to make it feasible. The catalog provides vital nutritional info, such as each food item's carbohydrate, protein, and fat content.

Vantage Fit also supports the seamless integration of popular fitness trackers. A custom-built Heart Rate Monitor leverages the power of computational image processing to detect and measure your heart rate without needing any smartwatch or fitness bands.

There is an AI-powered squat tracker to keep track of your squats and help perfect the technique.

Other features include BMI Calculator, Calorie tracker, Customizable Trophies & Badges. Vantage Fit offers incentivization through Fitness Points & Gift Cards.

2. KITE Health

kite program logo vantagefit

Ratings - N/A

The Kite Program was started in 2018 by Hannah Hardy-Zones. A Mental Health advocate and HR personnel, she had experience with mental illness.

The app is highly customizable. Initially tailored its services for mothers, the platform now extends to veterinary, legal, retail, HR, and other small businesses. Mental health and well-being are at the core of its structure.

The app has a rich blog library and engaging UI. It is a reliable name in the industry and provides expert advice.

3. Wellable

wellabale logo vantagefit

4.3/5 stars in Apple App Store
4.1/5 stars in Google Play Store
4.7/5 stars in G2.com

Wellable empowers organizations of all sizes, geographies, and industries to build healthy workforces. It provides customized solutions to cater to individual problems. Wellable programs offer holistic well-being and go beyond physical health.

The program is taken a notch higher by its availability of options. Employees can opt for virtual or on-site classes that suit their needs and preferences. The presence of subject matter experts and trainers only adds to its value.

The program keeps the employees engaged and motivated with features like leaderboards, challenges, and communication. Unique to this program is an in-built expense tracker to take care of financial health.

4. Virgin Pulse

Virgin pulse logo vantagefit

4.4/5 stars in Google Play Store
4.8/5 stars in Apple App Store
4.3/5 stars in G2.com

The Virgin Pulse corporate wellness program is a trusted wellness program in the corporate world. Unlike many competitors, the program goes beyond physical and mental well-being. The program takes into account the emotional well-being of users. It includes solutions for factors affecting individual health beyond the corporate zone.

Virgin Pulse tailors solutions for grief management, addiction, sleep, stress management, and accidents. The program also includes solutions for diabetes, mental health, eating well, getting active, and being productive.

Virgin Pulse is available in multiple languages and boasts of big names in the corporate world in its clientele.

5. Wellbeats

wellbeats logo vantagefit

Google Play Store ratings - N/A
4.8/5 stars in Apple App Store

Wellbeats stands out with its inclusivity. The program gives people of every age, interest, body type, and activity level the opportunity to live healthier lives.

Users can choose from 1000+ activities available. The option ranges from running, walking, HIIT, kickboxing, dance, work breaks, stretching, and cycling. The mobile app also has meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and recipes. Members can access virtual fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes from the place of their comfort.

The classes and routines available on Wellbeats are top-of-the-line. They are virtually accessible and user-friendly. Comes with easy implementation and a smaller learning curve. New classes are added every week on the app.

The community-building exercises, round-the-clock support, and security make it a favorable choice for its versatility.

6. HealthifyMe

healthifyme logo vantagefit

4.4/5 stars in Google Play Store
4.6/5 stars in Apple App Store

HealthifyMe has the largest variety of Indian food and dietary values. The program is equipped to connect with devices to track and build the best program for individuals.

The wellness app gives access to top trainers and has an inbuilt panel of 80+ key metabolic features. This can aid in uncovering or catering to any underlying medical condition.

HealthifyMe has customizable features for varied fitness goals. Features include nutrition tracking, activity tracking, calorie count, water intake, and many more. AI Nutrition and diet planner for fitness and mental coach providing counseling with a freemium model.

The app has a virtual assistant, 'RIA,' for quickly resolving queries and support.

7. Burnalong

burnalong logo vantagefit

4.5/5 stars in Capterra
3/5 stars in Apple App Store

Hospitals and specialists use Burnalong for its wide range of programs aimed at a versatile clientele with varied needs. It tends to people with diabetes, Parkinson's, pre and postnatal care. The plans are end-to-end and customized to fit the needs of each user.

