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Nutrition Tracker : An Essential Feature for Optimal Wellness

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Published on 11 December, 2020

Making healthy food choices while being a foodie does not come that easy. That extra calorie you burn while walking or exercising is again gained once you eat that giant godfather burger. You would not even realize how much nutritious food you consumed in a day unless you kept proper track of your diet. In other words, what you need is a good nutrition tracker.

What is Nutrition tracker?

The concept of a tracking nutrition is pretty simple. How you can collect and analyze your food intake patterns is what we call a nutrition tracker.

Amid all the meals, we fail to understand the amount of nutrition we consume daily. Protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories have a specific impact on the human body. And to stay healthy, one should eat healthily.

Nutrition tracking comes in multiple forms. Some people use their hands to measure the food as a portion control while others keep a virtual record of the nutritional breakdown of the food they eat.

However, keeping track of the diet manually on either paper or digitally both have the same intention.

Why should you track Nutrition?

People are very casual regarding their food habits, these days. They eat anything and everything without thinking twice about the adverse effects of the same. Junk food is our go-to option for almost every occasion, making it one of the primary reasons for obesity.

Yes, obesity is a severe health problem prevalent nationwide. Excess of everything is terrible, and when we eat food without knowing the nutrition it provides, the body suffers. This brings us to why nutrition tracking is so important to make us lead a healthy life.

The ultimate goal of tracking food is to gain knowledge of the nutrients our food consists of. And we do a pretty terrible job in measuring the nutrition intake ourselves.

Like, do you even remember what you had for lunch the day before?

No, right. But once you have a food database, you can check for yourself. And the problem is solved.

There are several preservatives present in the food to make it taste better or preserve it- sugar and sodium being two of them. And, if fitness is the target, one must possess the required information on what to eat and whatnot. Limiting oneself from consuming food rich in carbohydrates might help. But, to do so, you need to know how much carbohydrates your current diet plan includes in the first place.

Especially while working, people become more careless regarding their eating habits. Most importantly, employees ought to be more aware of their meals as they are investing all their energy on work.

So, the technique of nutrition tracking is what helps with identifying the nutrients we eat. Once you can track and distinguish between bad and good food habits, you will eventually develop a healthy lifestyle.

Infact, it will boost mindful eating in the workplace.

Things a nutrition tracker helps with-

1. Weight Loss


If losing weight is something you are hell-bent on doing, tracking nutrition is a must. This way, you know what is going in your body. Whether you exceed the required calorie intake or not- the nutrition tracker can act as an eye-opener and bring you in control.

2. Balanced Diet


How are you supposed to know if you are on a balanced diet if you have no record of the same? It will be more of a blind hit.

You might eat more protein, vitamins, and minerals without even knowing how much you should be taking any of these. But when you have all accurate nutrition information about the food you consume, you will prepare meals with the right nutrients- taking the healthy ones in a larger proportion and cutting off on the meals rich in carbohydrates and fat.

For your nutrition goals to be achieved, you have to know all about the consumption pattern first.

3. Mood Swings

It is not a well-known fact, but food has so much to do with moods. There are days when you feel fatigued, sleepy, or cranky at work. And there exist certain nutrients, which, when consumed more, can make you feel sluggish.

If you are having such a day, you can go to your nutrition tracker and check what causes the condition to not repeat the same thing.

4. Cholesterol Reduction

As much as cholesterol is needed for building healthy cells, high levels of it lead to serious health issues. Today's food culture makes us explore popular restaurants, and we hog on the food without even giving it a second thought.

But this can be easily fixed for a nutrition tracker that will show you the nutritional details of the food you are having.

5. Accountability


Once you start maintaining a food diary, there is accountability for every food intake. And this will further make you guilty enough not to consume food that has high chances of spoiling your good dietary behaviors.

There might be occasions where you will have to eat a variety of food- both healthy and not; obviously, that’s fine, but when you have a diary to maintain, you will be in control.

Your conscience will drive you to do the right thing for your health.

6. Calorie Counter


A calorie is something which people are most concerned about as it is present in almost every food. And calories matter, for it is a vital substance that contributes to the body's proper functioning.

Also, there is a minimum calorie intake, which is necessary for every individual. However, too many calories can drive your car on the wrong road leading to weight gain.

The nutrition tracker can, therefore, keep your calories in check.

And with the present-day fitness trackers, you can count the calories you gained from food and the ones burnt, thereby making the relationship between you and your calories transparent.

Nearly 1 in 3 children and adolescents are overweight or obese in America.

How to track Nutrition?


To track nutrition, you need to be fully equipped with the nutritional info. The moment you have it- you are good to go. If you are fond of writing, resort to a food diary and start putting up numbers against nutrients. Make a pie chart too if possible. But this is time-consuming.

As a result, multiple online trackers are getting launched every day in the market. You can easily choose one and see it for yourself.

Leaving everything aside, there are a few initial conditions that one needs to take care of before the entire tracking game starts.

Setting up Goals


It is very healthy when you track your food intake. But you know what’s better?

Attaching an end goal to it. When you have a purpose attached to some task, it is always more effective. For instance, weight loss is your goal. Simple. In that case, you will know exactly what part of the nutrient to consume less for you to fasten the weight loss process. And accordingly, you can prepare your dietary routine.

Having a reasonable goal will make you choose what nutrients to track, what tools to use, and how long you should be involved in nutrition tracking to achieve the desired goal.

Point to that one Nutrient

People who are fitness conscious might track nutrients as part of their everyday lifestyle. But they are few in numbers. Most of us are not health freaks but just concerned with one problem, say, a fat belly. In this case, you have to focus on your carbohydrate intake.

Doing so, when you maintain your tracker, carbohydrate counting will be your priority.

Identify the most Convenient tool

Sure one might love to write but admit it, in between work-life balance, there is no time to maintain a manual diary. As a result, health suffers.

After a long workday, who would even want to note down the nutrients in the diary?

There are several tracking tools available where you can log into your meals, water intake, thereby turning it into a food journal. Furthermore, these applications will store it and provide you with the nutrient mark sheet and also give you good instructions on how much more nutrient intake one should consume against their goal.

And with wellness being one of the priorities, many corporates rely on wellness tools for their employees. So, do your research and go for the most reliable tracking tool.

Vantage Fit

Having said so much about going for reliable and convenient nutrition trackers, Vantage Fit comes to mind.

Besides being a corporate wellness platform, Vantage Fit makes one of the most well-grounded tools for tracking nutrition. Right from logging meals to introducing new concepts like green score, protein score, it has it all.

The interface is simple to understand. The health diary feature keeps track of the meals and water intake for every employee every day to look back and see the improvements and plan accordingly. The health diary feature includes everything you would want a food diary to do.

Green score talks about the greens you consume, whereas protein score keeps a note of the amount of protein one takes. Logging meals keep track and let you know what nutrients you are missing and how much more you should consume.

Wrapping it Up

Amid nutrition tracking, one should not forget about physical activity, which is as important as the diet plan. Exercise and be on a healthy diet- meanwhile tracking all kinds of food you consume and following a healthy routine at the same time.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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