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Relax, Recharge, Repeat: 41 Ultimate Self-Care Sunday Tips For Employees

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Last Updated on 01 July, 2024

After a tiring weekday, every nine-to-fiver deserves a weekend that rejuvenates and refreshes them. Yes, I am talking about an exclusive Sunday to practice self-care rituals.

There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care. But, as a part of a positive lifestyle change, you, as a nine-to-fiver, should practice self-care Sunday.

So, do not restrain your mind, body, and spirit from the necessary nourishment. Set your Sundays aside for some self-care rituals to recharge and relax. Also, ensure you repeat every weekend.

What Is A Self-Care Sunday?


Self-care Sunday is a dedicated day for yourself to revive and reset. Your body, mind, and soul need care and rejuvenation.

For that, you need to focus on your overall health and wellness needs. Self-care Sunday is designated for de-stressing so you can start afresh at work from Monday and for the entire week.

There is no denying that you feel burned out and overwhelmed after a rush week at work. Thus, with the week ending, sprinkle some mindful moments into your Sunday. Do some detoxification and carve out "self-time."

A staggering statistic from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America stated that anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults aged 18 and older, or 18.1% of the U.S. population. A self-care routine can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can improve focus, overcomes anger, boosts happiness, and enhances energy, as stated by Southern New Hampshire University.

41 Self-care Sunday Ideas For Employees To Recharge and Pump-Up

Here are a few self-care Sunday tips that you can follow as a part of your spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical wellness.

1. Take it slow:


It's Sunday! So why rush from your bed? Take your time to wake up and embrace your Sunday morning.

2. Visualize:


Take a cup of tea and comfort yourself in your favorite place. Set an intention for your day, and check in with it periodically.

3. Go for a walk:

A morning walk has many benefits. So, put on your walking shoes and seek some sunlight. A mindful long walk will also help you feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

4. Deep breathing:


As you wake up, try to sit in a comfortable position and relax. Inhale slowly and exhale. Repeat the process 5 to 10 times, and you will be ready for a beautiful day ahead.

To know more, listen to our podcast: Integrating Breathwork As A Wellness Strategy At The Workplace by Ed Harrold

5. Take a long shower:

A long shower will soothe and relax you. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Edidiong Kaminska, MD, a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes of shower time is enough to cleanse and hydrate.

6. Cook:


Sunday is the perfect day to cook your favorite meal. You might be busy the entire week to prepare a soulful meal. Take some time to slow down on a Sunday. Spend quality time with yourself in the kitchen and cook your favorite meal.

7. 7-minute workout:

A 7 minutes workout session is the best way to relieve stress and flex your muscles. Short workout sessions are the best on Sundays.

8. Eat something healthy:


Eating healthy never goes out of trend. Detox your body with some colorful veggies and fruits on your plate. A healthy meal after a long week is enriching for your overall wellness.

To know more, listen to our podcast: Make Your Ghar Ka Khana (Home Food) Healthy by Umesh Wadhavani

9. Go trekking:


Endorphins which help reduce stress and anxiety. When you trek, it can increase the feelings of calm, happiness, and pleasure. The best way to replenish your mind and body on the weekend is by going for a short hike or trek nearby.

10. Yoga, Tai Chi, and other disciplined practices:


Along with Yoga and Tai chi, many old exercise disciplines exist. Practicing such wellness disciplines can provide great health benefits. They help awaken your energy, align your body, and promote blood circulation and healing.

Moreover, you require to do more self-care activities to beat the 21st-century 9-5 chaos and hustle.

11. Mindfulness:


For most, Sundays go in vain after a hectic and awful weekday. Being unable to cope with the emotion often lets this happen. But you can control your feelings and try to become mindful. Being mindful will help you put away your dilemmas and become more peaceful.

12. Journaling:


Jolting down your feelings can be the right thing to do. Suppose you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to overcome it. Journaling can help you feel lighter.

Besides you can also start a gratitude journal. Make Sunday the day to feel good and grateful about life.

