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Why you must Have Wellness Contests in Your Workplace

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Last Updated on 04 March, 2024

Wellness Contests are one of the most crucial factors initiating employee health today. In a corporate world where employees are increasingly leading inactive lifestyles, proper motivation is key. Here, workplace wellness contests are an excellent way to motivate workers towards a healthier lifestyle.

It is so because of the deep roots of contests and challenges in humankind’s history. One's desire to excel over others is an excellent motivator for that extra push. It is for this reason why corporates challenge employees to get the best of a team. Here, it can be productivity, output, or in our case, employee health.

So, companies must organize wellness contests from time to time.

There are also other advantages of wellness contests that will excite you towards the idea of wellness contests. Let's have a look at a few of these in our blog today.

Why You Must Have Wellness Contests In Your Workplace

1. Increase Engagement

One of the biggest hurdles of corporate wellness programs is the lack of participation. Workers are too busy achieving their work targets than their health targets. It often brings about a sedentary lifetsyle, which then becomes even harder to combat. In this regard, organizations must get creative with their approach.

Here, implementing wellness contests can help a lot in this area. These contests spark the spirit of competitiveness, which results in increased engagement.

2. Wellness Culture

Having a proper wellness culture is very important these days. It not only projects a better image of the employer but also helps with productivity. Moreover, a healthy workplace means reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, which makes it a win-win situation.

Organizing wellness contests will help bring about this crucial wellness culture in your workplace.

3. Exciting Way Towards Wellness

One of the reasons why most wellness programs fail is because of being dreadfully unimaginative and dull. Thus, an already uninterested worker is more likely to be pushed away from taking part in such activities. Here, one must be creative in their approach. In being so, contests can be the missing link in such a case.

Contests always have an added excitement attached to them. This makes it more exciting, which attracts attention and initiative.

4. Team-Building

Contests can also be a strong team-building experience for a team. This is crucial in a group to build a spirit of camaraderie within the team members. In this case, contests spark a long-lasting bonding within a team, which one should not pass up ever.

5. Rewards

Finally, one of the best ways to get workers interested in wellness is by providing fitness rewards. Employee rewards are a fascinating feature for all individuals. Wellness contests often come with exciting prizes which are great to pull engagement in wellness activities for remote workers as usual the office workers.

These were a few of the points why you should have contests in your workplace straight away.

Now that you have understood the significance of having wellness contests let's delve deeper and look at a few wellness contest ideas.


Workplace Wellness Contest Ideas

Here are a few of the wellness contest ideas that you can have at your workplace.

  • Office exercise challenges to see who can do the most physical activity like most push-ups, hold a plank for the longest duration, etc.
  • Walking challenges to ascertain who can walk the most in a day, week, etc.
  • Stair climbing challenges to encourage employees to see who can walk up and down the stairs the most.
  • Nutrition challenges to promote healthy eating in the workplace and at home for the long term.
  • Weight loss challenges to see who can shed the most amount of weight in a given time frame through healthy habits, etc.
  • Water challenge to instill a healthy behavior of adequate water intake per day, etc.
  • Biking to work challenge to see who can cycle to work the most distance.
  • Virtual Marathon for promoting a fitter lifesyle of remote workers.

These were some of the workplace wellness challenge ideas that you can consider in your wellness contests. In hosting or participating in these contents, we believe we can also help you in this regard.

How Vantage Fit Can Help You With Wellness Contests

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One of the main characteristics of holding fair contests is choosing a platform. A platform to ensure fair and just participation in the games. In this regard, Vantage Fit- An Employee Wellness and Corporate Wellness Platform can be your digital partner.

Vantage Fit, being a holistic wellness portal, also enables gamification into the platform. Here, you can either organize or participate in different wellness contests and challenges to get attractive rewards. It helps one stay physically healthy and mentally happy.

Our platform's weekly step challenges, walkathon, healthy campaigns, and distance-based challenges are sure to keep your workforce fit. To get a fair idea of how all this works, you can schedule a demo at your convenience today!

Let's look at a few pointers to hold a compelling wellness contest to bring this towards an end.


Pointers To Hold An Effective Wellness Contest

To hold successful wellness contests, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Keep in mind the audience for your challenge. Here, analyze your group of workers and in which age group they fall on and organize the contests accordingly.
  • Always keep in mind that the challenges you keep are realistic.
  • Prepare your contests in such a way that it doesn't affect the working hours. Here, keep the contests short that don't require several hours on the challenge.
  • Always plan and design a mechanism to ensure fair and just working of the contest. It is to ensure that no one cheats and wins unfairly.
  • Enable a mechanism to track and monitor the progress of the contest.
  • Decide on appropriate rewards for the contest winners to ensure active participation through gift cards, cash prizes, etc.
  • Finally, be sure to maintain a sense of healthy competition within the office and challenges.

While planning for your workplace wellness contest, these will help you achieve success in your initiative.


A corporation can have all the wellness activities they want in the workplace, but it is irrelevant if it doesn't engage. One can have yoga in the workplace, a great office gym, or other facilities, but none of it matters until the workers use them.

Here lies the biggest problem, and in solving this dilemma, wellness contests can be your answer to the question.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Fit with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact

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