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Try These 19 Easy Mediterranean Diet Snacks To Level Up Your Office Munchies

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Last Updated on 21 April, 2023

Snacking is directly proportional to the amount of work you can get done in a limited time. This is a statement that any snack lover at work will agree to without a thought. And as a fellow snacker, I second it too.

A habit that almost every working adult with a love for snacks will relate to is - keeping a dedicated space or a drawer for their favorite munchies at their workstation.

Health experts, however, have always suggested that snacking is a bad habit. This is somewhat true since we mostly binge eat snacks with no or less nutrient value. While foodies like you and me indulge in snacks without guilt, we have our moments of regret (which last temporarily).

Approximately 44 percent of American employees keep a drawer full of snacks. And a survey suggests that about 68 percent of employees in the United States consume snacks twice a day.

Ah, how many times have we dreamt of munchies that are yummy as well as carry health benefits? Well, I am about to share something that will put a smile on your face. I recently came across a term trending over the internet - Mediterranean Diet.

Now, I am not here to encourage you to try on a viral diet. Rather, I will suggest some Mediterranean diet snacks that will set your eating patterns straight. These snacks will make your taste buds happy and help you master your productivity skills at work.

The concept of Mediterranean diet snacks may be your one-stop solution to all your woes of snacking. If you ask how, I am here to rescue you from all the questions in mind. I have curated this blog where you will learn about this diet, potential health benefits, easy Mediterranean diet snack ideas, dos and don't of following this diet, and some FAQs.

What is a Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet consists of traditional cuisine belonging to the people living around the Mediterranean Sea. A popular Mediterranean dish that almost everyone is familiar with is Hummus and Pita bread.

While not all people are a big fan of Hummus and pita, Mediterranean diet snacks have many more options that will surely make you drool. Keep on reading to find out about them.

Importance Of A Healthy Eating Habit For Employees

Food is often termed as fuel for the human body. Most importantly, it is an essential component that kickstarts your wheels of productivity and zeal to work as a professional. If you wish to give your best at work and excel in your career, you must start eating your greens.

Ah! Eat your greens, eat your veggies are lines that almost everyone has heard growing up with parents. And we all used to despise eating our vegetables. On reaching adulthood, it is all becoming clear why everyone's parents used to emphasize eating veggies.

According to research, following a healthy eating pattern provides the energy that your body requires. This is because eating healthy food boosts the mind and facilitates smooth bodily functions, elevating your mood.

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that induce the release of the happy hormone dopamine, which instills the feeling of motivation and satisfaction.

It is well known that a good mood is equivalent to a well-productive day at work. So, if you have been looking for tips to boost your productivity, all you have to do is eat a wholesome meal.

On a different note, try health-tracking apps specially crafted for corporate employees if you wish to track your nutrient intake. One app that will take your healthy eating habit to the next level is Vantage Fit. Here is a screenshot of how it works.

An Insight into the snacking habit of American employees

Most of the American workforce prefers snacking instead of eating three meals daily. A survey of 2000 American employees revealed they found it too hectic to spend time having lunch (the excessive workload is to be blamed).

Hence, it is more convenient for them to store snacks and eat whenever they get hunger pangs. This way, they remain full and can finish their work on time.

As the current generation is more into snacking at work, American workplaces are investing significantly in office snacks and beverages. This way, they are also promoting employee wellness.

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Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet Snacks

The Mediterranean diet has a reputation for being one of the healthiest eating patterns. The reason behind it is this particular diet involves wholesome food groups -

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains
  • Dried fruits
  • Legumes and nuts
  • Lean Beef, eggs, lean poultry, seafood, and lean pork in moderation
  • Cheese, greek yogurt

Mediterranean diet has a deficit of calcium.

It is obvious that this diet is healthy and packed with healthy fats, plant-based protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. And trying out this diet in the form of snacks is a great way to start eating healthy.

Below mentioned are the health benefits of this diet:

  • Good for the heart
  • It may reduce the risk of dementia or Alzheimers
  • It may promote better blood sugar management
  • It is yummy and easy to prepare
  • It is said to be a great plant-based diet

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Easy Mediterranean Diet Snacks For Office

Here are some Mediterranean diet snack ideas you can have during working hours.

1. Pistachios

Pistachios are sweet-flavored shelled nuts that are packed with multiple nutrients. These are available as roasted and salted or in their raw sweet flavor.

2. The traditional Hummus and pita

The Hummus is nothing but majorly chickpeas. Just like bread and butter, Hummus always goes best with pita bread. However, it may not be a favorite dish for everyone. But trust me, the taste and flavor of this one grows on you.

3. Garlic hummus

If not the regular Hummus, you may try the garlic hummus. Made with roasted garlic, the garlic hummus will take you up to cloud 9 as you snack while working.

