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6 Reasons Why Wellness Coaching Is Your Next Corporate Initiative

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Last Updated on 15 December, 2021

Are you looking for ways to motivate employees into your brand new wellness program but struggling to keep the participation going?

Maybe you want to improve overall workplace wellness but perplexed with where to begin? If this sounds familiar, then offering corporate wellness coaching must be an answer.

As per a report, health coaching has been the most sought-after service among consumers, insurers, and employers. The rise of the $6 billion industry is because of the personal training it provides to the clients to reform their unhealthy lifestyle habits and control chronic conditions such as diabetes.

So what is a health coach, and why it should be your next corporate initiative?

This article will dive into the details.

What Is A Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach is a professional trained in physical education and nutrition. Their role varies from general physicians, dieticians to counselors and physiotherapists, helping people change their unhealthy state to better physical and emotional wellbeing.

What Is Wellness Coaching?

The process of collaboration between a coach and the client is called wellness coaching. It is a guided program proposed for employees who require lifestyle support from these certified wellness professionals.

During the process, the coach helps set realistic health goals for your employees' holistic growth and provide wellness advice and support around the year. They work on the weaknesses through a well-deigned wellness plan of action to reach these goals.

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Why Offer Wellness Coaching?

Have you ever wished to get the most out of life, precisely a healthy life? Sure you do, everyone does!

Just like you and me, everyone has a vision of their "ideal life." So if you're the organization leader, you probably have the idea to create a great work culture for your employees.

Maybe you've always wanted your employees to be productive and create excellent sales now and then? But it's far from becoming a reality yet.

But how do you do that if your employees' arent that energetic enough for challenges?

There's a high possibility that your employees are leading a stressed and inactive lifestyle.

You might be wondering about enrolling in a plush employee engagement program, but what the success rate if your employees drop off early?

Then maybe what you need is wellness coaching.

Wellness coaching can help your employees meet your organization's health goals.

It targets a wide area of focus to improve you and your employee's wellbeing, some of them, as mentioned below:

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Fitness training and exercise

  • Mental health sessions mental and emotional health

  • Behavioral training

  • Work life balance strategies


6 Awesome Reasons Why Wellness Coaching Is A Must For Your Employees

1. Saves Time, Energy, And Money

With great power comes greater responsibility. It's true when, as a leader, you also need to take care of your employees' health.

Wellness coaching is a way to ease your burden when fostering some wellness program for them. It not only saves your time but helps in cutting down extra expenses on useless wellness services.

Wellness coaching lowers your health insurance premiums.

Do you know when you consider 90% of American employees' healthcare costs, it accounts for $3.3 trillion annually? This budget covers employees' mental health and chronic issues alone.

But incorporating wellness coaching at your workplace can bear great results.

A corporate wellness coach will follow a one to one sessions with your employees by budgeting wellness plans as per your employee's healthcare needs.

It increases your employee satisfaction as the list is crafted as per his/her health needs and flexibility. These employees are more likely to follow their wellness regime, reducing the chances of unhealthy habits.

2. Reminds Employees To Carry Out Regular Checkups

Wellness or Health Coaches make sure that your employees get regular checkups and blood work.

A full body checkup is vital to get a hold of an individual's early body disorders.

This way, you can take the necessary precautions before the disease gets chronic.

When some of your employees value wellness coaching's contribution to their health, chances are likely to turn out into an intrinsic motivation towards their better life.

This process also teaches your employees some crucial lessons on discipline and consistency in life and work.

3. Boost In Productivity

Healthy employees fall less ill and stressed at work.

No doubt that every job role comes with new challenges.

Naturally, your employees will face bouts of demotivation and unproductiveness. When they are frequently sick, it's hard to get back their motivation for the work.

But if your employees are taken care of well with initiatives like wellness coaching, they are likely to be more satisfied and active. They can better handle stress and work pressure that helps in producing quality work.

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4. Employees Personal Motivator

Wellness coaches can be your employees' personal friend, philosopher, and guide as they deal closely with your employees through counseling sessions.

They provide various communication tools and tricks to employees to achieve more excellent and faster results during the session. The purpose of wellness coaching is to boost external motivation into an intrinsic one. This way, your employees abide by the wellness goals throughout their life.

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5. Avoid Cases Of Employee Burnout

Do your employees feel exhausted every time you assign a new task? Do they start their day feeling disgusted?

Such symptoms can be a sign of employee burnout. 80% of workers don't hesitate to say that they are workaholics as these issues have arisen among employees with rapid technological advancements.

As per a report by Tower Watson, workplace stress is the no.1 concern employees face after physical inactivity and obesity. Employee burnout can lead to frequent job turnover and employee dissatisfaction. This impacts the very core of your business, i.e., your bottom line's performance.

With the help of wellness coaching, you can enhance your employees' self-awareness and educate them to be better versions of themselves every day. This way, you'll be able to nurture their confidence in their work and bring back their lost motivation.

Health and wellness coaches can also conduct employee counseling and train them with stress management techniques.

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6. Boost Employee Morale

Satisfied employees nurture a happy workplace.

To retain high-quality employees offering workplace health programs is seen as a core component in an employee compensation and benefits package.

No doubt your corporate wellness program includes everything from health risk assessments to onsite gym to healthy snacking, but properly guiding your employees is even more crucial than providing.

Professional wellness coaches can provide expert advice to unlock wellness goals fostering healthy office habits in the long run. They also cultivate mutual trust and improve employee morale in workplace through appreciation and communication.



We can define wellness as the state of an individual's mental and physical wellbeing, where wellness coaching is the surefire way to achieve it.

Investing in health and wellness coaching saves you employee’s medical budgets and improves the quality of their life. It also involves thoughtful assessment, problem-solving, and goal-setting processes that encourage open communication to clear your employees' doubts and issues regarding wellness.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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