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Sound Healing: A New Way To Wellness At Workplace

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Last Updated on 05 January, 2024

Sound healing is a practice that helps an individual deal with stress and tension by assisting the brain waves to come back to a state of mindfulness.

The sound healing process uses instruments to create a vibration that releases energy, passing a state of ease and harmony to you. It is an ancient method of reviving the mental, physical and spiritual levels to a state of balance.

Sound healing balances and clears the mind, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness.
- Susy Markoe Schieffelin, sound healer.

The instruments of sound healing include:

  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Gong
  • Wind Chimes / Koshi
  • Pan Flute
  • Singing Bowl
  • Hang
  • Tuning Fork
  • Didgeridoo, etc

The Significance of Sound Healing


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In ancient times music was the foundation of all the sciences. Education was begun with music with the persuasion that nothing could be expected of a man who was ignorant of music.
- Cicero.

Scientifically speaking, the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including sound. The spectrum of energy passes through our ears, creating a positive state of mind, body, and soul. It heals the frequencies of the human body, intensifying focus, concentration, enthusiasm, and more.

In ancient India, Egypt, and Greece, sound healing was a highly developed sacred science. People used chants and drumming to heal, which is a kind of wound healing. It helped the molecules in the human body head back to the right places through vibrations, removing energy blockages and restoring harmony.

Instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, bells, etc., are also known for palliating and rejuvenating life. They remove the energetic blockages from the consciousness, soothe and purify the surrounding.

Ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Indian healing methods also used musical notes for subtle-energy system of the body. The particular music note corresponds to each of the seven chakras present in the human body.

Some common forms of Sound therapies include:

  1. Nordoff-Robbins
  2. Tuning fork therapy
  3. Brainwave entrainment
  4. Guided meditation
  5. Neurologic music therapy
  6. Bonny Method
  7. Sound baths

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Benefits of Sound Healing


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Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations indeed knows all things.
- Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Whether yoga, mindfulness meditation, or sound healing programs, they help you ease work-related stress that sometimes causes you torment. They allow you to slow down your thoughts and relax.

Furthermore, it compels you to open up and create new avenues in the brain.

The benefits of sound therapy include:

  • Lowers stress
  • Decreases mood swings
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Teaches pain management
  • Reduces the risk for coronary artery disease and stroke
  • Improves sleep

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How can Sound Healing help Employees in contemporary era?


Image courtesy: Canva · Pexels

Sound or music therapy allows one to contemplate through life and seek goodness in it. It is a potential antidote to bypass cynical and obstructive thoughts that disrupt growth and development.

This ancient technique has been revived to unlearn human dependence on medicines. Somehow somewhere, we forget to take care of ourselves in the truest sense and overlook what our body and mind need.

Especially at workplaces, when you feel demotivated and gloom-ridden, sound therapy can be illuminating.

Sometimes you are over-stressed or feeling distracted at work; you plug in your earphone and click on your favorite playlist. This method helps you to keep aside all your worries and distractions. It calms you down or makes you relax, diverting the mind and transforming the heat of energy. Well, this is music therapy!

For some, it's a habit to listen to calming music while at work or before coming to work. Knowing that it gives the vibe/energy to start the day with positivity. And lay back better to a hectic modern-day lifestyle.

Sound releases the boundless creativity that is fundamental to our natural consciousness. It tends to clear obstacles at emotional and spiritual levels to enjoy a better day at work.

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Sound Healing for Wellness at Work


Workplace wellness has become a buzz and for good. There is a growing concern for a positive work culture towards a better work/life balance, and organizations today are genuinely investing in well-being activities for their employees.

Besides, the increasing uncertainty of work-life, fatiguing work hours and lack of work-life balance often leads to unwanted stress.

The shifting job culture, remote working, and pressure of deadlines have pushed more young professionals to struggle to maintain mental balance. Also, burnout or exhaustion syndrome is high among many employees who fail to reach their full potential because stress is a thorn in their success.

Whereas now, organizations discern the negative impact of stress on employee productivity, retention, and holistic wellness. However, it is important to help employees at individual levels deal with it in the long run.

Sound therapy group sessions to employees can be provided at lunch breaks or after office hours.

How Sound Therapy help Workplaces

  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Helps to overcome depression
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Builds better emotional resilience
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost
  • Lower employee turnover or burnout
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increased efficiency increases profit
  • A more positive work culture
  • It doesn't require special equipment

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Health Benefits your Employees:

  • Reduces stress
  • Provides a deep relaxation
  • Increases sleep quality
  • Improves intellectual wellness
  • Improves focus/clarity
  • Reduces pain (endorphin release)
  • Relieves or lessens anxiety
  • Decreases tension and helps in anger management
  • Increases serotonin production that improves behavior and mood

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for a mood lifter at work, heal yourself with sound therapy. You might not always feel like sharing your stress or tension with your co-worker. At the same time, it is best to sit back in a corner and listen to healing vibrations along with a cup of coffee or a book.

You can also ask your HR to arrange a sound healing session for employee wellness.

Today workplaces are changing, and employees no longer prefer to work in a traditional work set-up. For that, modern workplaces infused with traditional wellness initiatives are like a bonus.

This article is written by Parismita Goswami who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. A feverish poet and cinephile with an intense taste for music, specifically rock, she has the heart of an explorer, learner, and is a lover of the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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