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Choosing the Right Partner: Top Biometric Screening Companies for Corporate Wellness in 2024

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Last Updated on 17 June, 2024

In an era of technological advancements and transparency, the dynamics of corporations are also changing. As Gen Z and millennials comprise most of the workforce, organizations are moving towards a more modern and digitally proficient culture.

Employee wellbeing is a win-win. Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and miss fewer workdays. Biometric screenings are a powerful tool in your corporate wellness arsenal, offering valuable data to identify health risks and empower employees to make positive changes.

Biometric screening costs can vary depending on the number of employees screened and the tests included. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment. Early detection of health risks can lead to lower healthcare costs, increased employee productivity, and a more positive work environment.

But where do you start? This blog covers everything you need about biometric screenings, choosing a screening company, and maximizing the impact on your workforce.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Biometric Screening Company


Biometric screening serves as a powerful tool, not a standalone solution. The primary goal is to leverage data to encourage healthier habits among employees. Effective programs should emphasize behaviour change, focusing on sustainable lifestyle adjustments for long-term wellness benefits.

Here are a few tips you need to consider while choosing the right biometric screening company -

  1. Accuracy is one of the most important aspects to assess when choosing a suitable biometric modality. Several criteria are used to determine the system's accuracy, including error rate, false acceptance rate (FAR), identification rate, false reject rate (FRR), and more.

  2. Cost-effectiveness is among the most important factors when choosing the right biometric screening company. Initially, investing in biometrics can and is often recovered quickly for a rapid return on investment (ROI).

  3. Starting small is another important step when choosing the proper biometric screening. You don't have to conduct screening for the entire organization; instead, start with a team or department and see how it goes.

  4. Check with their current clients: Speak with some of the clients the company has helped. Find out what they like and dislike about the biometric screening company they work with. There is no better source for unbiased information on vendors than this.

  5. Check if they have an app. Using mobile devices, employees can securely upload current biometric data to their devices. Examine whether they make scheduling, keeping, and changing screenings easy.

Increasingly, biometric screening is becoming a commodity. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of labs that can quickly analyze blood. The purpose of biometric screening is to reduce elevated health risks for employees.

To achieve this, you must help them improve their health behaviors by changing their diets and incorporating exercise into their daily routines. An effective employee wellness program revolves around this principle.

While Vantage Fit does not conduct biometric screening, it heavily relies on the data collected through screenings to help employees maintain healthy behaviors over the long term. The definitive guide to biometric screening can help wellness programs do this correctly.

Obesity alone costs companies with 1,000 employees nearly $300,000 annually. According to the study, when additional chronic conditions linked to unhealthy habits are considered, the cost to employer's balloons to over $36 billion per year in the US.

Top 13 Biometric Screening Companies For 2024

1. Circle Wellness


Circle Wellness, a member of Circle Health Partners, Inc., is a national administrator and corporate wellness consultant with 30 years of experience in team efficiency. It specializes in training and one-on-one private consultancy.

Circle Wellness acts as a partner for companies seeking to improve employee wellbeing. They offer onsite and virtual services, program design expertise, data analysis, and potentially various digital tools to create a holistic corporate wellness experience.

They offer services that can be both onsite and virtual. However, their onsite services are Health screenings (likely including biometric screenings), Health coaching and education, Flu shots and vaccinations, Fitness challenges and activities, and Stress management workshops.

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2. Total Wellness


Total Wellness offers customized health and wellness services that can help your organization, no matter how large, deliver better programs to its employees.

Total Wellness Health is a multi-specialty clinic offering various healthcare services, including General practice services for adults and children, focus on women's health (potentially including prenatal care), Dermatology services (diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions), Integrative medicine (potentially combining traditional and complementary therapies).

Their services include screening employees, providing flu shots, and even wellness services. Their main goals are to reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity.

3. The Wellness Company


The Wellness Company, founded in 2000, is based in Rhode Island and is rated as one of the best in biometric screening. However, it is a medical service organization that provides health screening for its clients.

