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The Relevance of an Activity Tracker in the Corporate World

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Last Updated on 19 July, 2023

Trends are changing every day. Digital platforms are ruling the market with more advanced technology now than ever. Various events, together with your daily lifestyle, are also tracked virtually. Almost the entire world is operating in digital mode, which leads me to discuss the emergence of activity trackers.

What is an Activity Tracker?


Fitness, health, and tracking is getting a lot of hype these days. The ability to track fitness activities like step count and meal log-in is a superpower that will be in the game for years to come. Mainly because of the various digital specifications it provides.

An activity or fitness tracker is an application that lets you monitor your health activities. It gives you a boost to do some more towards attaining good health. There are several activity-tracking applications and wearables available in the market. One is always better, so choose the most reliable one. These applications also offer sleep tracking.

Apart from tracking step count and nutrition, these applications enable you to do other physical activities. And then keep track of the same.

Now, isn't that cool?

Apple watch series, Xiaomi MI band, and Fitbit inspire are a few options to stay healthy and track it simultaneously.

The Increase In Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are investing heavily in the global wellness market, which is expected to reach $72 billion by 2023. Companies are seeking methods to motivate staff to be more fit, from providing free flu shots to stocking vending machines with healthy options.

Stats and Facts

In general, these initiatives are successful in improving staff performance.

  • According to one study, staff members who participated in health initiatives increased productivity by an average of one full day every month.

  • According to a different survey, 62% of employees who participated in wellness programs felt more productive, and 56% reported using fewer sick days due to the program.

  • This fitness movement heavily relies on wearable fitness trackers. More than 13 million health and fitness tracking gadgets are anticipated to be incorporated by American employers into their wellness initiatives in 2018.

Even if some workers already use their own wearable fitness devices for personal purposes, an activity tracker only available to employees at work encourages participation in shared goals, inspiring and fostering community.

Additionally, buying a plan for activity tracking through a corporate plan might be less expensive than doing so on your own.

From the employer's perspective, corporate-only devices offer significant employee data to support corporate incentives and can be specifically created to align with corporate wellness initiatives and health programs.

Benefits of an Activity tracker

The activity tracker is in the fanfare for a reason. Several benefits of having one are listed below-

1.Makes You Accountable

Accountability is one of the significant gains of having a fitness tracker. It will be an annoying reminder to jog, run, eat healthily, drink water, etc. As a working individual, keeping accountability for the number of times you do an activity is pretty tricky.

With the mind and body under constant stress, employees go through a tough time doing health activities, let alone keeping a record of those. This is why the activity tracker will help you see your progress on the virtual platform. The step count, water intake, and calories burnt will all appear in the tracker for you to check the performance.

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Also, while performing other sessions, all you have to do is log in to the activity with the date and time. It will further assist you in regularly checking your actions, driving you to improve and do more.

While checking it, you can keep tabs on all your activities. And it gets easier.

2. Motivates You Daily

When the alarm pops up daily for you to do a task, you cannot help but maintain the routine. Having said about reminders, motivation will forcibly get a hold of you when the fitness tracker drives you to exercise.

Eventually, you will get adjusted and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
For instance, if you complete 5000 steps today and just 4300 the next day, there will be some part of you regretting the fact of being inconsistent.
And this will build a certain level of fitness motivation in you, thereby driving you to do more.

3. Sets Specific Goals

To make exercise enjoyable, permanently attach goals to it. If there is no end goal, what is the point even?


The entire function of exercising or walking gets boring after a little while. The same happens with every other thing if you are unsure what to achieve. The goals can be to seek physical or mental change or achieve a particular milestone. Whether you want to lose weight or gain some muscle is upto you, but there should be a goal.

Daily targets are also good, to begin with. Say, for example, you have set a target of completing 10000 steps in two days, that is a number that looks appealing, and you can take it as a challenge. Competing with oneself- there is nothing more exciting than that.

4. Promotes Healthy Eating

How does it feel when your cellphone snoozes every hour, asking you to drink water and log in your meals?

Yes, you heard that right. It will not only track your Workout or running sessions but also monitor your food and water intake. No doubt it might get irritating, but at least it will tell you that you should drink some water. And it should not take you more than a minute to do such an easy task.


When the application shows you the nutrition details of the food you consume, trust me, you will be shocked and not amused. The calorie intake alone will take you on a guilt trip.

Thus, you will clearly understand why you are gaining weight and how many calories you should take daily. Hence, adopting healthy habits.

