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Vantage Fit Web App : Get Access to your Wellness Activities on Web

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Last Updated on 19 June, 2024

Carrying out physical activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have become a priority nowadays. Although healthy living is essential, it is a difficult chore and requires motivation and determination. This has led to the inception of multiple online wellness platforms.

These digital networks also serve as powerful wellness solutions for healthy living for their users. Companies prioritizing employee health often resort to them to instill fitness motivation in their workforce.

Vantage Fit- A One-Stop Wellness Solution for a Healthy Lifestyle

Vantage Fit is a comprehensive digital wellness platform available in the market. It makes it possible for businesses aiming to create a healthy workplace culture to conduct wellness initiatives for their employees.

You can host several types of wellness programs, including customizable ones offering employers the liberty to customize them at their convenience. Also, due to its virtual nature, employees from across the globe can participate in wellness contests hassle-free.

Vantage Fit offers a variety of features, including the ability to hold meditation sessions, track your steps heart rate, and track different physical activities.. Additionally, it contains a leaderboard function that allows employees to monitor their performance during the event and a simplem dashboard for HR managers to build and manage the programs.

Vantage Fit comes packed with a web app and a mobile application for its users. Once enrolled in a program, you can use the platform online or download the Vantage Fit app for your smartphone.

Vantage Fit Web App Components

The Vantage Fit web app gives detailed insights into your wellness activities and ongoing events. Through this platform, participants can view their fitness pursuits, progress, and activities in the contest. view their and others' wellness achievements.

The Vantage Fit web platform has three components:

  • Work-Life

  • My Activity

  • Challenges

These components not only offer users a deep understanding of their own goals and accomplishments but also allow them to see everyone's performances.

1. Work-Life

Work life section of Vantage Fit web app

"Work-life" is the initial section of the web app. The work-life part features four further subsections, including,

  • Community

Community section of Vantage Fit web app

The participants' accomplishments are highlighted in this section for everyone to see. Be it a running activity or earning a fitness badge, an employee sharing anything will be displayed on this community page. Here, users can also like and comment on the community posts, appreciating their colleagues' wellness feats.

  • Health Content

Health content section of Vantage Fit web app

This portion comprises the various digital health resources you can access. It covers a range of themes, including specially curated podcasts and videos on related subjects and articles that will help employees improve their well-being.

  • Partner Offerings

Partner offerings section of Vantage Fit web app

Partner offerings is the next area of the page. This section displays renowned wellness brands known for providing quality well-being solutions. From here, users can avail of their services at special prices.
As the user clicks on their choice of wellness brand, they will get redirected to their website, where they can view and purchase their services.

  • Events

Events section of Vantage Fit web app

Events, the last section of the Vantage Fit web app, showcases all the online wellness events your company offers. For instance, users will find here various kinds of live webinars that will help improve their well-being.
The webinars feature renowned speakers in their areas of expertise sharing their experiences and discussing different spectrums of wellness.

2. My Activity

The second segment of the Vantage Fit web app is "My Activity." As the name suggests, it displays the ongoing activities in real time. Users can choose the date for which they want to examine their activity levels.

Activity segment of Vantage Fit web app

Once a date is selected, the page displays the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned, and your target for that particular day. Next, the contest name is showcased, along with your weekly progress and rank in the current challenge.

Besides, it displays the meals you logged and water intake, and the number of calories you consumed. Additionally, there is a little FAQ section on the side. If you have any queries related to the web app, click on the “Read our FAQ” link. This will redirect you to Vantage Circle’s website, where you will find everything you need.

3. Challenges

Challenges segment of Vantage Fit web app

The web app's challenge section provides you with a complete overview past, ongoing, and upcoming challenges. With options to choose between the weeks, it shows you the tasks of the particular week you select out of all weeks of the challenge.

For instance, the above image displays tasks’ details given on Week 2 of an ongoing challenge:

  • Walk 3500+ steps 5 days this week.
  • Spend 15 minutes or more mindful minutes at one go for 4 days.
  • Complete 20+ squats at one go 4 days this week.
  • Jog/Run for 3 km(s) in one go 4 days this week.

Users can check how far along they are in the challenge and how many points they will earn on completing the task. Moreover, if they want to view previous challenges, they can click on "Past," and they will be able to access all past challenges and their detailed analysis.

Below this section is the leaderboard, where a user sees the ranking and scores of every participant. The last section mentions the team's specifics and overall placement in the competition.

Vantage Fit's leaderboard

Users can view the team to see the scores of their teammates. A team leaderboard is also available, showing each team's average score and position.

Final Words

The Vantage Fit web app is the web replica of the Vantage Fit mobile app. It offers users a seamless web experience that enables them to acquire useful insights, access various health resources and activities, and precisely track those activities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the features of the Vantage Fit Web App?

The Vantage Fit web app gives users an engaging walkthrough of all the data stored in their mobile app. In addition, the web app also gives access to a wide range of content, like blogs, and podcasts, that will be helpful in improving one’s well-being. Also, users can avail of health services from popular wellness brands at special prices.

2. Does Vantage Fit Web App have a social community or sharing feature?

The Vantage Fit web app has a social community section wherein users can only view whatever social feed postings that have been done on the Vantage Fit app.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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