4. Zucchini fritters

If you want something greasy yet healthy, zucchini fritters may be just the right snack for you at work. It is crispy, yummy, and definitely vegan.

5. Spiced-up seasoned rosemary olives

If you are craving some tangy condiments, olives are the perfect snacks to choose from. To spice the flavor up, you can add various seasonings like rosemary.

6. Seasoned almonds

Almonds are popular in the healthy food department. This nut is famous for being a superfood. And seasoned almonds are a brainiac combo of tasty meets healthy.

7. Kale chips

Kale chips are a great alternative for those who habitually snack on chips or crisps. As someone with an innate love for chips, Kale chips may not sound tempting. But, if you want to choose a healthier lifestyle, Kale chips are the way to do it.

8. Seasoned cashews

Cashews are another popular choice of dried nuts, known for their many health benefits. A boxful of seasoned cashews will surely fill your tummy and energize you to work.

9. Tuna salad with avocado and greek yogurt spread

This particular snack sounds wholesome, doesn't it? It is a perfect snack/ mini lunch that is a must-try on a personal note.

10. Seasoned dry fruit and nuts

Apart from almonds and cashews, you can have dried fruits and nuts such as apricots and raisins as snacks.

11. Seasoned crunchy chickpeas

Bored of Hummus and pita? Roast chickpeas with rosemary seasonings, and your quick Mediterranean snack is ready.

12. Baked Zucchini chips

Other than kale chips, Zucchini chips are another snack idea that may intrigue you. What more? Since these are baked chips rather than being fried in oil.

13. Roasted bell peppers with feta cheese

This is a snack that will satisfy your taste buds as well as your cheese cravings. To further elevate its flavor, you can sprinkle a few seasonings.

14. Stir-fried tuna with extra virgin olive oil

This simply stir-fired tuna may sound bland to many. But trust me, all you need is simple table salt. The flavor of tuna is the star element of this snack. Definitely a must-try.

15. Roasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great way to start eating healthy simply. Roasted pumpkin seeds are available in the market, or to reduce your expense, you can roast pumpkin seeds at your home.

16. Boiled egg salad with crunchy chickpeas

This is yet another filling snack or kind of mini lunch that is worth trying.

17. Popcorn with parmesan cheese seasoning

Who knew you could eat popcorn, and that too with cheese seasoning? Well, now that you know, grab a pack of unsalted popcorn kernels. Cook them and add the seasoning.

18. Muhammara

This exotic-sounding dish comprises of made of roasted red pepper and walnut in the form of a dip. Along with this, you can eat zucchini chips.

19. Tuna-stuffed eggs (also known as deviled eggs)

This dish as a snack is a smart way to increase your omega-3 fatty acids and protein intake.

Nuts that fall under the category of Mediterranean diet are Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pine nuts, Pistachios, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, and Walnuts.

What Can You Not Eat As Snacks For Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet seems as of you can eat almost anything. But this is not the case. This exotic diet excludes or limits the following food items:

  • Regular sweets and desserts
  • Red meat (Although you can have it in a minimal amount in the form of toppings)
  • Whole fat dairy
  • Processed food or packaged food
  • Butter
  • Canned or packaged drinks
  • Alcohol

As you snack while working, remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. As per clinical trials, 37 percent of people may mix up the feeling of thirst with hunger.

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Key Takeaway

Mediterranean diet snacks surely sound and look tempting. The habit of snacking while working may lead to unwanted weight gain, high cholesterol levels, and other health issues. Hence, opting for Mediterranean diet snacks is a wise step to safeguard your health. It will give your body the extra mile healthwise.

I hope the snack ideas that I shared in this blog turn out to be useful. Snack on 'em, whip up your creative side and make waves at work.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What can you eat as snacks for Mediterranean diet?

You can eat snacks such as Tuna deviled eggs, Tuna salad, Muhammara, Hummus, and pita as part of the Mediterranean diet.

2. What are some easy Mediterranean diet snack ideas?

Some easy Mediterranean diet snacks include pistachios, dried fruit, nuts, kale chips, zucchini chips, parmesan cheese sprinkled popcorn, etc.

3. Can you eat popcorn on the Mediterranean diet?

Yes. You can definitely eat popcorn. However, if you consume buttered popcorn, that will go against the diet. This is because butter is not included in this diet.

4. How do you stay full while on Mediterranean diet?

If you plan to eat small portions of meals in the form of snacks, then increase your intake of Avocado, nuts, chickpeas, or Hummus. Such food items are high in nutrients as well as keep you satiated.

5. Can you eat sweets as part of Mediterranean diet?

No, you cannot consume regular sweets in this diet.

This article is written by Supriya Singh who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Writing is how she keeps her creative side ignited. An avid dog lover. Loves to cook and binge watch TV shows. To get in touch, reach out to

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