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6 Amazing Examples Of Corporate Fitness Programs Fostering Employee Health

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Published on 29 July, 2021

Living in the epoch of a rat race, physical and mental well-being has become a topic of concern nowadays for those working in a corporate world.

The hustle and bustle at a workplace can decrease the productivity of an employee.

Introducing corporate fitness programs can have a positive impact on employee health.

Most of us have desk jobs where we spend maximum time working in front of computers. Now imagine sitting at one position in the office without any physical activity for hours? What would be the consequences?

Your body will start showing signs of inactiveness and fatigue. You won't have sufficient energy to do any work due to a lack of motivation.

Due to the current situation of covid - 19, office workers are doing their work remotely. Their lives become more sedentary because they are devoid of the regular activities of daily living, like: suited up in professional attire and getting back to work.

According to studies, when a person’s life becomes more sedentary physical health, cognitive and social health may deteriorate.

How does corporate life become sedentary?

Employees often come up with a common excuse- "I don't have time to work out".This is the most common excuse. Due to work and family commitments, employees fail to include physical activities in their daily lives.

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 60% of employees do not get enough exercise.

It is a known fact, people nowadays have become highly dependent on electronic gadgets for entertainment purposes.

When employees spend most of their hours sitting or using mobile phones for hours, life becomes sedentary.

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A sedentary lifestyle is indicated by how much time an employee puts into physical activity. It includes excessive sitting for long hours, without anybody's movement.

In a corporate world, employees spend a lot of hours sitting in the workplace. Endless hours of sitting can be alarming for health. It can cause obesity, increased blood pressure, and excess body fat near the waist.

Effects of an inactive lifestyle in corporate life

As mentioned above, most of us have jobs with long hours of desk work. During office breaks, employees spend more time doing sedentary activities like playing video games on the phone.

Such a lack of activity can affect one's productivity and add stress. According to researchers , 52% of young professionals do not get enough time to exercise.

Here are some points that tell us about the risks involved in a sedentary lifestyle.

  • When employees sit for long hours at a workplace with no bodily movement, they are likely to gain weight and burn fewer calories.

  • Employees lose muscle strength and endurance because they are hardly involved in any physical activity.

  • We all know that physical exercise reduces stress hormones and boosts an individual's mood. Continuous sitting and no physical activity affect not only employee health but also mental-well being. The brain can get clogged, which might lessen positive thinking.


Go for a walk during lunch break. While walking, do not fiddle with your phone. Walking is a great exercise to keep oneself healthy and fit.

Do not sit for hours; set a sitting time and take breaks at regular intervals. Try to reduce your sitting time.

  • The food we take breaks down into fats and sugar. It needs a way to release the energy; thus, if you exercise, your calories are burned, and proper metabolism is maintained.

When employees do not indulge in physical activities, the food gets difficult to break down into fat and sugars. Hence, it accumulates in the body, creating metabolic imbalances.

What Is A Corporate Fitness Program?

Corporate fitness programs are healthy lifestyle programs for employees to enhance employee productivity. These programs are designed for employees to boost their health and well-being.

It helps improve employee health and indulges them in wellness activities, whether it is a mediation class or a stretch break.

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Benefits Of Corporate Fitness Programs

Developing fitness as a habit requires a lot of effort. It takes 18- 254 days for a person to form a habit. One must consider improving the well-being of a workplace.

Due to long hours of sitting and hectic working schedules, employee health is affected. Hence, implementing corporate fitness programs encourages increased employee wellness.

Let us take a look at how incorporating fitness programs improve the quality of life.

1. Lessens fatigue and Inactiveness

Regular exercise will make you feel less tired in the long run. Employees won't feel lethargic and have the energy to do their work. During office breaks, employees can take a 15-minute stroll to boost energy and stay active throughout the day.

2. Reduces stress

Corporate fitness programs educate employees to perform better on the job, both and mentally. Workers spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computers.

One of the significant contributors to workplace stress is continuous sitting and no body movement. In addition, employees can strain their eyes while looking at a screen for long hours.

Corporate fitness programs offer exercises and tips for employees to reduce stress and muscle spasms when they are at work. To break the monotony, employees are encouraged to perform different exercises like arm-stretching or torso rotation.

3. Better Work Performance

According to the study by the National Business Group on Health and the Towers Watson organization, employees in companies with corporate fitness programs have performed better than those companies where there are no fitness programs.

There is increased productivity when a strict fitness regime is implemented. Exercises increase energy levels, improve well-being, and fight lethargy.