13. Read a book:

Pick a book from your shelf and read 10-15 pages. It can be an already-read book. Nothing could be more refreshing than a hot cup of coffee and an afternoon read.

14. Listen to music:


Make a Sunday playlist of your favorite songs. Plug in your earphones and groove to its beats. Afterall, it's self-care Sunday, so why not make yourself happy?

15. Podcasts:

Podcasts stimulate mental imagery. It improves listening skills. Studies show that your brain hovers activeness while listening to podcasts more than watching or reading.

You can listen to more on: Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness Podcast

16. See a friend:


A good friend always helps you to communicate openly. And a good conversation is all you want after a hectic work day. There might be days when you miss having a heart-opening conversation with your close ones, but you are unable because of your busy schedule.

So, let Sunday be the day to relive your true self and enjoy some mindful time seeing an old friend.

17. Family time:

What else can be a better day to spend quality time with family than Sunday? Having a self-care Sunday with someone you care for and love is warm.

18. Skincare:


You cannot let go of your Sunday without some skin pampering. So get some facial massage and put on a face mask. It will also help cleanse your skin, unclog pores, reduce inflammation, improve acne, and create healthy and glowing skin.

Make your skin look young and feel smooth. And, let your skin breathe some well-being.

19. Hydrate:

The key to having clear skin, a healthy body, and good mental health is staying hydrated. So, do not forget to refill your water bottles and make some fresh/organic homemade juice for yourself.

Flush your toxins with detox juices and water from your body.

20. Hobby:


Indulging in a productive hobby is a great way to spend your day. Unwinding your daily routine is crucial to avoid stress and to improve your mental health and well-being.

21. Get Outdoors:

Sundays are great for people who love being outdoors. Be it hovering around a local farmer's market or taking your dog for a walk. A perfect self-care Sunday routine should be about staying active and sound.

22. Bake:


Nothing can be more mesmerizing at home than the smell of freshly baked items. Besides, you can always impress your colleagues with your baking skills. Sharing food improves the culture of a workplace allowing new friendships and bonds. Afterall, sharing is caring.

23. Plant something:


Do you know gardening improves your quality of life? Gardening comprises a feel-good factor as it helps to release endorphins, making you feel satisfied. Simple things can bring enormous joy to your life. Gardening is one of them.

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24. Take a foot massage:

According to Harvard health research, Foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and eases pain. It also allows you to check your feet and treat blisters, bunions, corns, and toenails.

So, do not forget to add a foot massage to your self-care Sunday list and make it the best day of the week.

25. Vision Board:

A vision board helps envision life better. Every Sunday, make some changes to your vision board. Add new and remove what needs to be. Love your goals and vision as much as you love yourself. Self-care is all about that.

26. Organize:

A cluttered room represents a cluttered mind. So, de-clutter it, and re-arrange your clothes, shoes, and stuff. It is an effective way to give your room a fresh look and vibe.

Put on some groovy music, and get to work. It will be a great way to burn some calories too.

27. Use aromatherapy:


Aromatherapy activates the senses of your nose called smell receptors. It sends messages through your nervous system to your brain.

As essential oils are made of natural extracts, it eases the cells, mind, and spirit. You can relax your Sunday evening by diffusing your favorite essential oil and calm down to a good sleep.

28. Read some affirmations:

Daily affirmations keep you motivated. So read yourself some positive affirmations before starting your special Sunday self-care regime.

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29. Give yourself a compliment:

Find the love you seek by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Start your Sunday by complimenting yourself. It is one good way to show that you care about yourself. Make sure your heart is filled with compassion and kindness as you begin your day with optimism.

30. Do something that makes you laugh:

The easiest way to make your Sunday fun is by watching a stand-up comedy or your favorite rom-com movie. Else, you can also book your tickets to a stand-up gig or movie theatre.

