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Make Your Ghar Ka Khana (Home Food) Healthy

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

A bowl of homemade supper is good for your health and wallet.

But, it all depends on the quantity and quality of the food you consume, especially when it comes to your good health and well-being. Spending hours or even minutes in the kitchen is not always on your to-do list until you realize healthy home food's benefits.

About The Speaker

Dr Umesh Wadhavani is Corporate Wellness Coach & a Nutritionist. He is also the founder of SIMPLY WELLNESS - a concept through which he aims to educate & empower people by teaching them the basics of Nutrition, Fitness training, and Mental health so that they can look after their health on their own without relying on medicines.

He has conducted successful workshops across established organizations such as Deloitte, Gillette, Britannia, Landmark, and Quantiphi.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

(01:00) Tell us about your journey. And what motivated you to become a nutritionist?

(06:45) What is the significance of Ghar Ka Khana in today's time? Is Ghar ka khana becoming an outdated concept with the coming generations?

(16:02) What are the health and wellness benefits of Ghar ka khana?

(23:20) Today's generation is facing many health issues, such as PCOS and PCOD, infact there are rising cases of heart attack among people below 20 years of age. What's your opinion on that? Is it because of their changing lifestyle and food habits?

(27:35) Please suggest some tips to our listeners on how to make Ghar ka khana healthy and more scrumptious.

(37:32) Do you think there is a possibility that corporate wellness programs can promote your course "Be your Home Nutritionist?"

(41:48) How will our listeners reach out to you?

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