The Burnalong app also has a well-equipped library; the blogs include case studies and testimonies. The app provides users with excellent instructors and round-the-clock support.

8. Fitbit

FITBIT LOGO vantagefit

4.1/5 stars in Google Play store
4.3/5 stars in Apple App store
4.6/5 stars in Capterra

Fitbit by Google has taken health and fitness a notch higher. While other apps and programs have brought well-being into users’ palms, Fitbit has brought it to their fingertips.

The app is equipped with a step monitor that keeps track of your activities and the calories you burn with it. It has an inbuilt management component that keeps track of your stressful moments and helps achieve mindfulness and calm. The app also tracks sleep, awake time, heart rate, and pressure to ensure holistic well-being.

The users can access video tutorials from world-class trainers for their exercises. The main point of attraction for this is the fitness band. While other apps have kept it feasible by keeping the option of fitness band connectivity, Fitbit has its own Fitbit band.

9. Calm

Calm logo vantagefit

4.5/5 stars in Google Play Store
4.6/5 stars in Apple App Store

This app follows the steps of “where the mind is, the body follows.” The app is based on mental well-being and focuses entirely on it.

The Calm mobile application is a segment leader in the field of mindfulness. The mobile app emphasizes gamification with push buttons, positive notifications for meditation, and congratulations window pop-ups.

Calm focuses on aiding users to attain good sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve focus. The wellness app targets the combination of factors affecting mental health and wellness to bring calmness.

This app can be instrumental in tackling anxiety and stress. Calm helps improve your focus, mental health, and happiness quotient.

10. Woliba


4.2/5 stars in Google Play Store
5/5 stars in Apple App Store
4.6/5 stars in G2.com

Woliba provides a holistic wellness platform that enables engagement and employee well-being. It is a corporate wellness app that manages engagement, recognition, and employee well-being on one platform.

Wolliba features include activity challenges, fitness, nutrition recipes, and behavioral challenges. Woliba has a social feed and offers a rich library of blogs. results are very data-driven.

It offers a huge wellness education library of resources in mental health, stress, smoking, nutrition, fitness, gut health, cardio health, mindfulness, immune support, and sleep. The library consists of articles, quizzes, and videos. The content and features are very much gamified to keep users motivated.

Woliba delivers real-time data-driven results on health risk assessments, biometric submission tracking, challenges, and rewards.

4 Free Alternate Employee Wellness Apps

1. Adidas Training

adidas runtastic A Wellness App.png

4.8/5 stars in Google Play Store
4.7/5 stars in Apple App Store

Adidas is a well-known name in the sports and fitness industries, and its app is no exception. This workout program provides a variety of exercise routines for remote workers without access to equipment.

The app provides videos similar to those found with a gym membership. It offers users fitness-related assistance and guidance.

2. 7 Cups

7 Cups A Wellness App.png

3.5/5 stars in Google Play Store
3.6/5 stars in Apple App Store

7 Cups is an ideal mental health platform where one can talk to counselors. The application includes anonymous texting from users to trained system volunteers.

These volunteers are known as "active listeners," and users can select them based on their bio. Users can base their choice on the volunteer's expertise, experiences, and lifestyle.

7 Cups also offers virtual groups where users can share their experiences and improve their mental health through communication.

3. Headspace

Headspace logo vantagefit

3.5/5 stars in Google play Store
4.9/5 stars in Apple App Store
4.6/5 stars in G2.com

Headspace provides its users with over 500+ themed meditation options covering anxiety, stress, sleep, and mindfulness. The app is ideal for both beginners and experts. Headspace also provides mindfulness meditation and sound-assisted sleeping. This app is available in both free and paid versions.

Headspace and Ginger recently merged to form Headspace health. The new platforms aim to offer the best of both worlds in a digital mental health and well-being platform.

4. Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit A Wellness App 2.png 1

4.4/5 stars in Google Play Store
5/5 in stars Apple App Store
4.6/5 stars in G2.com

Vantage Fit is a comprehensive employee wellness app developed by Vantage Circle. It has various features, making it one of the best options.

How To Make The Most Out Of An Employee Wellness App?

The employee wellness apps are designed to keep the employees at the center. The interface is easy to use, with an attractive design. While different apps have varied activity options, the use is more or less similar.

Employees can make the most of any employee wellness app by familiarizing themselves with its services. Knowing the wellness app's features will let the employees experience holistic development.

Shown here is the Vantage Fit employee wellness app. Like all apps, the first step for the wellness app is logging in. Employees can log in using their work email if their organization has taken the subscription.

Following the login, employees must provide their health details on the next page. The private health details are only taken to provide a customized well-being program. Employees will then choose their wellness goals and activity level. Next, the app will customize a plan and set a daily target to achieve that.

The apps are compatible with being connected to fitness bands to be more effective.

How to log in use vantage fit-1

Once the information is processed and the goals are set, the app tracks the progress on the main page. There is calorie tracking through a meal log, sections for water intake, step monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring.

These features help the user to be on top of their daily goals.

daily goals feature

meal log-1

water log-1

The Vantage Fit employee wellness app comes with a few more features. These extra features help the employees track their wellness journey over time. It enables employees to stay motivated through community events and competitions.

  • Diary

This feature can be accessed by the user from the bottom left panel. Like its name, this segment acts as a diary for your everyday well-being. There are two parts to this feature- one tracks the daily activity, and the other tracks the nutrition intake.

diary section vantagefit

  • Social

Motivation is a prime reason people do not start or stick to a health plan. Done alone, it becomes more or less of a routine, a chore. The Vantage Fit app comes with a “Social” segment.

Here, users can be a part of a community of people. Members can take part in weekly challenges and leaderboards. Employees can earn points which can then be redeemed for vouchers and exciting offers! Motivation and excitement are brought together in one place!

Vantage fit socials section 2

  • Library And Life At Work

Employee well-being is as much at risk at the workplace as being inactive. The app has a “Life at Work” segment for employees to help keep an eye on their well-being.

The app offers its “Library,” where employees can access blogs, articles on topics pertaining to their well-being, and tips for the same.

library vantagefit 1

life at work vantagefit app 1

  • Versatility

The app customizes wellness goals and keeps track of users' activities to help them achieve them. But there is no set routine- one can achieve it at their own pace and leisurely through their method of choice. Employees can opt to work out or walk, which is their choice.

Attention has been paid to the changing needs and requirements of the employees. The options range from mindfulness to workouts to outdoor activity. It is versatile and accessible; there is something for everyone.

versatility section of vantagefit 1

Employees can make the most out of well-being apps like Vantage Fit when they know their way around it. It is a very easy task as these apps are user-friendly, and utilizing all the features can help improve their health and well-being.


Wellness programs offer employees the opportunity to look after their health and wellness. The employers also get a sense of direct contribution towards their employees. A good wellness app comes with all-around features that impact people's lives.

There are many benefits of an employee wellness program, such as better health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, to name a few. The advantages are as obvious as the ever-growing employee wellness industry. An employee wellness app not just helps in improved employee health but positively impacts the company too.

Several studies suggest the need for an employee wellness app. Especially in light of recent major concerns affecting employers and their employees. “Now is the time to invest in your employee's well-being.”

Vantage Fit offers a one-stop solution to every employee for well-being-related queries. The fitness app prioritizes health and fitness as well as works on reducing stress. Schedule a demo of Vantage Fit if it appeals to you, and discover all the possibilities for improving workplace wellness.

These apps are some of the great offerings of the information era. Correct utilization of this offering will help you lead a healthier life.

Thank you for reading this blog, hope you found it insightful.

This article is written by Mrityunjay Sahariah, a content marketing specialist at Vantage Circle. Besides Mrityunjay's love for long drives, he is an avid sports follower and enjoys his music. For any queries reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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