Most of their services are client-specific and based in communities, colleges, schools, small businesses, and even big organizations. They are not limited when it comes to their clients. Their services mainly provide flu programs to ensure their clients are vaccinated before a potential flu outbreak.

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4. Labcorp


LabCorp is one of the top biometric screening companies in the nation. It has a network of specialty testing laboratories and primary clinical laboratories nationwide.

They offer comprehensive wellness programs tailored to meet your employees' needs.

Their services include:

  • A selection of screenings, including blood draw (fingerstick or venipuncture) for a comprehensive health panel, height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI) for employees to monitor their health.

  • A brief results review, with in-depth health education as an optional service to help address employee questions regarding their screening results.

  • They also provide flu vaccination and drug and alcohol testing along with real-time tailored wellness services.

5. eHealth Screening


eHealth Screenings offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of onsite and offsite biometric health screening data collection and management services. Services are provided nationwide through a network of wellness technicians, patient service centers, and licensed physicians.

One key reason their services stand out compared to the rest is that they are not restricted to any specific size or geographic location of the organization. They offer services to organizations no matter how big or small the volume.

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6. bioIQ


bioIQ is a biometric screening company founded in Santa Barbara in 2015. It has become one of the top biometric companies in the United States. Their technology has revolutionized health measurements by creating software that can test your health remotely rather than in person.

As of April 2022, bioIQ is now a LetsGetChecked company, which has built a platform that revolutionized health care by increasing access to diagnostic and providing on-demand treatment for many chronic conditions.

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7. Star Wellness


Star Wellness is one of the leading biometric screening companies. They conduct biometric screening tests and health assessments on clients' employees. It then further helps these companies implement the proper corporate wellness program.

Their service is basically to gather information from screenings and assessments to create a proper wellness program for employees.

8. Quest Diagnostics


Quest Diagnostics is one of the leading providers of diagnostic information services. It offers advanced gene-based molecular testing, healthcare IT, data analytics, lab services, wellness solutions, and lab operations.
Quest Diagnostics' main goal is to bridge the gap between medical institutions and technology by incorporating advanced practices into their daily practice to save lives.

9. US Wellness


US Wellness is a federally licensed clinical laboratory permitted to conduct onsite biometric screening in every state in the United States. It has been providing biometric screening programs for employers, communities, and clinics since 1997.

They believe in providing a one-stop solution to everyone that fits the client's budget and goals. Their services include wellness portal solutions, cancer screening, biometric screening, flu shots, coaching, incentive management, strategy, and risk assessments.

10. Onsite Health Diagnostic


The Onsite Health Diagnostic clarifies health and Wellness for employees, health plans, TPAS, wellness companies, and brokers/consultants by offering three primary services - onsite/offsite biometric screening, outcome-based incentive management, and interactive online reporting.

These services leverage OHD's leading technology, such as a customizable and mobile-friendly wellness portal, tablet technology, online incentive management, and point-click aggregate reporting.

11. Health Advocate


Founded in 2001, Health Advocate helps people navigate the healthcare system. Through innovation and evolution, the company has added new services to help people stay healthy, reduce costs, enhance their member's digital experience, and improve accessibility.

At Health Advocate, advanced data analytics and technology gain insights into organizations' health. They use these data to create new ways to motivate people to take control of their health.

Their biometric screenings provide employees with a snapshot of their risk for chronic diseases to avoid future health problems. Their product features include:

  1. Offsite Lab screening services,

  2. Onsite Lab screening services,

  3. Biometric Screening—finger Stick,

  4. Biometric Screening—venipuncture,

  5. Home test kits panel,

  6. Lab biometric screening,

  7. Physician forms, Utilization support,

  8. Secure online registration portal,

  9. Distribution of results online, Distribution of results in hardcopy,

  10. Results interpretation, and Health risk assessments.

12. Catapult Health


Catapult Health was founded in 2010. It is a HITRUST CSF Certified company, which signifies that it meets industry standards for data security and privacy.