Employees feel happier and are more efficient and productive at all tasks given to them.

4. Strengthen teamwork

Teamwork is the epitome of a company's growth. Working in a team helps an employee to stay motivated and achieve their goals.

When fitness programs are incorporated at a workplace, employees get to know each other and discuss their projects. Relationships are enhanced between coworkers, which is necessary for team building.

What makes corporate fitness programs great?

Corporate fitness programs improve an employee's physical and mental well-being. They enrich the company's working cultural wellness. Such fitness programs emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

There are wellness apps and fitness trackers that only track employee's fitness progress on workdays but every single day of the week.

Six Corporate fitness programs that heighten employee well-being at a workplace.

1. Lunch and Nutritional snacks programs

Since office breaks are for only 30 minutes, most employees do not get time to eat homemade food; hence they order fast food.

Eating fast food for a prolonged period can increase cholesterol, sugar and cause weight.

Promoting healthy eating in the workplace benefits everyone. Lunch and nutritional snack programs will gain the attention of all the employees. Such programs will encourage employees to switch their eating habits, i.e., from fast food to healthy snacks.

2. Power Nap

A good nap leaves everyone refreshed. Long hours of work without any breaks make an employee weary and tiresome.

Some top companies like Facebook and Zappos provide dedicated nap time for employees to get a quick afternoon rest.

Employees can take some afternoon rest and then get back to their work with rejuvenated energy. Incorporating power naps will improve the cognitive function of the brain, increase learning, and increase efficiency at work.

3. Fitness challenges

Fitness challenges are introduced to promote healthy lifestyles within your workforce. Employees do not get enough time to do exercises due to a hectic work schedule. There are wellness challenges that encourage employees to engage in different types of workouts.

For example, challenges that encourage employees to do stretching and exercises at regular intervals. Evaluating the progress at the end of the month helps track down the employee's progress, and if their scorecards are exceptional, health-related prizes are given.

The motive behind fitness challenges is to promote wellness habits and motivate coworkers to reach their fitness goals.

4. Fitness Adventure

Nature has the power to take away stress and anxiety. When you are away from the humdrum of city life and go on an adventure, it revitalizes your mind and helps with stress relief.

Companies like Zappos encourage employees to take a break from desks for a while. A fitness adventure could be a one-hour road trip to a nearby place or a short hike away from city life. The primary focus is to infuse a fun culture into a corporate lifestyle.

Participating in fitness challenges is not only for a fun purpose but also for improving health.

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5. Meditation classes

Did you ever lose track of your work due to stress?

Staying focused all the time is difficult when you are working for 9 hours a day, five days a week!. A busy work schedule and never-ending to-do loss can be filled with worries and anxieties.

Overwork creates a burden, consumes your thoughts and mental well-being.
Mindfulness meditation can be valuable, particularly in the workplace. Incorporating meditation classes will help overcome challenges, and employees will learn to react calmly when they are stressed and face challenges.

Continuous meditation practice will help employees feel comfortable with their unpleasant thoughts that arise due to stress. It will also help to regulate their emotions.


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6. Behavioral therapy sessions

Desk jobs are hectic and extended hours of inactiveness can reduce metabolism and create mental health issues. According to a study conducted by California, Los Angeles sitting for long periods may pose severe problems for brain areas. Employees feel less focused, and unwanted thoughts erupt.

Introducing behavorial therapy sessions will have a significant impact on an employee's mental well-being. It will help to identify and remove negative thoughts that are harmful to the brain. The sessions will enhance employees' focus and help them to tackle problems.


Do you spend most of the time sitting and fewer hours in the gym?

I am sure you must have heard about the term couch potato. Well, we often see many of them at our workplace.

A sedentary lifestyle affects an employee's physical and mental health and impacts the performance of the employee's productivity. Finding time to exercise daily becomes challenging due to a lot of pressure at the workplace.

It has become essential to educate coworkers about a healthy lifestyle by introducing corporate fitness programs. Employers should hold full responsibility for ensuring a healthy working environment and take necessary steps to beat the sedentary lifestyle of employees.

A healthy and focused employee will increase productivity towards work and create better retention.

You wouldn't want unhealthy employees to work for you that would not bring effective results for the organization. Hence, a happy and healthy employee is a huge asset for an organization than an employee who is stressed out and unhealthy.

This article is written by Anangsha Alomyan who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from writing, Anangsha plays the piano, acts, raps and does photography. Since childhood, she has been into sports and brought laurels across the country. An adventurer by heart, she loves to explore new routes across the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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