5. Keeps You Connected

There is very little interaction at the office. If no activities are happening, all are busy with work. But with a fitness tracking platform available for employees, several contests and challenges can be held there. It should be made mandatory.

When the entire workforce is on board, they can keep checking their progress with their peers. This practice uplifts team spirit and makes the office environment engaging and exciting.

6. Measure Your Heart Rate

Trackers and fitness bands with built-in heart rate monitors can help you accurately evaluate your Workout's intensity, calories burned, and physiological impact. Your tracker can also gauge your heart rate and pulse.

Doing so can gauge your Workout's difficulty level and ensure you aren't pushing yourself too hard. It also enables you to view your cardiovascular system's health.

7. Monitor Your Sleep

Adults require seven to nine hours of sleep per night, according to the Mayo Clinic
. Getting enough sleep may affect your metabolism, energy levels, mood, and cravings.

Data on your sleep is one advantage of fitness trackers, and you can choose better options and gradually improve your sleep quality.

How Does a Fitness Tracker Work?

Nowadays, many people utilize wearable technology to monitor their health and fitness. A fitness tracker is a gadget that monitors your rotation, movement, and position using sensors.

They mostly take the shape of smartwatches and wristbands (like Fitbit and Mio) (e.g., Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Garmin forerunners). Typically, activity trackers use wireless connectivity to sync to smart devices and upload to PCs.

The gadget gathers information and transforms it into steps, calories burned, sleep quality, and the overall amount of activity you do during the day. Some trackers also have an "altimeter" sensor, which measures your altitude and counts the number of stairs you've climbed.

It's simple for a fitness tracker to determine whether you're spinning or running. The fitness tracker, with its in-built GPS, can determine the distance you've covered while running or walking.

The tracker's alarm will remind you to do various tasks, such as taking the prescribed number of steps, drinking enough water, standing up and walking around, going to bed at the appropriate time, and much more.

Activity Tracker for Corporates

The corporate culture which was in the past no longer exists. In recent times, companies have started to take employee health as a matter of priority over other things. As it is known, the health of an employee directly impacts the overall productivity of the organization.

When employees are well and sound, they can perform at their best. A fit employee will always be more active and efficient than those struggling with health issues every now and then. People falling sick tend to apply for leaves often, thereby disrupting the work culture. Thus, the good health of the staff leads to productive growth for the company.

If you as an employer are seriously concerned about your employees, an activity tracker can be of utmost use. Making provisions for a fitness tracker to offer your employees can implant a seed of fitness motivation into them. With the trackers and everything, they will be able to keep their health in check, making them lead a fit lifestyle.

Vantage Fit- An All in One Corporate Wellness Platform

Vantage Fit is one such corporate wellness platform equipped with all the features employees need to live a healthy life. Once logged in, this mobile-friendly application is perfect for you. As it will enable you to track your fitness activities accurately. This health application offers a stage to host corporate wellness programs.


By doing so, you can encourage the entire workforce to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Key Features-

  • Step Tracker- the feature which tracks the exact number of steps you walk or run daily.

  • Calorie Counter- gives you an insight into the number of calories burnt while you walk, along with calculating your meal calories.



Besides, there is a section of the activity log where you can log in to your other workout activities. Like cardiovascular sessions, sports, weight updates, etc.

The log activity feature includes the most popular activities like-

  • Jogging

  • Hiking

  • Swimming

  • Weight Training - Bench Press & Squat

  • Calisthenics

The next comes the Cardiovascular activities & other Workout

  • Aerobics

  • Zumba

  • Yoga

  • Elliptical

  • Dancing

  • Crossfit

  • P9OX

Along with the activities mentioned above, there is a section where you can log in to your sports activities too.

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Martial Arts

  • Table Tennis

  • Tennis

Once you start doing any of these activities, all you ought to do is select the training, log in the date, and start and end time. That way, saving the exercises will help you keep note of your workout business.

You can choose to work on your body as per your goals, for Vantage Fit lets you select the target areas.


The features mentioned above are very crucial if one aims to live a healthier life. As an employer, you should be highly concerned about your employees' health. Especially as productivity is directly aligned to employee well-being.

Wrap Up

The availability of fitness trackers has made life easier for corporate employees. Being heavily stressed, employees fail to realize it even if their health deteriorates. In such a situation, employers need to come to their aid because the healthier the workforce, the better the performance.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact

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