Catapult Health focuses on providing preventive healthcare services at the virtual work site. Catapult Health offers virtual checkups that are less expensive than traditional in-office checkups. Their virtual checkups can be completed at the workplace in just 30 minutes. These checkups include:

  1. Lab-drawn blood work

  2. Full medical history review

  3. Personalized health report

  4. Private video consultation with a board-certified Catapult Health nurse practitioner.

13. Sterling Wellness Solutions


Sterling Wellness Solutions, founded over twenty years ago, focuses on creating and implementing employee wellness programs. Their services aim to improve the wellbeing of individuals and organizations.

They provide a customizable Employee wellbeing platform based on Strategic Program Design and Development, Data-Driven Results and Analytics, and Focus on Integration.

They offer the most comprehensive wellness panel in the industry, along with optional testing using venipuncture and fingerstick based on the needs of your population.

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Bridging the Gap Between Biometric Data and Meaningful Health Improvements


"Biometric screening is one of the most important and effective things employees can do as part of their wellness program."

Biometric screening programs can provide valuable employee health data, but their effectiveness depends on their ability to encourage sustainable lifestyle changes. To improve employee health, more than just biometric measurements and recommendations must be used.

The real challenge lies in applying the biometric results. Employees may receive their screening data, meet with a nurse or health coach, and even be encouraged to see their primary care provider.

Employees, however, often need more support and behavior change interventions to implement these recommendations.

Elevated health risks often result from lifestyle factors, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It would help if you first aimed to help your employees adopt and maintain healthier habits by implementing evidence-based behavior change strategies.

Targeted programs, challenges, coaching, and other resources can improve nutrition, physical fitness, and other lifestyle behaviors.

To accomplish this, Vantage Fit offers behavior change campaigns, challenges, and programs. If employees have experienced multiple attempts and considerable effort to adopt healthy behaviors, taking a risk-reducing medication may be appropriate under the guidance of a medical supervision.

Wellness programs that focus on behavior change can help bridge the gap between biometric data collection and meaningful, long-term health improvements.

Summing It Up

While choosing the right biometric screening company is essential, the bigger picture is the undeniable value these programs offer for both businesses and employees.

Biometric screenings empower employees to take charge of their health. There are significant financial benefits to biometric screenings. According to studies, employee health reduces healthcare costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity. Investing in a biometric screening program can save your company a lot of money.

Overall, bBiometric screenings are a simple yet powerful tool for promoting employee health and saving your company money.

The question isn't "Will you offer biometric screenings next year?" but rather "Can you afford not to?"


1. Why might some employees be hesitant to participate in biometric screening?

Some reasons employees might hesitate to participate in biometric screening include negative perceptions of their organization's wellness programs, poor incentives, and inconvenient times or locations.

2. Will biometric screenings reveal all potential health risks?

No single screening can identify every potential health issue. Partnering with a Biometric Screening Company can help in assessing specific health metrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, body mass index (BMI), and more. However, it's essential to understand that they may not uncover every potential health risk or condition. Some health issues may require specialized tests or examinations that go beyond the scope of standard biometric screenings.

3. How Much Does Biometric Screening Cost?

The cost of biometric screening ranges from $36 to $80 per person depending on these factors:

  • The number of people to be screened, the lower the cost

  • Tests to be performed in the lab

  • Follow-up requested for patients

3. Why should you consider using a biometric screening company?

Biometric screens are quick and accurately give you a snapshot of your health. More importantly, they can detect potential health risks and keep you healthy. They can also baseline your wellness initiatives and track changes over time.

This article is written by Neha Yasmin who is a content marketer at Vantage Fit. A selenophile with a penchant for discovering great meals and drinks. Is a self-proclaimed binge racer with a knack for cooking in her spare time. For queries, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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