There are also much online stand-up comedy shows that you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

31. Shop:

Shopping is psychological and therapeutic. A 2014 Journal of Consumer Psychology study found that retail therapy makes people happier and helps fight sadness.
Make a plan for the weekend to go for retail or shopping therapy.

32. Unplug To Unwind:


Unfollow toxic people from your social media friend list. Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, Delete unused apps clearly and keep your phone aside for the day. Spend some quality time with yourself or invite your close friends over.

33. Make a gratitude list:


Gratitude is a powerful act of kindness and love. It is a way to enhance your spiritual well-being. So make yourself a list of people you want to thank.

But do not forget to thank yourself before your thank everyone else. The finest way is by simply greeting the first person you meet. Make a call to a distant relative.

You can also practice Relevance Of Loving-kindness Meditation At The Workplace.

34. Do your hair:

Massage your scalp and hair with coconut/almond oil, and follow that up with hot towel therapy. Self-care Sunday is meant to pamper your hair and head, feel centered and more special.

35. Learn something new:

Learning new skills benefits the mind and body. Ofcourse, keeping your interest at bay while you get busy in the daily hustle and bustle is easy. But, as a part of your Sunday self-care ritual, try learning a new skill or hobby. You'll find that your mind feels refreshed, excited, and cool.

36. Sleep well:

Try to get to bed early on the weekends. Cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance are all negatively affected if you are sleep-deprived. So, to stay healthy physically, mentally, or emotionally, try getting a sound sleep. Sleep is one important pillar of health.

37. Plan your finances:

Most of you forget to count your monthly spending and expenditure. This further leads to problems like financial stress and other health issues. So, take one step at a time, save, plan, and manage your financial wellness.

38. Go to a spa:

You can all agree that the best part of self-care is Spa time. A spa can be stimulating for the body, mind, and soul. Let your friends wonder what high-end spa you went to with your rejuvenated smile and aura.

Listen to: Therapeutic Self-care to Practice Everyday by Adeola Mead

39. Re-arrange your furniture:

Change is good for the mind and soul. You can re-arrange your furniture to give your flat or room a fresh look. Make the best use of your Sunday by involving and improving your personal space.

40. Act of connection and compassion:

Connection is so important for the health of our soul. Connecting with like-minded people can make our inner selves feel seen and heard.

As part of the process, you can also donate or volunteer. Taking steps for the well-being of your community is always a good idea. Self-care is not about being selfish. Be selfless, and connect with people who do need your sincere help.

41. Set goals for the week ahead:

Sundays are about uncovering the balance between leisure and inspiration. Set yourself up for a week of productivity by setting a few plans for the upcoming week. And get to know your spiritual end better.



Your well-being is your topmost priority. For that purpose, we have enlisted various self-care Sunday ideas you can use for your benefit. But before that, let's look into some common questions you might have.

1. What are the health and wellness benefits of practicing self-care Sunday?
Self-care Sunday facilitates an individual's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. It helps you to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives.

2. What is the importance of self-care Sunday in today's time?
Self-care Sunday improves the quality of your life by enhancing your mental and physical health. It reduces stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep, and increases self-awareness and self-confidence at work.

3. How can you make it a part of your daily routine?
Schedule it on your calendar or on your vision board to make it a part of your routine so that you do not forget how to begin and end your week, month, and year.

4. Can self-care be done alone?
The answer is Yes. You can perform your Sunday self-care ritual alone, but there are also self-care collective wellness techniques for burnout relief.


Taking time to prioritize self-care is crucial for every employee. Sundays bring a perfect opportunity to restore energy and rejuvenate for the forthcoming week.

Whether through physical activities like yoga, spa treatments, or mental activities like journaling or meditation. Focus on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Making self-care a priority can improve mood and increase productivity and happiness. So, make every Sunday about self-care and prioritize well-being.

These Self-Care Sunday ideas bring you a fulfilling and balanced life. So why wait?

This article is written by Parismita Goswami who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. A feverish poet and cinephile with an intense taste for music, specifically rock, she has the heart of an explorer, learner, and is a lover of the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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